29.04.08 : A new version (6.3.0) of KioWare Lite and KioWare Kiosk Basic has been released.

New KioWare Lite and KioWare Kiosk Basic Version 6.3.0 features include:

Security Audit
Runs a security check on KioWare configuration settings based on kiosk best
practices standards. Settings that are not in conformance with these standards
are highlighted and can be changed to meet the standards.

Transparent Virtual Keyboards
Modifies the opacity of pop-up virtual keyboards.

Volume Controls
Ability to set a default volume setting when a user session ends. Add Volume Up
and Volume Down buttons to the User Interface Toolbar.

Limiting Print Pages Per Session
Limits the total number of pages a user can print during a single session.

Integrated KioWare Restart/Reboot/Shutdown Scheduling
Schedules a daily KioWare restart, kiosk reboot or kiosk shutdown.

Additional Cache Clearing Options
Ability to choose from additional items when clearing cache at user session
end. Specifically, to only clear HTTPS data or only keep media files.

Addition of Kiosk Name String Constant to KioWare StartPage URL
Ability to have Kiosk Name added to the query string of the StartPage URL,
which is useful for server side scripting.

Additional features specific to KioWare Kiosk Basic Version 6.3.0 include:

New Input Device Hardware Support
Support for all Web Cameras that adhere to the WIA (Windows Imaging
Architecture) standard.

New Remote Monitoring Devices Support for:
· US Micro Printer
· Windows Print Queue monitoring (for printers without direct monitoring
· WatchPort Temperature/Humidity Sensor
· WMI Hardware (CPU, Fans, etc)

Additional Second Monitor Support
Support for up to ten (10) monitors in addition to the primary monitor.

Integrated VOIP Support
By either using toolbar dial buttons, a numeric keypad, or embedded scripting,
KioWare can dial a telephone number using VOIP. Phone Numbers can be limited to
individual domains or pages. Currently Bravora VOIP service is supported.

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