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APKOMINDO Adakan Pelatihan Keorganisasian

APKOMINDO Adakan Pelatihan Keorganisasian Posted: 07 Sep 2014 01:40 AM PDT
SEBAGAI organisasi  terbesar yang mewadahi para pengusaha komputer di Indonesia, Asosiasi Pengusaha Komputer Indonesia (APKOMINDO) telah berkali-kali mengalami regenerasi dan pergantian pengurus. Untuk terus mewujudkan visi misinya, yakni mendorong pertumbuhan bisnis komputer di Indonesia, APKOMINDO merasa perlu membekali generasi muda dengan pelatihan keorganisasian.
Bertempat di Hotel Aryaduta, Karawaci, Tangerang, pelatihan keorganisasian yang diadakan oleh Dewan Pengurus Pusat (DPP) Apkomindo Periode 2012-2015 diselenggarakan pada 5 – 6 September 2014, untuk seluruh pengurus di Dewan Pengurus Daerah (DPD).
Hadir pada pelatihan tersebut 13 DPD atau sekitar 30 pengurus, yaitu DPD Sumatera Selatan, DKI Jakarta, Bogor, Jawa Barat, Jawa Tengah, Surakarta, Cilacap, DI Yogyakarta, Bali, Kalimantan Barat, Kalimantan Selatan, Sulawesi Selatan dan Sulawesi Utara.
Pelatihan keorganisasian yang baru pertama kali diadakan in…

PP No 82 / 2012, sudah Anda siap ?

PP No. 82 tahun 2012 merupakan turunan dari UU No. 11/2008 yang mengatur tentang rangkaian penyelenggaraan sistem dan transaksi elektronik untuk menjamin Sistem Elektronik beroperasi sebagaimana mestinya. Peraturan Pemerintah ini mengatur kewajiban Penyelenggara Sistem Elektronik pada umumnya dan Penyelenggara Sistem Elektronik untuk pelayanan publik. Penyelenggara Sistem Elektronik untuk pelayanan publik, antara lain diwajibkan untuk menempatkan pusat data dan pusat pemulihan bencana di wilayah Indonesia, wajib memperoleh Sertifikasi Kelaikan Sistem Elektronik dari Menteri, dan wajib terdaftar pada kementerian yang menyelenggarakan urusan pemerintahan di bidang komunikasi dan informatika.
Pada pasal 87 disebutkan "Pada saat peraturan pemerintah ini mulai berlaku, Penyelenggara Sistem Elektronik yang telah beroperasi sebelum berlakunya Peraturan Pemerintah ini, wajib menyesuaikan dengan Peraturan Pemerintah ini dalam jangka waktu paling lama 5 (lima) tahun sejak berlakunya Peratur…

Change Management dalam ServiceDesk Plus sekarang Free ..

IT businesses operate in a fast-paced and competitive environment. There is continuous scope for change in such environments. Most often, several changes can occur at once. Handling these changes is no doubt challenging considering that they have a huge impact on businesses. This is where change management comes into play – to better manage change and facilitate a smoother transition. It is no more a luxury, but an absolute must-have for IT businesses. Nevertheless, most organizations don’t have a proper change process in place. A structured and process-oriented approach throughout the change lifecycle can help define clarity and move your organization successfully through change. We, at ManageEngine, understand the challenges involved in implementing a change. That’s why we are offering change management as an add-on for Standard and Professional edition customers. Benefits of having change management Employ standardized methods and processes to enable efficient handling of changes.Asses…

FusionCharts , untuk Anda

Build enterprise-grade JavaScript charts with smart designs and rich interactivity like never before. Here's why we think you'll love it.100% JavaScript. 0% Flash.We don't support Flash anymore. With our JavaScript only product, creating delightful dataviz has become more intuitive and easy. Performance has gone up making charts load faster. Learn morePower in Your Hands.Nothing is impossible. Well, almost! With the annotations engine go beyond standard chart elements and add anything you can think of - shapes, images, text - all inside the chart! Learn moreBeauty. At Scale.The FusionCharts Theme Manager lets you centrally control the
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IoT bisa potong emisi hingga 19%

Machine-to-machine (M2M) technologies could help reduce global GHG emissions by 9.1 billion metric tons by 2020, equivalent to 18.6 percent of global GHG emissions in 2011, according to a report by AT&T and the Carbon War Room. “M2M” refers to technologies that facilitate connectivity of physical infrastructure and devices — the so-called industrial internet, or internet of things. This will reduce the amount of energy and fuel required to perform tasks, thus lowering GHG emissions without restricting production or economic growth, the report explains. Machine-to-Machine Technologies: Unlocking the Potential of a $1 Trillion Industry says global M2M device adoption will skyrocket between now and 2020, from 1.3 billion to 12.5 billion devices, and says larger enterprises are adopting M2M at a greater rate than small and medium businesses (see chart). These technologies will also make society more efficient, which the report says is a “money-making endeavor.” The report predicts con…

M2M akan merubah bisnis Supply Chain

While just 26.25 percent of transportation and supply chain management executives say they currently use machine-to-machine technology to increase real-time information and operational visibility, almost half (46.62 percent) say the plan to deploy M2M in the future, according to a report by eft and AT&T. The 13-page report, Visibility, Speed and Agility – How M2M is Redefining the Supply Chain and Transportation, was put together using data collected from about 350 surveys that asked transportation and supply chain management companies how they use or plan to use this technology, also called the internet of things. Key findings in the survey data include: Almost 90 percent of respondents report that improving operational visibility and real time information is either “critical and necessary” or “very important.”Organizations are becoming more sophisticated in their visibility requirements, looking beyond location checks for near real-time information on temperature, security, vibr…

VMWARE dan SDN , sangat dekat...

VMware Inc. has closed the loop on the software-defined data center, according to the head of its software-defined data center unit.  Appearing on SiliconANGLE’s theCUBE at the virtualization giant’s recently concluded customer conference in San Francisco, vice president John Gilmartin made the case that the introduction of the NSX network and vSAN storage virtualization solutions over the last year has positioned his firm to extend programmability across the full breadth of the enterprise stack. “You take all of that, you fully virtualize your infrastructure, and then you bring management and automation on top of that,” he told theCube hosts John Furrier and Dave Vellante. “Now you have the ability to build these self-service clouds within the enterprise.” When the whole is only as good as the sum of its parts, each component to fit perfectly into the puzzle. The pipework
NSX, the first stepping stone along VMware’s journey to expand beyond servers into the rest of the data center, leve…

Apakah SDN akan memberikan keuntungan untuk IT ?

How software-defined networking will benefit IT Digital networks are complex, and getting more so every day because of the burgeoning traffic loads. Software-defined networking appears ready to step in and simplify things. By CBSi - Tech Page One Sep 05 2014ShareShare on facebookShare on twitterShare on google_plusone_shareShare on linkedinShare on email In the world of network engineers and administrators, Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is destined to be a game-changer. Wally Bahny noted in a recent TechRepublic article that SDN was far and away the most talked about topic at this year’s Interop. Why is it capturing so much attention? The big hope is that SDN will simplify the management of today’s complex digital networks.