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Apakah kita melakukan tracking KPI jaringan ?

Are you tracking your network’s KPI’s?April 19, 2013 | By Aakanksha  | In WebNMS 743 Views Deriving actionable business intelligence from the network is critical to improving network profitability and meeting SLAs. An important factor in managing & optimizing networks is to define, measure and quickly analyze the right Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The KPIs are visual cues that indicate the network performance and help you make better informed decisions faster. As a senior manager, you do not derive value from the overwhelming information about jitters, alarms and through-put. You need to focus on more wholistic & forward looking metrics that represent the complete network, a customer segment or a region depending on your business priorities. Needless to say, clearly defined KPI’s help you detect performance degradation and fix problems before it impacts customer SLA’s. With WebNMS’ network management framework you can now build KPI Scorecards for your network in a singl…

WebNMS sebagai solusi DCIM

WebNMS M2M Unveils Unified Data Center Infrastructure ManagementAugust 2, 2013 | By Niranjana  | In M2M 9 Views WebNMS M2M  launches WebNMS DCIM(Data Center Infrastructure Manager) a end-end data center monitoring solution  merging  two  proven strengths of  ManageEngine IT 360 (Integrated IT Management solution ) and WebNMS framework (  Highly scalable  M2M platform  with more than 25,000 deployments worldwide)  to  bridge the gap that exists between the IT and facilities infrastructure layer. Data center  is the most expensive IT resource and mission critical IT asset.  Emergence of buzz words like resource optimization, energy efficiency,  24×7 uptime, power management have made the job of data center managers  more complex.  Gartner  Inc. researchers estimate that energy-related costs  account for about  12 percent of data center expenses, which  makes energy the single  largest cost for many data centers. Some  estimates put the total annual  energy cost of U.S. data centers as …

25 Motivasi Agar Lebih Bersemangat Dalam Bekerja

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Motivasi berfungsi untuk meningkatkan produktivitas dan menginspirasi seseorang di tempat kerja dan di kehidupan. Mungkin banyak dari kata-kata dan kalimat motivasi yang Anda baca merupakan pengulan

5 tool untuk manajemen Active Directory Anda

Keep your enterprise, whether big or small, running an efficient Active Directory environment.  No matter the size of the organization, Active Directory Management is a necessity if you are a Windows-based shop. From user provisioning to employee self-service, the tools below offer the features you need to keep your department running an efficient Active Directory environment. This article is also available as TechRepublic Screenshot Gallery. If you have used any of the tools in this article, share your thoughts in the comments section below. Also, if you have an Active Directory management tool you have used with success that is not on this list, share it with us. Five Apps 1. Adaxes from SofterraFrom user and manager self-service to automating administrative functions, Adaxes makes an Active Directory administrator's job much easier. Managers can request (or set up on their own, if you like living dangerously) user accounts and make or request changes; users can maintain their own AD…