Getting Modbus TCP data into PRTG

Modbus is a communications protocol that has been in use since the 70s, and has become standard for connecting electronic industrial devices. Modbus RTU and Modbus ASCII are used for serial communication, while Modbus TCP is used for devices connected to a TCP/IP network. 
For IT professionals in a factory setting, who are maintaining traditional network elements and industry-specific infrastructure, Modbus TCP devices often contain important information needed for monitoring the entire infrastructure. Because it would be good to get this information into PRTG, we are currently working on a Modbus TCP sensor. But we’d love to get your feedback on your use cases and requirements, and what features you want from Modbus TCP sensor.
So what could a Modbus integration for PRTG be used for? Primarily, the convergence of Information Technology and Operational Technology means that what used to be separate, distinct infrastructures are now beginning to merge. For holistic monitoring, you need to have as much of this converging infrastructure as possible in the same view.
So if you’re using Modbus and PRTG in your environment, it could be that you are looking for ways to get data like the following from your devices and factory floor into PRTG:
  • Availability and status of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)
  • Other data from PLCs, collected from monitoring inputs and outputs on the plant floor
  • Power consumption metrics, like usage, capacity, voltage, frequency, and so on
  • Environmental metrics, like power consumption, power capacity, and environmental factors (temperature, humidity, airflow, etc.)
  • Data from Modbus devices, like device temperature or switching status
These are just a few examples. But we want to know from you: what are YOUR use cases? What do you want from a Modbus TCP sensor in PRTG? Take a few minutes to answer our survey, and indicate if you want access to test an early version of the sensor when it's ready.