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What is FileAudit Plus:
ManageEngine FileAudit Plus is an agent-based file auditing and reporting
software. Monitor in real-time the changes to all files in the file system along
with thorough reports on every activity as to 'who' did 'what', 'when' and 'from
where'. Keep track of changes made to the files, file objects in the folders or
sub-folders and shares. Watch out for any changes made to a particular type
of file (for e.g. *.log) or choose to exclude servers and file types..
What FileAudit Plus can do? File / Folder ChangesFiles / Folders ReadFiles / Folders Permission ChangesFiles / Folders Owner ChangesFiles / Folders SACL ChangesFiles / Folders Access DeniedPricing:
FileAudit Plus offers convenient pricing for enterprises of all sizes. The licensing
is based on number of File Servers
Annual Subscription Fee For 2 File Servers         $395 Annual Subscription Fee For 5 File Servers         $795 Annual Subscription Fee For 10 File Server…

Ingin liburan panjang ? Pastikan sistem anda termonitoring

Seringkali mendapatkan problem di sistem Anda pada waktu liburan?
Ya, itu yang dirasakan banyak IT manager, system admin, di banyak perusahaan dan instansi. Semua ini karena tidak menggunakan sistem monitoring.

Apa saja itu sistem monitoring ?
Pertama, bagi kita yang sangat bergantung kepada ketersediaan jaringan, baik jaringan Internet ataupun cabang, maka kita sangat memerlukan sistem monitoring jaringan, atau dikenal juga dengan Network Monitoring System.

Kedua, bagi kita yang tetap harus memastikan aplikasi atau program yang mendukung proses bisnis, proses layanan tetap berjalan, meskipun pada hari libur, dan bahkan liburan panjang, kita memerlukan Application Monitoring System.

Ketiga, bagi kita yang memerlukan pengawasan atas area khusus, seperti ruang server, data center, ataupun aspek khusus terkait lingkungan, yaitu ketersediaan listrik, temperature dan kelembaban, status kebocoran, bahkan ketersediaan solar dalam tangki genset. Dengan kebutuhan itu, kita memerlukan Environme…

Masih pakai Spicework ? Saatnya untuk beralih, ini alasannya

Price  Free Pros  Easy to install and configure Cons  Doesn't allow you to create custom alerts; Ad-supported Verdict  Although convenient and easy to work with, Spiceworks Network Monitor lacks the customisability of its open source rivals.

Spiceworks Network Monitor is a free tool designed to provide real-time monitoring and statistics for your servers and SNMP-capable network devices. Although it's free, it's not open source and it shows adverts in a small frame at the top right of its main web interface. Spiceworks Network Monitor can be used alongside Spiceworks' IT Help Desk and Inventory Management tools, but we've reviewed it as a stand-alone product. The network monitor runs on any version of Windows from Windows Server 2008 R2 onwards - we installed it on a Windows 2012 R2 server which wasn't running any other services. Installation and setup aren't very involved: just download the software from Spiceworks' website and run the installer. Once…

Sudahkah Anda Upgrade ke SERVICEDESK PLUS 9.1 ?

Why upgrade? ServiceDesk Plus 9.1 comes with new features which will help you boost your service desk performance. Invoke custom HTML file from Request Custom menus Customers can invoke a custom HTML file from Request Custom menus enabling the users to render their own UI from the request menu configurations. This provides an alternate way to integrate third party applications using the user interface. Custom scripts can be executed upon submission of HTML forms. Field and form rules for incident and service request customization With field and form rules, you can customize incident and service templates to perform customized actions when a form loads, (or) when changing a particular field in a form, (or) when a form is submitted. It is possible to perform actions like, mandate or non-mandate specific fields, enable or disable specific fields, show or hide specific fields in a form and to execute user-specified custom java scripts. Fail over service (High availability) Ensure high se…

Masih gunakan custom script? import saja ke OpManager

No second thought that scripts are vital and help meet your custom monitoring needs. However, the biggest challenge is the intensive manual efforts required to execute it consistently across hundreds of serves. It also doesn’t alert when there is an issue.Now import all your scripts into OpManager's new
Script Monitoring module,and
automate your pre & post script-execution activities.The Script Monitoring module:Out-of-the-box supports Powershell, Linux shell, VBScript, Perl and Python scriptsOffers import/ export and 'Save as Template' optionsSupports migration of scripts from HP OpenView and ZenossAllows you to set threshold for script output, and receive email/SMS alerts if violatedAllows you to trigger an IT workflow based on the script outputOpManage…

IT WORKFLOW di OpManager

T Workflow Automation
IT Workflow Automation
for Dummies

IT Workflow Automation
Administrators have preset routine (run book) tasks to perform either during network faults or as an on-going maintenance task. These first level troubleshooting steps and repetitive laborious maintenance tasks can now be orchestrated and automated through powerful IT workflow automation engine. OpManager’s IT workflow automation: Code-free IT workflow automation with out-of-the-box checks and actions.An agile and flexible drag-n-drop workflow builderInitiate IT workflow on network faults or on a routine basisRecord the IT workflow procedures as an XML and ensure structured practices across ITAudit trails of workflow progresses and logs with detailed workflow execution log reports Code-free IT workflow automation with out-of-the-box checks and actions Over 70 workflow checks and actions grouped under 9 different categories, including VMware ESX actions are available for you to construct a powerful workflo…

Prediksi IDC dan FORRESTER RESEARCH untuk 2016

Over the past month, IDC and Forrester Research, two of the largest and most venerable analyst firms, have released 2016 predictions – and many readers will find their reports disquieting indeed (unfortunately, neither IDC’s FutureScape 2016 or Forrester’s Predictions 2016: The Cloud Accelerates are freely available to the general public).  Forecast 2016: 5 fast-track trends to tackle now IT will drive business change in 2016 thanks to these key tech developments. READ NOW I believe that we’re in the beginning stages of an IT landscape transformation and, from these reports, it appears these firms share this belief. Moreover, they contain predictions that should frighten most vendors. Simply stated, this landscape transformation is bringing a new set of dominant vendors to the fore to the disadvantage of legacy players. According to IDC and Forrester, the next five years will bring immense change and disruption to the IT industry. I see this every day, but my sense is most people in th…