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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri

Segenap manajemen dan staff PT Daya Cipta Mandiri Solusi, mengucapkan..

Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri 1433 H,
Mohon maaf lahir dan bathin..

build-access-manage at

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Membuat report dengan mudah langsung dari database Anda dengan Navicat

If your data is stored in MySQL, SQL Server, SQLite, Oracle or PostgreSQL database and you need a tool to help you build custom reports and turn data into useful information then Navicat Report Builder is the best choice for you.

With Navicat Report Builder data in your databases can be transformed into various reports such as Invoices, Sales Statistics, Order Reports, Point of Sales, Form Letters, Mailing Labels, etc.

Navicat Report Builder

Navicat Report Builder is included in the Navicat Windows Enterprise Edition and helps to deliver data in your MySQL, SQL Server, SQLite, Oracle or PostgreSQL database in a presentable manner, turning it into valuable information. Various kinds of Reports can be built easily without any additional efforts. Schedulers can also be set to deliver Reports automatically. Bundled with Report Viewer, it allows multiple users to access your report anytime and at any location.

Existing data can be imported and used for building Reports from various data sources such as MS Excel, MS Access, Text File, XML, Paradox, Dbase, Lotus 123, and ODBC.

Familiarize yourself with Navicat Report Builder:

The Report Designer, pictured below contains three workspaces: Data, Design, and Preview. When first displayed, the Report Designer defaults to the design workspace where you will spend the majority of your report building time.
To build a Report, Basically, there are 3 basic steps:

1) Link your Report to your data
2) Design the Layout for your Report
3) Preview and Export your Report

Linking your Data to the Report

The Data tab allows you to create dataviews which are used to supply data to your report. Dataviews can be created via the Query Wizard or Query Designer. Both of these visual tools allow you to select necessary tables and fields, create search criteria, sort orders, etc for dataviews.
Query Wizard provides a step-by-step guide that helps you to create the basic dataview. Afterwards, you can use the Query Designer to modify the dataview.
You can enter more calculations and criteria in the Query Designer to build complex reports (e.g. search reports). The SQL tab shows the SQL statement for retrieving the data from the database.

Designing the Layout of your Report

The Design tab is the main session for designing and organizing the report layout. It contains a Report Wizard and some sample reports that allow you to quickly create an entire report layout. This is great for generating a simple report.
If you want to design your own layout, you can simply drag and drop the data from the data tree and use the toolbar to add different components.

Preview and Exporting your Report

The Preview tab enables you to preview and navigate the report output. You can also perform a search to filter the data.
After confirming the report output, you can print/export the report to PDF, MS Excel, etc file formats. Together with the Navicat Schedule feature, you can set a schedule to print the report and send the exported file to your email automatically.

Sharing of Reports among users

Navicat Report Viewer allows you to view reports designed by Navicat Report Builder. You can share reports with someone who does not have Navicat running on their computer but has Navicat Report Viewer installed. It highly increases the flexibility and convenience for viewing reports. Simply create a connection to your server and place the report files (.rtm) within the database subfolder under the Report Location.


Navicat Report Builder is a feature in Navicat Enterprise Edition on Windows platform. For every license of Navicat Enterprise Edition, a license of Report Viewer is bundled to allow sharing of reports between users.

Navicat provides database administration solutions to individuals and organizations worldwide. Over 50,000 users have become our happy customers.Geared for individual web developers, small businesses and enterprises, Navicat provides users with everything they need for today’s database administration and report generation demands.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

AKCP untuk monitoring Fuel Level

Advanced Fuel Level Monitoring & Solutions

Ultrasonic Fuel Level SensorReliably track and monitor all of your fuel usage to avoid waste, theft, and expensive out-of-fuel shutdowns.
AKCP’s Remote Fuel Monitoring solution uses our new high definition digital camera software technology to accurately identify and monitor your personnel.  Find out the specifics of who accessed your fuel or fuel consuming equipment, when and for how long.
Fuel Level Sensor Gauge
Receive exact readings on how much fuel was used
during any customizable time frame.
Security is further enhanced with camera settings that can be customized to record parameters and notifications to your preferences. Parameters can be tailored for different scenarios that may include selected times, sensor events, or 24 hours a day.
Rate of Change / Theft Detection
The Ultrasonic Fuel Level Sensor comes equipped with advanced rate of change detection that measures the level rate in a percentage from 1% to 50% over a period of time from 1 to 20 minutes.
By linking this sensor alert to a notification you can get an SMS, E-Mail, SNMP Alert instantly. This feature is designed for our Ultrasonic Fuel Level Sensor to prevent theft of fuel or be alerted to leaks in storage tanks.
This feature is replicated in the AKCess Pro Server where many more notifications types are offered so that you can alert and protect your valuable assets.

Remote Fuel Tank
AKCP Remote Fuel Monitoring is easily incorporated with your existing AKCP Systems and is compatible with petrol, diesel, oil, fresh water, grey water, and black water systems.

AKCP has added a new video to our Ultra Sonic Fuel Level Sensor page further detailing use of the UFLS solution.  Watch the video now at

AKCP: Unit SecurityProbe 5ESV - unit yang mendukung video sudah ada

The securityProbe 5ESV Series is now available!

AKCP is pleased to announce the new range of video enabled securityProbe units; the securityProbe 5ESV Series is now in stock, available for purchase and ready for shipping.

securityProbe5ESVThe securityProbe 5ESV is available in our standard model in addition to the X20 and X60 variants and includes all the great features of the existing securityProbe 5E but with some important improvements and modifications.
The securityProbe 5ESV will support up to four High Definition High Definition Digital IR Cameras. This replaces the BNC ports on the rear of the unit and provides a true digital image with clarity and detail never before available in the securityProbe series.
In addition to the upgraded video feature the securityProbe 5ESV also comes with a lower price point further increasing the overall value to our clients.

The securityProbe Series : Price Comparison

securityProbe 5ES
securityProbe 5ESV
securityProbe 5E (EOL)
Dry Contacts X20 or X60 X20 or X60 X20 or X60
Intelligent Sensors 8 8 8
High Definition Digital IR Cameras No 4 No
Expansion Ports 4 2 4
Enhanced EMI Shielding Yes Yes Yes
Connect GSM / GPRS Modem Yes Yes Yes
External Microphone Yes Yes Yes
External Speaker Yes Yes Yes
Expansion Modules Yes Yes Yes
On-Board Flash Memory Yes Yes No
Analog Camera Connectivity No No 4

Please Note

3rd Party Cameras are not compatible with the SEC5ESV, X20, X60 or Door Control Unit. All units in the SEC5ESV and SEC5E Series include rack mount brackets and a single port temperature and humidity sensor with free 5 feet cable (THS00).
For installations which require integration with 3rd Party Camera systems please contact AKCP. AKCP is committed to supporting 3rd Party IP Cameras.