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SMART GRID = Kontrol Konsumsi Listrik Anda

Plug-In Electric Vehicles Plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) are now being rolled out to consumers throughout the United States. General Motors Company is producing the Chevrolet Volt, a plug-in hybrid. Ford Motor Company is producing the Ford Electric Focus and Nissan Motors is manufacturing the Leaf, both of which are all-electric vehicles. And a number of startup companies are producing specialty PEVs, the most prominent being Tesla Motors, producer of the all-electric Tesla Roadster.
The Smart Grid will have the infrastructure needed to enable the efficient use of this new generation of PEVs. PEVs can drastically reduce our dependence on oil, and they emit no air pollutants when running in all-electric modes. However, they do rely on power plants to charge their batteries, and conventional fossil-fueled power plants emit pollution.
To run a PEV as cleanly as possible, it needs to be charged in the wee hours of the morning, when powerdemand is at its lowest and when wind power is typ…

SMART GRID = Distribution Intelligence

Distribution Intelligence "Distribution intelligence" refers to the part of the Smart Grid that applies to the utility distribution system, that is, the wires, switches, and transformers that connect the utility substation to you, the customers. The power lines that run through people's back yards are one part of the power distribution system.
A key component of distribution intelligence is outage detection and response. Today, many utilities rely on customer phone calls to know which areas of their distribution system are being affected by a power outage. Along with smart meters, distribution intelligence will help to quickly pinpoint the source of a power outage so that repair crews can be immediately dispatched to the problem area.
A utility's outage response can also improve. Most utilities count on complex power distribution schemes and manual switching to keep power flowing to most of their customers, even when power lines are damaged and destroyed. However, th…

SMART GRID = Grid Operation secara realtime

Grid Operation Centers Today's electrical transmission system—including the giant power lines and transmission towers that snake across our landscapes—operates much like a system of interconnected streams. Power flows through the transmission system along the path of least resistance, finding multiple paths between the power plants and the cities that are demanding the power.
Grid operators actually have very little control over today's system. Their primary task is to make sure that as much power is being generated as is being used—if not, the grid's voltage could drop, causing the grid to become unstable. Operators generally know which lines are in service and when relays have opened to protect lines against faults, but they have limited control capabilities.
Unfortunately, like water in a bathtub, power can "slosh around" within the grid, developing oscillations that, under the worst of conditions, could lead to widespread blackouts. To compound the problem, g…

SMART GRID = Customer Engagement

Consumer Engagement The Smart Grid offers many opportunities for consumers to save energy and for utilities to operate the grid in a more efficient, effective, and reliable way. But some features enabled by the Smart Grid also involve some sacrifice on the part of consumers, such as holding off on running your dishwasher until later in the evening.
A smart consumer will ask, "What's in it for me?" And the answer is: money. Specifically, participating in these programs will earn consumers extra savings on their energy bills. And for people who generate their own power, it can even result in something you never thought you would see: your utility could mail a check to you.
Many utilities already offer their customers ways to save extra money on their utility bills. For people with central air conditioning systems, for instance, some utilities will place a remote-control switch on the air conditioner to cycle the air conditioner on and off during times of peak power demand.…

SMART GRID = Otomatisasi Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy President Obama has called for the United States to secure 25% of our electricity from clean, renewable resources by 2025. And yet, renewable sources other than hydropower still provide only about 5% of the electricity supply for our grid. What’s holding us back?
Our grid is partly to blame. The physical reality is that the wind, solar, and geothermal resources are usually located in remote places, while much of the power demand is in urban areas. Like the interstate highway system, we need an electric superhighway that provides infrastructure for electricity to get from North Dakota to New York City easily and efficiently.
Geography issues aside, the current grid has difficulty accommodating variable sources of power like wind and solar energy, the fastest-growing sources of renewable power on the grid. As these resources begin to supply increasing percentages of power to the grid, integrating them into grid operations will become increasingly difficult.
The Smart Gr…

SMART GRID = Smart Home

The Smart Home How will the Smart Grid affect your home? It won’t look very different, but behind the scenes a lot will be happening. Even right now, in many cities across the nation, new equipment, appliances, and software are available that use emerging Smart Grid technologies to save energy, seek out the lowest rates, and contribute to the smooth and efficient functioning of our electric grid.
A key element that allows all of the emerging Smart Grid technologies to function together is the interactive relationship between the grid operators, utilities, and you. Computerized controls in your home and appliances can be set up to respond to signals from your energy provider to minimize their energy use at times when the power grid is under stress from high demand, or even to shift some of their power use to times when power is available at a lower cost.
Smart Meters and Home Energy Management Systems Smart meters provide the Smart Grid interface between you and your energy provider. I…

Apa sih SMART GRID ?

