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Gunakan WebAnalyzer Plus untuk Web E-commerce Anda.

Get to Know Your Website's Visitors Do you know your website visitors? What search tags they used to arrive at your site? Where they come from? How soon they find on your site what they came looking for? The conversion percentage and things that affect it? Is your website bringing in new customers? Answers to these questions hold the key to the success of your website and eventually your business. So, do you have these answers? WebAnalyzer Plus, a free, real-time web analytics solution, will provide you answers to the above questions and much more. Its intuitive user interface and rich feature set means you don't have to be an analytical expert to get the data you need. With WebAnalyzer Plus you can gain valuable insights into your website's visitors - in real time - so you can optimize your customers' experience and maximize revenues. Real Time Analytics See who’s on your site, how they are engaging with your content, your site’s performance and more as it happens. Qu…


Heading into 2016, the business intelligence (BI) landscape is one very much in flux. Big Data, cloud services, predictive analytics, and data science are continually innovating spaces that each feed into BI, constantly changing the role it plays within enterprises and a growing number of small to midsize businesses (SMBs). This past year saw a big shift toward businesses leveraging self-service analytics data. Rita Sallam, a Research Vice President at Gartner who focuses on BI and analytics, said self-service data preparation will become an increasingly important component of a pervasive modern BI platform deployment, be it through embedded tools or geared toward improving data governance. "2016 is the year of modern BI and analytics [BI&A] platform," said Sallam. "The BI&A market is in the final stages of a multiyear shift from IT-led, system-of-record reporting to pervasive, business-led, self-service analytics. Organizations will continue to transition to e…

Magic Quadrant for Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics - 2016

Magic Quadrant for Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics 01 February 2016 | ID:G00275307 Analyst(s): Summary NPMD solutions play a key role in helping IT ops support increasingly complex technologies and services with network visibility, detection of performance issues and root cause analysis. Vendors continue to innovate with operational analytics, integrated GUIs and more flexible deployment options. Market Definition/Description This document was revised on 15 March 2016. The document you are viewing is the corrected version. For more information, see the Corrections page on NPMD tools allow for IT operations to understand the performance of application, network and infrastructure components via network instrumentation. These tools also provide insight into the quality of the end user's experience. The goal of NPMD products is not only to monitor the network traffic and infrastructure to facilitate outage and degradation resolutio…