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Virtualisasi: Application Centric vs Infrastructure Centric Management

More on Application Centric vs. Infrastructure Centric Management
By Jamal Mazhar, On 1/16/09 9:15 PM

In reference to my earlier blog on Application Centric Management, there is a discussion on the cloud computing group , I posted a detailed response, sharing it here:

When we say we need application centric approach it is implied that it is needed from application owner perspective, people who are responsible for managing applications, their service levels etc.  People responsible for running infrastructure and providing infrastructure as a service, e.g. Amazon, GoGrid, alt. needs infrastructure perspective to manage their infrastructure.  However, the application owners who are consumers of infrastructure as a service will make their life a nightmare if they try to manage applications running on virtual resources using infrastructure perspective.

Let’s look at some historic context of 4 phases of IT evolution to get the perspective of why application centric approach is needed.

Phase I: I…

Perbandingan ServiceDesk Plus dengan 4 produk lainnya

Dalam mengimplementasikan sistem helpdesk TI, kami seringkali bertemu dan beradu argumentasi dengan beberapa produk lain, diantaranya seperti yang terdapat dalam video berikut ini (

Salah satu hal yang menarik, adalah SDP memberikan :
1. Kemudahan instalasi, baik di Windows atau Linux
2. Kemudahan setup parameter
3. Kemudahan dalam menjelaskan fitur dan fungsi kepada pengguna
4. Kemudahan dalam mengoperasikan sistem

Silahkan hubungi kami untuk kepersluan sistem helpdesk TI Anda..

Why ServiceDesk Plus?One Install and you are all Set With ServiceDesk Plus, there are no add-ons or complications, just one install (approx 15 minutes), the browser fires up with product screen with all the modules. You are all set to start. Only Point and Click Expertise Required Point-and-Click is all you need to configure email accounts, define SLA, workflow actions, notifications, and advanced reports. Configuring ServiceDesk Plus as your help desk or an …

Selamat kepada KANGEAN ENERGY

Selamat kepada KANGEAN ENERGY yang memilih solusi NAGIOS sebagai sistem monitoring jaringan dan server di perusahaannya.

Kami senang membantu Anda.
Silahkan hubungi kami untuk keperluan lisensi, implementasi dan jasa dukungan teknis NAGIOS. Kami selaku reseller resmi Nagios akan sangat senang membantu Anda.

FeaturesPowerful Web Interface: A powerful GUI provides for customization of layout, design, and preferences on a per-user basis, giving your team the flexibility they want. Dynamic content updates with AJAX technology provide real-time information on the latest status of monitored infrastructure elements.
Performance and Capacity Planning Graphs: Automated, integrated trending and capacity planning graphs allow organizations to plan for infrastructure upgrades before outdated systems catch them by surprise. Graphs are automatically created when you configure XI to monitor a new infrastructure element. RRD-based graphing technology provides efficient data storage over tim…

Memonitor Remote dengan MSP Center Plus

Monitor your Remote Systems with MSP Center Plus Monitoring remote systems is always a pain. It becomes worse when they are distributed across hundreds of locations worldwide. Deploying monitoring software at each of the location to monitor just one or two, or few tens of devices costs you more, and also laborious to manage. That’s why we at ManageEngine have come-up with a remote systems monitoring software to help you manage all your remote systems from your NOC.

Introducing MSP Center Plus, agent based remote systems monitoring software designed for Enterprises and MSPs managing highly distributed networks. MSP Center Plus empowers you to monitor up to 25000 remote Windows servers / desktops, network devices, ATM/POS devices, Kiosks, etc. irrespective of the location from a single console. MSP Center Plus provides in-depth visibility and control over your remote systems.

The major highlight of MSP Center Plus is its IT automation workflows. IT Workflows helps you automate Windows r…

Protect Your IT Facility... Don't Wait Until It's Too Late!Specific Environmental Conditions Threaten Every Data Center... Including Yours!

Protect Your IT Facility... Don't Wait Until It's Too Late!Specific Environmental Conditions Threaten Every Data Center... Including Yours!By Michael Sigourney - AVTECH Software, Inc.It seems obvious or unnecessary to explain why IT or facilities managers should monitor critical issues like temperature, power, humidity, flood, smoke, airflow, room entry and more. After all, AVTECH Software (AVTECH) has pioneered some of the most popular environment monitoring solutions available, and has been developing computer room monitoring products since 1988. These primary environment conditions, typically referred to as the "Big 7" (see pie chart), can easily bring any IT facility to a complete stop in minutes if problems arise and go unaddressed. These environmental concerns are hot topics in many leading industry publications and will remain so as computer rooms and data centers continue to change in design, form and function. Because power consumption is ris…