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Faster, Prettier, and Better: Latest PRTG Preview Release with a New Interface

prtg release 17.3.34 with a new interface
Caution, wet paint! We have reworked PRTG Network Monitor to give our network monitoring solution a fresh new look.
The new PRTG web interface

We're excited about the fresh, modern look, of course, but the main reason for the update is to implement specific usability improvements based on feedback gathered from our users:
  • Optimized User Navigation
    We cleaned up the main menu and designed it to be clear and uncluttered. The optimized user navigation is consistently reflected in every page.
  • Details are Displayed More Clearly on the Detail Pages
    Information on the detail pages has been re-arranged. You can find essential information in the middle area; additional information is visible, but no longer the focus. The latest look, which is clearer and more focused, plays a crucial role here.
  • Consistent Optimization for all Display Devices
    The new PRTG web interface now adapts itself even better to the display device, irrespective of whether it is a smartphone, laptop, or classic desktop monitor.
  • Icons in SVG Format
    All the icons are now integrated as vector graphics and thus, support high-resolution display devices.

Everything Is in Beautiful Black

Now you can invert the PRTG interface and display it on a black background. The colors are automatically adapted. In any case, it is worth checking out; feedback has been very positive so far.
The new dark theme in PRTG

Everything Is New and Different?

The new interface is currently available as preview version 17.3.34. To try it out, we recommend you set up a fresh PRTG trial installation and update it with the preview channel under "Setup | Auto Update" (please see this manual page on how to choose a release channel). Sometime in the fall, we are planning to release the new interface in our stable channel.
Now take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the new interface. Experience has shown that new user interfaces are unfamiliar at first. However, we're sure that you will soon get used to the fresh look and feel, and that you'll appreciate the improved usability. And, of course, we are looking forward to your feedback. To do so, simply send us an e-mail or use the comment function in our blog…
Note: If you have customized the PRTG web interface using one of the dedicated files, all your modifications will be lost after installing PRTG version 17.3.34. For details, see the Knowledge Base.