The world’s best selling environmental and power monitoring platform has been upgraded. Three years in the making the SP2 has a new big brother the SP2+.
Start with a basic package to enable monitoring over a single cabinet. Expand to a full data center, one cabinet at a time. Every computer rack monitored using AKCess Pro Server.
  • IP based, including SNMPv3, HTTPS, VPN
  • Send encrypted SNMP Trap and Email Notifications
  • Supports 4 Intelligent Sensors or up to 20 Dry Contacts
  • Optional cellular modem with external antenna
  • Notification Wizards
  • Front and Rear Thermal Mapping for any server cabinet
  • Low Cost Daisy Chained Temperature sensors
  • Optional Expansion Module connectivity
  • Virtual Sensors

Thermal Map Sensors (sold separately)

Front and rear thermal mapping for any server cabinet.
  • Diagnose server room hot spots.
  • Save cooling costs with precision rack monitoring
  • Lower energy use within server cabinets

High inlet air temperature indicating hot spots in the server room.

Thermal Map showing a critical alert status on the exit air temperature.

Environmental Monitoring (sensors sold separately)

Server Cabinet Monitoring - Sensors, Access Control, Power and Water Leak

AKCess Pro Server (free with the purchase of SP2+)

  • Manage cabinet maps, sensors, access control and other equipment from anywhere in the world.
  • Monitor data center maps and drill down to single cabinets.
  • Automate notifications based on sensor, power or access control sensors status.
  • Notification Wizards : SNMP traps, Email, Popup Messages, SMS, Remote Unlock (and more…)
  • Use custom scripts for complex sensor input or notification outputs.