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Produk baru, Draytek Vigor 2912

Produk baru Draytek Vigor 2912, solusi simple untuk kantor dan cafe / restoran yang memerlukan hotspot.

Draytek Vigor 2912 from Fanky Christian

Cari solusi monitoring log AS/400 Jurnal Audit ?

Salah satu hal yang manarik dari EventLog Analyzer adalah kemampuan untuk menganalisa AS/400 Journal Audit logs.

EventLog Analyzer 8.6 - What's New?Cloud infrastructure log monitoringEventLog Analyzer supports Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 Windows instance logs. You can collect,analyze,search,archive AWS EC2 instance logs in a centralized location with EventLog AnalyzerSupport to MS SQL Audit logsYou can collect MS SQL audit logs at real time. You can get a dozen exclusive canned reports for MS SQL audit logs. You can schedule the reports at regular intervals, export them in PDF format and even redistribute the reports via email.Supports IBM AS/400/ iSeries Journal Audit logsYou can now generate and schedule User based reports for IBM AS/400/iSeries journal logs. The default host report provides you with the important events that includes all the audited logs of IBM AS/400/iSeries machine.
You can also generate reports, trigger alerts and filter journal logs based on audited fiel…

Mengetahui dan memblock user yang terkoneksi ke jaringan Anda

Ingin tahu user siapa saja yang konek ke jaringan Anda, baik via switch atau wireless ?
Ingin memblock IP / MAC address tertentu ?

Solarwinds User Device Tracker Automated Device Tracking & Switch Port ManagementAutomatically discovers, maps and monitors switches, ports, and network devicesQuickly finds devices and retrieves user name, port details, connection history and moreEnables searching on IP address, user name, Hostname or MAC address to track endpointsAllows whitelisting and watch lists with automatic alerts and click-of-a-button port shutdownProvides detailed switch port usage data, capacity analysis, and built-in reporting

Prediksi ManageEngine 2014 - Security & Accessibility

Executive Viewpoint 2014 Prediction: Manage Engine - Balancing Demands for Security and Accessibility Looking ahead to 2014, two dominant, often-competing IT demands promise to dominate the new year — the demand for security and the demand for accessibility. Now more than ever, users want their data and their apps on their terms, i.e., anytime, anywhere, on any device, without compromising security or privacy. And companies will spend a good chunk of 2014 working to give users exactly what they want. To that end, you’ll see several trends emerge or accelerate in next 12 months, including: Renewed Interest in Identity Access Management – Access management was once confined to applications and devices residing inside a company’s firewall, and many companies utilized directory services databases such as Active Directory to manage authentication and authorization to IT assets. As more of computing happens outside the firewall and beyond the control of Active Directory, companies will craft…