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Mobile - tren terbesar di 2013

The Future of Mobile: The Biggest Trends for 2013July 10, 2012 By 2 Comments and 0 Reactions The mobile industry is constantly evolving and growing at an astronomical pace.  For example, just a little over five years ago (June 29, 2007 to be exact), Apple sold the first iPhone ever. Today, Apple has shipped about 250 million iPhones worldwide, according to Strategy Analytics. And this doesn’t account for the booming tablet industry or all the phones operating on Google’s Android platform. While this exceptional pace of growth is exciting, it also presents a whole new set of challenges. To keep up with demand, service providers will need to make investments to improve network speed, intelligence and reliability. As evident by the statistics on the iPhone, the growth of connected devices will continue to be a major trend going into 2013. From phones, tablets, laptops and devices such as smart meters,Ericssonpredicts that more than 50 billion devices will be connected to the we…

Prediksi Networking untuk 2013 oleh Forrester

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5 Network Management 2012 yang telah menjadi nyata saat ini..

5 Network Management Resolutions for 2012 posted by Jim Frey   | January 8, 2012 | 0 Comments In keeping with my nascent tradition of not predicting trends, I’ll instead propose a number of focal points that network engineering and operations professionals should keep in mind in the coming New Year of 2012.  2011 resolutions were around application-awareness, connecting with the network security team, assessing the impact of videoconferencing, embracing automation, and improving service orientation.  None of these have gone away, but some have evolved and there are a few more issues that have begun to crop to change the shape of our list for this year.  So without further ado, here’s the list of Network Management Resolutions for 2012: 1. Don’t wait for the Cloud to come to you. Cloud services are big emerging topics and goals in the minds of IT execs and IT departments, more broadly, but the networking team is often not involved in these conversations. And yet, experience tells us t…

Mobile Device Management semakin diperlukan

Surge in Smartphone Sales Means More Devices Require Mobile Management By David Porter on December 14, 2012 - 09:20am Recently, David Spencer posted an article on the Engineering and Technology Magazine website, “Smartphone sales driving business tech investment”, an overview of a recent Gartner report on the Smartphone marketplace. According to Gartner, there has been an increase in Smartphone sales of almost 50 percent, with sales of Smartphone devices in the third quarter of 2012 in excess of 169 million units. Apple and Samsung are dominating the market, combining for 46.5 percent of market share. So what does the exponential proliferation of Android phones and iPhones mean for you and your company? Natalie Sisson, The Suitcase Entrepreneur, says businesses have to realize there’s much more to going mobile than just phone calls, text messages and emails. In a recent blog post, she advises business owners that Smartphones can do everything from sending and accepting payments to sc…

Employee Management - salah satu solusi manajemen karyawan Anda

FlexiServer Productivity & Attendance Software Easily track employee attendance and computer usage FlexiServer tracks staff hours and computer activity. It makes tracking hours worked, vacation and sick leave easier for both HR and employees. It also has computer usage monitoring for quality control, security or legal compliance.
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Track Employee Hours and Attendance FlexiServer is software for automatic employee time attendance logging. It also features additional tools for quality assurance monitoring and reporting, and works with home or remote employees.Download Free Trial Know What Staff Members Are Working On FlexiServer gives managers the confidence they need to know that things are getting done without needing to micro-manage. Monitoring is non-invasive and respects the employees' need for privacy, allowing them to enter privat…

Menyeimbangkan Ketegasan dan Kepekaan dalam Bisnis

Rabu, 07 Desember 2011 09:25 Karakter seseorang acapkali dikaitkan dengan bakat berbisnis. Jika terlalu baik hati atau cenderung tidak tega dengan orang lain, dianggap tak cocok menjalani usaha. Pasalnya, kurangnya ketegasan bisa membuat usaha merugi.Anggapan atau pendapat yang berkembang seperti ini terkadang menghalangi sebagian besar orang untuk berbisnis. Keinginan untuk berbisnis dan mendapatkan penghasilan lebih dengan kemandirian yang dibangunnya, akhirnya pudar atau tertunda.Berbisnis dengan menggunakan hati tak lantas membuat pemilik tak bisa tegas. Begitupun sebaliknya, siapa bilang jika bersikap tegas juga tak pakai hati. Tentunya dibutuhkan keseimbangkan ketegasan dan kepekaan dalam menjalani bisnis.Berikut ini hal yang dapat Anda lakukan untuk menyeimbangkan ketegasan dan kepekaan dalam berbisnis seperti disadur dari laman Fokuslah pada hal yang disenangi dan dikuasai
Anda dapat memulai suatu usaha dengan apa yang Anda senangi dan Anda kuasai. Jika Anda …