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SPX+ available
The world’s best environmental monitoring solution just got better
AKCP is pleased to announce the SPX+ family of monitoring solutions. The SPX+ shares a common user interface and sensor compatibility with our popular sensorProbe2+ including the Thermal Map and RFID Swing Handle Lock.

Custom Configurations.
SPX+ units are modularly designed, allowing you to build up your system paying only for the features you need. The base model has 4x intelligent sensor ports, Ethernet and an Expansion port. Add to the base unit additional modules, including up to 150 sensors such as - dry contacts (available in input, I/O and opto isolated versions), up to 50 additional sensor ports, virtual sensors or an internal cellular
modem. Configure your SPX+ with AKCP’s online configurator tool, from which you can select from a variety of modules and sensors then submit the order directly to AKCP.
Mounting Options.
As you build your configuration it's length is indicated in the configurator tool. Depending on the unit's length you can mount it in either a 1U 17" computer rack, or in a 0U mounting at the rear of your cabinet. For industrial applications a DIN rail mount is also available.

Access Control.
SPX+ is compatible with the AKCP RFID Swing Handle Cabinet Lock to secure access to both the front and rear of your cabinet.

Thermal Map Sensors.
SPX+ is compatible with the AKCP Thermal Map Sensors. These 3 in 1 sensors give temperature and humidity monitoring at the top middle and bottom of your cabinet.

Software Options.
Add to your configuration software options such as IPV6, SNMP V3 and Virtual Sensors.

Coming Soon.
Modbus gateway integrated to third party Modbus Products.