Solusi baremetal dengan MokaFive

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BareMetal is client-virtualization software that installs directly onto the hardware of almost any computer. Its layered architecture gives IT the ability to use a single golden image on all machines, while providing users with a secure, personalized, consistent experience.

“After looking at the options, MokaFive’s BareMetal solution for desktop management came out heads and shoulders above the competition.”
—Mike Chase, CIO, dinCloud

Why BareMetal?

The days of painstakingly configuring, managing, and upgrading individual computers are over. IT installs BareMetal on every corporate-owned machine, replacing the host OS with a consistent client-virtualization layer.
BareMetal gives you…
  • Single desktop image for all machines. BareMetal’s client-side desktop virtualization allows IT to deploy the same image across all machines, regardless of make, model, or configuration.
  • Tight security. IT has complete control of the entire desktop stack — from the hardware up — through a central-management console… all without compromising security or performance
  • User self-recovery. Users can recover from viruses or incompatible applications, with no helpdesk assistance.
Broadest hardware support: Dell, Lenovo, hp, acer, Toshiba, Samsung, Asus, Sony

Broad Hardware Support

  • Installs on thousands of PC makes and models
  • Dynamic driver installation enables support of Intel, ATI and Nvidia GPUs

Centralized Management

Easy management
  • Single desktop image for all machines
  • Zero-touch update across entire stack
  • Automated domain-join process
  • Built-in remote desktop for support

Seamless user experience

  • User customizable images, including user- and department-installed applications
  • Easy user self-recovery of corrupted desktop images
  • Performance optimized (TRIM) support for the latest SSD harddrives. Rapid Start allows user login in seconds
  • Built-in compression conserves disk space

Enterprise-Class Security

Enterprise-class security
  • Built in AES-256 encryption and automatic lock on suspend
  • Ability to remotely wipe lost or stolen laptops
  • Thin, locked-down base with minimal attack surface
  • Automatic security lock of images for laptops

How BareMetal Stacks Up:

Unlike Citrix’s XenClient, which supports only a few computer makes and models, BareMetal is compatible with almost any hardware on the market. It also provides deep, policy-based management capability and centralized control over the entire desktop stack — including the hypervisor and the VM.
In contrast to traditional software distribution, MokaFive allows you provision a single image across all user machines. This golden image is always pristine (avoiding performance degradation due to Windows “rot.”). Updates can be applied in seconds and synced to every machine through a central management console.