The Smart Grid Maybe you have heard of the Smart Grid on the news or from your energy provider. But not everyone knows what the grid is, let alone the Smart Grid. "The grid," refers to the electric grid, a network of transmission lines, substations, transformers and more that deliver electricity from the power plant to your home or business. It’s what you plug into when you flip on your light switch or power up your computer.
Our current electric grid was built in the 1890s and improved upon as technology advanced through each decade. Today, it consists of more than 9,200 electric generating units with more than 1 million megawatts of generating capacity connected to more than 300,000 miles of transmission lines.
Although the electric grid is considered an engineering marvel, we are stretching its patchwork nature to its capacity. To move forward, we need a new kind of electric grid, one that is built from the bottom up to handle the groundswell of digital and computerized e…

Monitoring Tower Broadcast dengan AKCP

INVAP Remote Broadcast Tower Monitoring System
AKCP distributor, Raien Argentina worked together with INVAP to install a remote broadcast tower monitoring solution for digital TV broadcasting stations across Argentina. INVAP are a high tech engineering company based in Argentina with projects such as the construction of Nuclear Reactors in Chile, Australia, Algeria and Egypt. They have also been involved in government radar installations, space satellite programs and alternative energy generation. In this project INVAP were tasked with providing the systems integration services to build the shelters to be delivered to each broadcasting tower. The shelters were each assembled and wired in an aircraft hanger and then delivered to sites and craned into position, then connected to the wireless infrastructure towers. AKCP provided the remote monitoring solution that is installed at each of the broadcasting shelters. By deploying securityProbe5ES base units together with E-Sensor8 expansion…

Data Center pertama yang dapat ISO27000 gunakan 400 sensor AKCP

Asia's first ISO27000 certified data center monitors 400 sensors with AKCP. EASPNET has multiple IDC centers and provides hosting services to their customers. Not only a first class Data Center in Asia, eASPNet is proud to be the Tier 1+ Internet / Sub-marine Cable landing hub of Taiwan and housing world renowned carriers as the Asia POP such as AT&T, Sprint, BT, PCCW, and SingTel. eASPNet's IXC data center was the first data center in Asia to be certified as an international professional standard by TruSecure and receive ISO27000 certifications in year 2012. Using AKCP equipment they provide 99.999% reliability utilization and 24x7 monitoring services. They have multiple location across Taiwan and eASPNet trusts AKCP to monitor and run their mission critical components. Monitoring requirements include door and cabinet access in addition to temperature and humidity levels, water tanks, batteries, and oil tanks. Multiple locations are monitored at a singular Network Operat…

AKCP cabinet & environment monitoring

AKCP deliver computer cabinet environment monitoring and access control keynote at Keysys Event On Friday 28th February 2014, in Scout Albano Quezon City Philippines, Vice President of Production Nicholas Barrowclough delivered an access control keynote demonstration at a Keysys dealer conference.
Vice President of Production, Nicholas Barrowclough describes the benefits of AKCP remote site access control and environmental monitoring. More than fifty customers and resale partners attended the event to learn how AKCP are approaching the burgeoning data center and remote site markets through the delivery of innovative, next-generation environmental and server rack access control solutions. Headlining the event was the AKCP Dealer Demonstration Rack. Demonstration Racks from AKCP showcase a feature rich portfolio of environmental sensors and access control equipment including AKCP’s Cabinet Control Unit. Access Control Demonstration Racks combined with the AKCess Pro Server enable AKCP D…

Integrasikan NAGIOS dengan AKCP

Nagios SNMP Monitoring Software Integrates with AKCP The AKCP sensorProbe and securityProbe series of devices being fully SNMP compliant can be integrated with a number of Network Management Software (NMS). Nagios is an industry standard open source NMS that is used to monitor IT infrastructure, thus reducing downtime and business losses. It manages the network by monitoring, alerting and reporting on network status, outages and infrastructure components. AKCP’s Environmental and Security monitoring solutions for data centers and computer rooms are rack-mounted devices that collect data from connected sensors, such as temperature, humidity and airflow. The base units can run as standalone units and report via E-Mail, SMS and other alerting methods, or be used as part of a greater network monitoring operation by communicating with the Nagios NMS through SNMP. AKCP devices were recently tested for compatibility by Nagios engineers and are now certified Nagios compliant. To find out more …

Data Center Temperature Monitoring dengan AKCP

Data Center Temperature Monitoring Keeping your data center up to date with current and future strategies requires innovative and adaptable solutions that can expand with your business demands. AKCP accomplishes this with designs that use a modular approach enabling customizable solutions that can be modified as you grow allowing you to meet the needs of the future. Whether you choose the securityProbe series, the sensorProbe series or the Door Control Unit, the AKCess Pro Server seamlessly integrates all of your base units and sensors forming a comprehensive solution that can be implemented at multiple locations simultaneously. AKCP sensor monitoring allows for intelligent sensor to be connected to AKCP base units such as the securityProbe or sensorProbe series. Sensors are automatically recognized using AKCP’s AutoSense feature. AKCP lets you monitor and control : TemperatureHumiditySmokeWater leakageAir FlowSecurity SensorsMotion DetectorsDetection of AC Power Line VoltageMeasureme…