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Arsitektur ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus

ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus supports managing your Mobile Devices from a central point. It allows you to perform Policy Management, Profile Management, Asset Management, App Management and Security Management of mobile devices. Figure 1: MDM Architecture of Mobile Device Manager Plus *Forwarding Server (optional) Advantages The advantages of using the MDM architecture of Mobile Device Manager Plus include the following: Agentless, Over-the-Air (OTA) ManagementUses Apple's Push Notification Service/ Android GcM for communicationProfiles and Policies gets deployed immediatelyAll communications to and from the mobile device is secured. ArchitectureAny communication from Mobile Device Manager Plus to the device is routed through Apple Push Notification service (APNs) via TCP port 2195 for iOS devices and through GCM via TCP port 80 for Android DevicesAs per Apple IOS MDM protocol, all iOS devices maintain a dedicated TCP connection with APNs at TCP Port 5223. Mobile Device …

Mengapa sebaiknya bis-bis kita dilengkapi CCTV

Siapa yang tidak kenal dengan CCTV saat ini ? Hampir di semua perkantoran, toko hingga sekolah bahkan rumah menggunakan CCTV untuk memonitor keamanan. Tapi yang saya jumpai di Taiwan ini berbeda. CCTV bahkan dipasang dalam bis-bis mereka.

Mengapa ? Dengan adanya CCTV dalam bis mereka, maka dapat dengan mudah, sang supir memonitor keadaan di sekitar kendaraan mereka. Kalau kita lihat di gambar, mulai dari kondisi di depan supir , belakang bis, samping, dan dalam bis semuanya dimonitor dengan baik.
Kamera CCTV di depan supir memudahkan supir melihat obyek yang mungkin tidak tampak karena tingginya bis. Seringkali ada orang melintas di depan bis tapi tidak diketahui oleh supir. Demikian juga dengan belakang bis. Semua ini akan memudahkan pihak keamanan untuk menganalisa data rekaman yang ada sehingga apabila ada pelanggaran terkait bis ini, maka data rekaman ini bisa digunakan.
Demikian juga dengan kondisi di dalam bis kota. Semua bisa direkam dengan baik, dan semuanya terhubung ke peran…

Modular data center market to triple its size by 2020

The worldwide market for modular data centers and related equipment is set to grow from $8.37 billion in 2015 to $35.11 billion by 2020. According to research agency Markets and Markets, North America is expected to remain the largest modular data center market in terms of size, while Asia-Pacific (APAC) is expected to emerge as a high-growth market. Huawei outdoor modular container sold by T-Systems Source: Peter Judge Modular bonanza Modular data centers consist of pre-fabricated building blocks that can be deployed in a fraction of the time it takes to erect a bricks-and-mortar facility. They include all the necessary IT, power, cooling, fire protection and access control elements. The modular approach can help grow an existing data center in small increments, while maintaining optimum utilization. Modules can also be easily shipped to areas where building a permanent data center is impractical. They can withstand any weather conditions - modular data centers have been popping up i…

Modular & Containerized Data Centers

Key Points - There are many different approaches to modular data centers, from single modules to full data centers in a container. - Any situation that requires a remote and/or temporary, fully enclosed facility is a potential fit for modular or containerized data centers. - Containerized data centers are great for edge use cases where resources are needed closer to customer locations. - Modular may not help with consolidation or the cloud, but it will still find a place in the overall market.
Modular is a major buzzword in the technology world today because everyone wants to believe that the equipment and devices they buy have an assured future. The idea is being used in the smartphone industry now as many vendors are trying to build phones that are more easily upgraded through the use of interchangeable parts and modules. And data center designers are applying the same concept to building data centers with the hope that it will be easier to upgrade them with plug-and-play infrastru…

IoT and Smart City during my visit in Taiwan 29 March 2017 (3)

On 31 March, we visited Kaohsiung Software Park. They have 8 ha area, consist of 4 buildings that have some software company. They started the area just a view years ago, to keep maintain and support manufacture industry among Kaohsiung.

We visited Brogent Technology, an Entertainment related company. So many good products relate to entertainment, artificial intelligence technology.

We visited ELAN showroom to see IoT and Smart City related solutions.

We listened and discuss other IoT and Smart City solutions.

We saw a lot related solution of IoT and Smart City. Some of them already implemented and success.
I hope APTIKNAS and APKOMINDO can help them to introduce, and implement related solutions.

We also have ASISINDO with Smart City Center in Mangga Dua Square Jakarta that will open in May 2017 to cover, educate and exhibit smart city solutions.

see you again soon.

IoT and Smart City during my visit in Taiwan 29 March 2017 (2)

We moved to Kaohsiung, using Taiwan High Speed Train, 395 km within 1.5 hours.
Then we join the big event of 2017 TAIWAN INDONESIA INDUSTRIAL COLLABORATION  SUMMIT , and they are 5 areas, including ICT.

I think almost 200 people join this meeting.

After the plenary meeting, we entered our areas of meeting. This is our team. My self, Fanky Christian, Mr. Ashari Abidin, Mr. Andi Tanudiredja, and Mr. Ary Achmad Arman (ITB), and Mr. Soegiharto Santoso as team leader, he is also Chairman of APKOMINDO and APTIKNAS.

Although APTIKNAS (Asosiasi Pengusaha Teknologi Informasi & Komunikasi Nasional) or National ICT Businessman , we have the same structure with APKOMINDO. We have 25 sub regional agency throughout Indonesia which can help to implement, support IoT and Smart City implementations.

In the ICT forum, we discussed with great people, such as CTO Asus, President Tatung. Mr. Soegiharto Santoso (Hoky) highlighted some issue that we can collaborate together to achieve success together.

IoT and Smart City during my visit in Taiwan 29 March 2017


We are having good time during my visit on Taipei, 28 March - 1 April 2017. I meet a lot of companies, presented their solutions to Indonesia. Most of them are IoT and Smart City related.

28 March 2017, this is my first trip to Taiwan. And I saw a lot new thing which related to IoT and Smart City. When we entered the city, we use high way, and I see a lot gates like this. And the good thing is, I don't see any payment gates likes used to be. They changed the way they do the payment.

In this gates, they are using laser to trigger the camera. The cars move under this gate and capture their license plate. They also capture the RFID ID. The RFID ID was passive RFID installed on the car's head lamp or mirror.

Then, we visited FETC, the company that run these facilites for Taiwan Gov. The people buy their payment using banks and their virtual accoun…