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Facilities management team to the IT department: Let's work together

To the facilities management team, the data center is just another building it controls. However, it also controls every other building within the organization. With a diverse portfolio including warehouses, offices, kitchens, restrooms, car parks and storage systems, the data center may just be another item on its list.For the IT department, the data center is the center of the universe. The main components that support the mission critical aspects of the business are the servers, storage and network systems that are housed within the data center; if anything goes wrong, then it is the IT department's neck on the line – even if the problem was due to a facilities issue.What happens when priorities don't match? A blocked executive restroom could upset a lot of people, and the facilities management team may put a few people on this to satisfy complaints of senior management, whereas a request to "check up on the cooling in the data center, please – we've noticed a smal…


Dengan bangga hati, kami membawa fokus produk AKCP, solusi Environment Monitoring System yang komprehensif. Produk ini akan melengkapi solusi-solusi monitoring dan management yang telah dibawa sebagai solusi oleh PT Daya Cipta Mandiri Solusi.

Hubungi kami untuk kepentingan implementasi Environment Monitoring System Anda.

Sudah maksimalkah Firewall Anda?

Semua perusahaan saat ini telah mengimplementasi FIREWALL untuk memproteksi jaringan internalnya, tapi apakah mereka memiliki tools untuk memonitor, mengaudit, memonitor perubahan konfigurasi firewall, memonitor aktifitas akses Internet, penggunaan bandwidth Internet, akses VPN bahkan melakukan security forensic ?

Jawabannya ada di Firewall Analyzer

Unlock the Real Value of Your Network Security Devices
Perform Security Audit and Meet Compliance RequirementsSecurity Audits validate the network security by auditing and analyzing the device configuration To meet compliance requirements, administrator activities on the firewall are monitored and all logs are archived Firewall Configuration Change ManagementGet instant notification on 'who' made 'what' changes, 'when' and 'why' to your firewall configuration in real-time Get a complete trail of all the changes done to your firewall …


Dealer Notification : Lifetime Warranty AKCP is pleased to announce a lifetime warranty covering all units sold after 1st July 2012. Once your first year warranty has expired, AKCP agrees to repair or replace any unit on a case by case basis. All we ask, is that the customer covers the cost of shipping.
The lifetime warranty covers any unit that fails under normal use.
AKCP's dedication to the reliability of it's products has resulted in some of the highest MTBF figures in the industry. Based on carefully monitored failure and repair statistics we have calculated the following MTBF values for our equipment.

sensorProbe2 : 1,400,000 Hours
sensorProbe8 : 860,000 Hours
securityProbe : 400,000 Hours

For more information on how this new life-time warranty affects your equipment or for full terms and conditions please contact

Ingin monitor Aplikasi Anda secara komprehensif?

Ingin monitor Aplikasi Anda secara komprehensif? Gunakan Applications Manager.. What is Applications Manager? ManageEngine Applications Manager is a server and application performance monitoring software that helps businesses ensure high availability and performance for their business applications by ensuring servers and applications have high uptime. The application performance management capability includes server monitoring, application server monitoring, database monitoring, web services monitoring, virtualization monitoring, cloud monitoring and an array of other application management capability that will help IT administrators manage their resources effectively.
How can ManageEngine Applications Manager help you? ManageEngine Applications Manager helps you with a holistic view to your IT resources. It helps monitor the performance of various components of an application and helps troubleshooting production issues quickly. This helps reduce finger pointing and improves …

Selamat kepada BANK INDONESIA atas implementasi bandwidth monitoring

Selamat kepada BANK INDONESIA yang memilih solusi NETFLOW ANALYZER untuk monitoring bandwidth jaringan dilengkapi dengan CBQ dan NBAR. Kami senang melayani Anda.

NetFlow Analyzer, a complete traffic analytics tool, leverages flow technologies to provide real time visibility into the network bandwidth performance. NetFlow Analyzer, primarily a bandwidth monitoring tool, has been optimizing thousands of networks across the World by giving holistic view about their network bandwidth and traffic patterns.
NetFlow Analyzer is a unified solution that collects, analyzes and reports about what your network bandwidth is being used for and by whom. NetFlow Analyzer is the trusted partner optimizing the bandwidth usage of over a million interfaces worldwide apart from performing network forensics and network traffic analysis.
Get to the root of traffic analysis using NetFlow Analyzer Bandwidth Monitoring & Traffic AnalysisMonitor netwo…

Selamat kepada Bank Indonesia atas implementasi PRTG Network Monitoring

Selamat kepada BANK INDONESIA yang telah memilih solusi PRTG NETWORK MONITOR untuk monitoring network. Kami senang melayani Anda.
Trusted Every Day by 150.000 Admins Around the GlobeMore than 150,000 administrators rely on PRTG Network Monitor every day to monitor their LANs, WANs, servers, websites, appliances, URLs, and more Network problems create business emergencies. When the network goes down, employees can't read emails.  Customers can't purchase the product.  Work stops. Network monitoring helps you keep your business healthy:
Avoid expensive outages Address bottlenecks before they cause problemsReduce costs by buying only the hardware you need Stop wasting time putting out fires. Start building the future foundations of your business. You'll be less stressed and your colleagues will consider you a hero. PRTG's web browser based UI


What is a paperless office?

A "paperless office" is an office that has got rid of all forms of paper by converting them into digital documents. A scanner and electronic Document Management Software (DMS) are the main components required to make your office a paperless office.

A scanner captures and converts paper documents into electronic formats that can be managed and retrieved using document management software.

Although the goal of a paperless office might be difficult to achieve, document management software systems make it easy for an organization to quickly move to a "less paper" system of working.

Benefits of a paperless office software

Why go paperless? As you gradually switch to a paperless office, converting all documents to digital formats, your organization benefits in several ways:
Save space for better use
Capturing paper documents and storing them electronically saves usable office space so you can make better use of expensive office re…

How to Cut Your Small Business Costs Using a Document Management System

The capacity of small businesses to absorb losses and cost escalation is usually lower than that of large enterprises. If you have kept your small business costs in check when times are good, chances are you will weather the storm during an economic downturn. The key is to not wait until a recession strikes, but to look for cost cutting strategies when the economic conditions are favorable. One major way to reduce costs is to streamline your small business operations by putting in place an electronic document management system. In this article, we look at some of the ways document management software helps reduce costs for your small office.
When choosing small business tools, companies usually do a cost-benefit analysis. It could be a decision based on simple mental calculation, but it helps. Investing in document management software is one such decision. The points below will show you how the benefits far outweigh the cost of acquiring such software.
Reduce costs of sto…