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Prospek Cerah Bisnis e-Commerce di Indonesia

Achmad Rouzni Noor II - detikInet (Ist) Jakarta - Industri e-Commerce punya potensi besar di Indonesia. Seiring pertumbuhan akses internet, transaksi jual beli online yang diperkirakan bisa mencapai Rp 330 triliun tahun ini masih bisa terus meningkat di tahun mendatang.Belum hadirnya momen yang pas dan kultur masyarakat yang masih kental dengan model bisnis konvensional, dinilai oleh Founder dan CEO Andry Suhaili, sebagai salah satu kendala utama yang bisa menghambat pertumbuhan bisnis e-commerce."Belum lagi dengan infrastruktur teknologi dan akses internet yang belum merata di Indonesia, e-commerce seperti fenomena gunung es yang siap mencair," kata Andry dalam keterangan yang diterima detikINET, Jumat (2/11/2012).Asosiasi Penyelenggara Jasa Internet Indonesia (APJII) mencatat pengguna internet di Indonesia hingga Juni 2012 kemarin baru mencapai 62,9 juta. Menurut Ketua Umum APJII Sammy Pangerapan, jumlahnya baru 25% dari total populasi penduduk.Dalam tiga tah…

Monitor website dari Application Manager

ManageEngine Monitors Websites from Users' Locations with Applications Manager Site24x7 Integration Enables Website Monitoring from Inside, Outside Datacenter Integrated availability monitoring from 40+ geographical locations and within datacenter presented in a single console Identify, resolve issues with critical websites and web apps before they affect end users Download Applications Manager at, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ManageEngine, the real-time IT management company, today announced website monitoring support for Applications Manager, its on-premise application performance monitoring solution. Thanks to deeper integration with Site24x7, the company's SaaS-based web infrastructure monitoring service, Applications Manager monitors over 50+ apps and servers out of the box, from within the corporate datacenter. In turn, Applications Manager users can monitor their websites and other online services from both within their datacenter and from multi…


New Features In Nagios XI 2012| Print | E-mail Nagios XI 2012 is a major upgrade over Nagios XI 2011 and is available free of charge (in Standard Edition format) to Nagios XI customers with a current support and maintenance contract. Promotional pricing is available to current customers who wish to upgrade from Standard to Enterprise edition. Customers who don't have an active support and maintenance contract can obtain the upgrade by renewing online.
Edition Features Nagios XI 2012 is available in two editions – Standard and Enterprise. The features available in each edition are show in the table below. Features \ Edition Standard Enterprise Benefit Configuration Rollback Allows administrators to easily recover from configuration errors by rolling back to known good snapshots. New wizards and components New wizards and components add additional functionality and are automatically installed and upgraded with each new release. Tools menu Allows users to integrate custom and 3rd-party …

Warp speed Network Access Control

By James D. Brown, CTO, StillSecure Network Access Control products have to do a lot of work compared to other security products. It monitors the network for endpoints joining and leaving, matches endpoints to a particular security policy based on a variety of factors, checks endpoints for compliance, potentially fixes problems on endpoints, and then gives them the right level of access to the network, and that’s just for starters. NACs also help manage mobile devices and brought-from-home computing devices, provide guest access functionality, and provide an enterprise-wide snapshot across a variety of security tools, settings, and patch levels. I can’t think of another security tool that takes on so much in one solution. Network Access Control (NAC) products spend a lot of their time (80-90%) checking endpoints for compliance before making a decision as to what level of access they should receive on the network. This time determines how long it takes users to gain access to your netwo…

Windows 8 is ready for enterprise..

Windows 8 is ready for the enterprise Find out why the newest version of the Windows client operating system delivers improvements to address today’s IT issues while paving the way for the next decade of business technology.
Editor's Note: What Windows 8 means for ITThis is not your typical desktop refresh. Beyond the new user experience, Windows 8 offers opportunities to prepare your client infrastructure for larger changes around virtualization and cloud computing.
Try Windows 8Download the Windows 8 Enterprise EvaluationDownload a free 90-day evaluation of Windows 8 Enterprise to explore the newest features firsthand and start testing your apps, hardware, and deployment strategies.