Discount Khusus untuk produk SOHODOX bagi perusahaan KONSTRUKSI

The best way for any small business to organize their digital documents is by using an eDMS like SOHODOX. You can organize your digital documents in a manner of your choosing, find them quickly and never lose track of any document. If you work in the construction industry, now is the time to get SOHODOX since there is a 25% off for professionals and businesses involved in the construction industry.

Working in the Construction industry means that you are always flooded with paper. Managing all those permits, blueprints, invoices, etc. in hard copy can be really tedious. Simply digitizing them still doesn't help you find the right document at the right time. Using folders in Windows to store and access your digital documents is slow and inefficient.

SOHODOX knows. And that's why SOHODOX contains all the features needed for your construction office - with tags, powerful search features, ability to link various documents and auto capture from Windows folders. It's a simple tool to help you save time and ensure that you never lose another document. For a limited period only, SOHODOX is offering a 25% discount on for anyone in the construction industry. Whether you are an accountant, contractor or manager, if you work for a Construction company, you're eligible for the discount.