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NGINX Monitoring dengan AppManager

Nginx Performance Monitoring Nginx is a popular open source high-performance web server for larger web setups. It is known for its rich feature set, simple configuration, and low resource consumption. Applications Manager's Nginx monitoring feature helps optimize Nginx server performance and provides comprehensive management reports. Reduce Nginx Downtime Monitor Nginx server availability.Take corrective action by executing custom scripts to start Nginx in case of failures. Track Performance Monitor response time.Monitor requests served by Nginx.Get alerts when the performance is degraded. Ensure Application Performance Monitor active connectionsMonitor requests in waiting state.Take corrective action when more requests are in waiting state to ensure application performance Effective Troubleshooting Instant performance graphsReports which can be grouped based on availability, health, and connection time.Insight into performance of your Nginx server over a period of time.

Solusi konektivitas dengan Telkom

TEMPO.COJakarta-Akses Internet saat ini dan di masa datang memiliki peranan penting dalam menggerakkan sektor perekonomian nasional. Hampir seluruh kegiatan bisnis memanfaatkan konektivitas data sehingga dalam prosesnya dapat berjalan dengan lancar, efisien dan menguntungkan. Akses Internet juga membuka peluang kawasan di pelosok daerah untuk berkembang. Hal ini dapat memacu akselerasi pemerintah dalam mencapai Tujuan Pembangunan Milenium (Millennium Development Goals-MDGs) pada 2015 mendatang.
Dalam upaya mencapai target MDGs tersebut, salah satu BUMN Indonesia, yakni PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk berhasil meraih predikat runner up dalam penghargaan pencapaian MDGs bidang Kesehatan Ibu dan Anak. Telkom meraih penghargaan tersebut setelah mengikutsertakan Aplikasi Pembelajaran Bahasa untuk Tunarungu i-CHAT (I Can Hear and Talk). Program kepedulian terhadap komunitas anak berkebutuhan khusus tersebut mendapat pengakuan dari pemerintah dan masuk ke dalam penilaian untuk anugerah Mill…

Kesulitan monitor Cisco UCS, gunakan CI Manager Plus

ManageEngine Launches CI Manager Plus to Simplify UCS Monitoring for Large EnterprisesEasy-to-Use Converged Infrastructure Software Monitors Cisco Unified Computing System, Raises Actionable Alarms, Instantly Sends Alarm Notifications via Email Monitor Cisco UCS for fault and performanceView the hierarchy of UCS via intuitive 2D mapsView UCS infrastructure in 3DView live demo at ManageEngine at Cisco Live in booth 27MELBOURNE, Australia and PLEASANTON, Calif. - March 18, 2014 - ManageEngine, the real-time IT management company, today announced the launch of its new converged infrastructure (CI) management software, CI Manager Plus. Available immediately, CI Manager Plus simplifies the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) monitoring tasks of data center administrators at large enterprises. ManageEngine will be demonstrating the new application's features at Cisco Live, March 18-21, 2014, in Melbourne, Australia. At the show, ManageEngine will be in…

Track Aset Data Center Anda dengan RFID

An old management axiom says, "You can't manage what you don't measure." Learn how one company leverages Active RFID to help data centers run more efficiently. 
 Image: iStock/gyn9038
A small data center may have 500 racks, with each rack conservatively holding 30 IT devices. That's 15,000 pieces of electronic gear in inventory. As someone who has a hard time remembering what's in his backpack, I cannot begin to fathom how one tracks 15,000 things, or even dare to contemplate how those responsible for inventorying assets in monster data centers manage to know the location of all their stuff. To get some insight into how data-center managers pull off what seems to be a miracle, I asked Richard Jenkins, Vice President of Marketing & Strategic Partnerships at RF Code, Inc., for his help. My first question for Jenkins was: How does a data center keep track of all that equipment? "Most data centers still take inventory manually," Jenkins said. "…

Gunakan site24x7 untuk monitoring web Anda..

Website Monitoring Site24x7 website monitoring lets you track the availability and response time of your websites from 50+ monitoring locations across the globe. Keeping a close watch on how your website behaves for your customers, lets you attend performance issues faster before it impacts your end user.

Web Application Monitoring Monitor the up-time and performance of your business critical e-commerce or banking applications from 50+ monitoring locations across the globe. Site24x7 lets you record each step in your e-cart or play back these synthetic transactions at regular intervals to find out if there is any sluggishness in application performance that will drive away your impatient customer.

Web Page Analyzer Get in-depth visibility on how your webpage is loading for your customers across the globe. Track performance of individual HTML components such as JavaScript, CSS and images. Also view throughput of webserver running main domains and sub-domains.

Services Monitoring Monitor availa…