Bad Economy to boost Managed Services

The signs are clear and visible. 2009 is going to be a year of serious recession resulting in cost cutting and downsizing across millions of companies irrespective of size. As companies try to squeeze every penny spent, investments on IT and IT management will come to a halt in large and medium enterprises. Small and medium enterprises (SME) won’t be able to bear the brunt of this deepening recession and will most likely close down their one man IT shops and start looking out for inexpensive alternatives. This calls for a new breed of managed service providers who could offer vital IT services at a fixed and inexpensive price point.
Challenges in offering MSP Services

The common challenges MSPs face are:

1. What services to offer
2. Services to be offered at what price
3. How to transition clients to MSP services with ease.

While desktop management, network management & helpdesk services are what most of the clients expect, they expect the services to be highly cost-effective than to go themselves.

MSP Solution offers a completely automated solution at an affordable price point that helps MSPs to not only reduce their framework cost, but also reduce their operational costs and be cost-competitive. It also allows MSPs to give a thirty day free trial to their clients without any additional charge that helps for a smooth transition of clients to MSP Services.
ManageEngine MSP Solution

MSP solution from ManageEngine helps MSPs provide all possible services to their clients line Desktop Management, Network management, Help desk services, Professional services automation, Website monitoring , etc. at affordable price point. With MSP solutions MSPs can increase their profitability while even reducing cost to the customer. ManageEngine has three products that help MSPs achieve their goals.

1. MSP Center Plus – The complete MSP Platform for MSPs to provide all IT services to clients
2. – Hosted Website monitoring service.
3. Desktop Central(Distributed) – Desktop Management software for multiple sites.