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Tren masa depan untuk Analisa Tools

Trends Driving the Future of Analytics Posted by  Jen Underwood   in  ,  1 month ago   1 Comment

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myPBX untuk Hotel

Berikut adalah solusi implementasi myPBX untuk Hotel

Note: Now only MyPBX U100/U200 support hotel module addon. MyPBX U300/U500/U510/U520 will support in next firmware version. - See more at:

Integrasikan Lync dengan myPBX sebagai SIP Gateway

Sekarang ini makin banyak pengguna Microsoft Lync untuk lingkungan perusahaannya.

Dan seringkali yang menjadi kendala adalah mengintegrasikannnya dengan existing PABX. Berikut solusinya dengan menggunakan myPBX

MyPBX as SIP Gateway for Lync/OCS Server

Microsoft Lync Server (previously Microsoft Office Communications Server) is an enterprise real-time 
communications server, providing the infrastructure for enterprise instant messaging, presence, file transfer, peer-to-peer and multiparty voice and video calling, and structured conferences (audio, video and web). After integrated with Lync Server/OCS, MyPBX are able to conduct mutual internal communication with the server. Lync Server's users will have access to the routes of MyPBX, which makes MyPBX work as a sip gateway. Flowchart:


Integration of Lync 2013 and MyPBX

Integration of Lync 2010 and MyPBX

Integration of OCS 2007 and MyPBX- See more at:…

IPPBX untuk remote office / cabang Anda.

Pusing dengan expansi cabang, tetapi ingin menekan cost biaya komunikasi dan PABX yang dipasang ?

Gunakan myPBX untuk remote office Anda.

Remote Office Solution121146

MyPBX provide seamless communications between sites. Enjoy the benefits of extension to extension calls via your data network, extending your available resources across your multiple locations. Flowchart:


1)How to intercommunication between two MyPBX via VoIP Trunking mode

2)How to intercommunication between two MyPBX via VoIP Trunk mode
3)How to intercommunication among three MyPBX via VoIP Trunking mode- See more at:

Integrasikan IPPBX myPBX dengan PABX existing

Seringkali PABX yang telah pasang di kantor memiliki keterbatasan kapasitas, sedangkan kita ingin sekali menggunakan fitur dari IPPBX. Untuk itulah sering dilakukan integrasi antara MyPBX dengan PABX lain, seperti PANASONIC, AVAYA, NORTEL, hingga CISCO SYSTEM.

Combine MyPBX with exist PABX150230

If already existed a traditional PBX in your office, how can you add more PSTN lines/extensions or use VOIP solution in the exist solution?
MyPBX will give you a favor, which can combine with exist PBX solution as below structure. Flowchart:


How to Combine MyPBX with exist PABX - See more at:

Operator Panel dengan myIPPBX

Sebagai salah satu produk IPPBX, myIPPBX memiliki banyak fitur menarik, Diantaranya adalah eFON yang digunakan untuk memonitor incoming dan outgoing, transfer.

eFon - Operator Panel1861343

eFon Operator Panel is a professional client for operators. Operators can pick up incoming calls, put them on/off hold, initiate attended transfers, make inside or outside line calls, etc. Picture:


1)Program download

2)User Manual
- See more at:

Penetration test dengan mudah, gunakan SecurityManager Plus

Sekarang untuk melakukan penetration test tidak memerlukan effor yang tinggi, Cukup membeli software tertentu bisa langsung digunakan dan mendapatkan data existing jaringan dan komputer Anda. Salah satunya adalah Security Manager Plus.

Network Security Scanner & Patch Management Software What is Security Manager Plus? Security Manager Plus is a network security scanner that proactively reports on network vulnerabilities and helps to remediate them and ensure compliance. With vulnerability scanning , open ports detection , patch management , Windows file/folder/registry change management andvulnerability reporting capabilities, Security Manager Plus protects the network from security threats and malicious attacks. What problems does Security Manager Plus solve? Security Manager Plus provides detailed inventory of the network assets, assesses network vulnerabilities and identifies devices that are exposed. By deploying missing patches/updates and service packs, Security Manager Plus…

Dimana PRTG menyimpan datanya?

Salah satu keunikan dari PRTG adalah sistem ini tidak menggunakan database. Sistem ini menggunakan raw file.

How PRTG Network Monitor Stores its Data PRTG Network Monitor writes data to several locations: Into the program directory (core installation)Into the data folder (monitoring configuration, monitoring data, logs, etc.)Into the registry (license key, admin login, IP settings, etc.) Program Directory By default, PRTG's setup program stores the core installation in one of the following directories: %programfiles%\PRTG Network Monitor or %programfiles(x86)%\PRTG Network Monitor Tip: To directly open an Explorer Window showing the respective folder, click on "Run..." in the Windows Start Menu (shortcut Windows+R), paste the path above into the "Open:" field and click "OK". However, the default setting can be changed during setup. To find the right path for your PRTG installation, please look it up in the Properties of your Start Menu's PRTG icons. …

Monitor Custom Query dgn SQLDBManager Plus

SQLDBManager Plus provides the ability to monitor any Custom SQL Query of an Microsoft SQL Database. With this, a DBA can monitor additional performance metrics, monitor critical database tables and even expose Business Metrics to Line of Business Managers. Some of the key performance metrics monitored using Custom Query ability are: Execution TimeQuery OutputHealthConfigure Alarms SQLDBManager Plus allows the DBA to enter specific query for which he/she would like to monitor the performance of the database or the server itself which is not natively supported by the SQL Server. For example, lets say the DBA has a query to monitor the CPU statistics of the SQL Server which is not natively supported by the SQL Server itself. Using Custom Query monitoring feature, the DBA can now execute this query and get relevant information for the metric. He/she can also configure the metric using a threshold value. If the CPU utilization exceeds over a certain threshold, he/she can assign an action …