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Bagaimana Globodox membantu perusahaan konsultan meningkatkan waktu produktifitasnya?

Globodox Helps Engineering Consultancy Firm Optimize Productive Time

The Challenge

In any kind of infrastructure development - whether it be construction, telecom, transport etc. - engineering consultancy firms play a major role. But how well their clients manage their projects greatly depends on how well the consultancy manages its own business. Syrconsult, an Abu Dhabi based consultancy firm faced the challenge of managing their office and client-related documents more efficiently.

Engineering documents are typically bulky as well as detailed, where image clarity matters a great deal - right down to the inch. Here's a brief list of the kinds of documents created and managed by Syrconsult:
Design drawingsDetailed architectural and civil engineering drawingsSpecifications for items of workReports of different kindsVarious billsInternal office recordsLegal documentation Syrconsult's goals were to find documents faster, save storage space as well as back up paper-based docume…

Why your employees will love working with a document management system

Although organizations these days are keen to adopt electronic document management, they may have concerns about various issues. One concern commonly expressed is that it will be “difficult to get a buy-in” from the end-users – the employees. Maybe you too share this concern. Let’s see if we can get that worry out of your way so you can reap the benefits of electronic document management.
Why your employees will thank you for implementing document management
Your employees will be happy to work with document management software if you can do this for them…
Helps them find documents faster: Scanning and indexing documents makes them easily searchable and workable. Document management software lets you organize files in several ways; e.g. group them into folders, segregate them by document types, assign tags (keywords/labels) to them, link them to a project stack etc. You can create custom indexing fields to help you find files faster. Text extraction using OCR lets your staff fin…

Mengapa OZEKI NG lebih unggul dari SMS Gateway lainnya?

Bulan ini genap 7 tahun kami menjual solusi SMS Gateway dengan produk SendQuick dan OZEKI NG. Kedua produk ini dipilih bukan hanya karena nama 'dunia' mereka, tetapi juga karena kemampuan nya yang baik.


Install Ozeki NG SMS Gateway to get the highest performance, availability and security to run your most demanding SMS applications.
500 SMS messages / second (sending and receiving) 100 simultaneously connected applications 64+ concurrent SMSC connections Support for dual core and multiprocessor systemsSupport for 32bit and 64bit architecturesWorks in virtualized environments as well (VMWare, KVM, Microsoft, Oracle and other virtualized systems)
Concerning reliability the software Works 24/7. It manages network link failures and SMS service provider failures with automatic reconnect capability, backup routing and fail-safe load balancing. Message loop protection is also included to avoid threats caused by autoresponding mobile messagi…