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AKCP SP2 untuk monitoring tombol industrial

AKCP bisa digunakan untuk memonitor TOMBOL-TOMBOL yang digunakan di berbagai area di pabrik Anda. Dan kondisi ini bisa dimonitor oleh perangkat AKCP.

Berikut contoh implementasi AKCP SP2 dengan memonitor tombol OFF-ON yang otomatis menyalakan lampu fungsi dan dry-contact yang terkoneksi ke tombol juga.

Weir Minerals use AKCP SP2 for industrial monitoring
AKCP provided 30 sensorProbe2 devices with dry contacts to be integrated into the “Andon” station network in the Weir Minerals Manufacturing facility in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. Andon systems are one of the tools Weir Minerals use as part of their “lean manufacturing” process that helps to identify and resolve manufacturing support issues. The objective of this system is to resolve any conditions that are inhibiting production as rapidly as possible. The system at Weir has 30 stations, each consisting of an SP2 device, switch box and light stack. The switches are connected to the light stack, and the machine operator turns the switch …

Gartner Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2018

Artificial intelligence, immersive experiences, digital twins, event-thinking and continuous adaptive security create a foundation for the next generation of digital business models and ecosystems. How do designers make cars safer? They treat them like a school of fish. Safe Swarm, recently unveiled byHonda, uses vehicle-to-vehicle communication to allow cars to pass information on to other cars in the vicinity. For example, alerts about an accident miles up the road could be relayed to cars miles back, enabling them to operate collaboratively and intelligently to avoid accidents and mitigate traffic. The evolution of intelligent things, such as collective thinking car swarms, is one of 10 strategic trends with broad industry impact and significant potential for disruption. “The continuing digital business evolution exploits new digital models to align more closely the physical and digital worlds for employees, partners and customers,” says David Cearley, vice president and Gartner Fell…

Magic Quadrant for General-Purpose Disk Arrays

Magic Quadrant for General-Purpose Disk ArraysPublished: 31 October 2017 ID: G00319539 Analyst(s):
Summary Storage vendor consolidation, competition from SDS vendors and cloud providers, and new sales and support models are continuing to change the storage market. I&O leaders who understand the opportunities and risks created by these changes will make better infrastructure refresh decisions. Market Definition/Description General-purpose storage arrays are designed to satisfy the storage needs of applications running on physical or virtual servers. Block and file protocols (such as FC, iSCSI, NFS and SMB) continue to dominate this market. Gartner segments this market into the general-purpose disk array market, which includes all disk and hybrid arrays, and the solid-state array (SSA) market. This Magic Quadrant excludes SSA, object and distributed file system storage, as well as software-defined storage (SDS), because they hav…