Free / Gratis bukan melulu pilihan tepat

Free is not Always the Best Alternative

Dear IT pro,
Do you know how much you actually save with PRTG Network Monitor versus Nagios? We were also curious! That is why we have set up an exemplary calculation comparing the costs of acquisition and operation of PRTG vs. Nagios.

Comparison: PRTG vs Nagios

Exemplary infrastructure of a medium-sized company

The comparison shows that within the first 12 months of implementation, you can save more than 5,000 Euros - or 52 work-hours. Hours that a competent Linux expert could better invest elsewhere within the company than on implementing and operating network monitoring software.
That is why 14.2% of our customers have migrated from Nagios to PRTG. Do you know colleagues that are still struggling with setting up and maintaining their open source monitoring software? Why don't you tell them how they can prevent this stress by using PRTG?
For more information about the comparison between PRTG and Nagios read the product test from the German IT magazine "funkschau".