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Update harga PRTG terbaru (Maret 2015)

All-in. No Add-ons. No Extra Costs. More than 150,000 IT administrators around the world already put their trust in PRTG every day. PRTG is the only all-in monitoring solution that covers all aspects of network monitoring. We have seen that a single license pays back on average in 3,5 months. PRTG NETWORK MONITOR PRICE LIST * SENSORS PRICES US$ PRICES € PRTG Network Monitor 500 500 1,600 US$ 1,200 € PRTG Network Monitor 1000 1000 2,700 US$ 2,000 € PRTG Network Monitor 2500 2500

Bagaimana menghitung License SOLARWINDS NPM ?

How is SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor licensed? A:  SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor is licensed by the largest number of the three following element types: Interfaces: interfaces include switch ports, physical/virtual interfaces, VLANsNodes: nodes include entire devices (routers, switches, servers, APs)Volumes: volumes are equal to the logical disks you monitor Network Performance Monitor license options: Up to 100 elements of each type (SL100)Up to 250 elements of each type (SL250)Up to 500 elements of each type (SL500)Up to 2000 elements of each type (SL2000) Unlimited elements of each type are based on a recommended standard polling rate (SLX). For example: An NPM SL2000 can monitor up to 2000 interfaces + up to 2000 nodes + up to 2000 volumes. Data collected for items other than interfaces, nodes, and volumes is effectively free and you can monitor as many as your system can handle. A few examples of other data types that can be monitored include: CPU statisticsMemory s…

Sesuaikan IT dgn Business Service Level Management di OpManager

Align IT to Business Service Level Management
Business Centric
IT Management (4 minutes)
Just knowing what's up and what's not in your IT is no longer sufficient. Go beyond Ping, with OpManager's Business Centric Philosophy. Let your IT Management take a proactive stance by promising high availability, and delivering it as well. Know the service criticality, and the consequent business impact before an issue even manifests. As the IT head of your organization, be it with networks, data centers, or both, you would know the weight of the responsibility for the perfect running of all your business services, and the gravity of its possible breakdown. For a hypothetical business critical service, let us assume that you are responsible for the 'Voice Over IP' services (VOIP) of your company. This uses a Cisco Call Management Gateway and a secondary Gateway for redundancy, 150 IP phones and 100 desktop soft phones. If any of these devices go down, the organization's cr…

IT Workflow Automation di OpManager

IT Workflow Automation di OpManager
IT Workflow Automation
for Dummies

IT Workflow Automation
Administrators have preset routine (run book) tasks to perform either during network faults or as an on-going maintenance task. These first level troubleshooting steps and repetitive laborious maintenance tasks can now be orchestrated and automated through powerful IT workflow automation engine. OpManager’s IT workflow automation: Code-free IT workflow automation with out-of-the-box checks and actions.An agile and flexible drag-n-drop workflow builderInitiate IT workflow on network faults or on a routine basisRecord the IT workflow procedures as an XML and ensure structured practices across ITAudit trails of workflow progresses and logs with detailed workflow execution log reports Code-free IT workflow automation with out-of-the-box checks and actions Over 70 workflow checks and actions grouped under 9 different categories, including VMware ESX actions are available for you to construct a po…