5 Keuntungan gunakan cloud-based Mobile Device Management

5 advantages of using cloud-based mobile device management

Now manage your mobile devices on the cloud
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The cloud is a game changer for the IT industry, optimizing data storage and operations. As Mobile Device Manager Plus embraces the SaaS model with the launch of its cloud edition, here’s a highlight of the top five benefits of a cloud-hosted MDM suite. 
#1 Reduced infrastructure expenditure. 
The cloud edition of Mobile Device Manager Plus doesn’t require anything more than a good computer with a functional operating system  and a browser. This means you don’t need to purchase any additional hardware or software solutions to run the MDM suite. Small businesses with little  capital investment will find this aspect particularly beneficial.
#2 Streamlined processes. 
No download, installation, or setup is required. All you need is a simple sign-up to start managing your devices. In addition to that, Mobile Device Manager Plus Cloud edition has automated a few time-consuming setup steps such as NAT, mail server, and proxy configurations. 
#3 An update for convenience.
Ever wondered what Adobe Reader keeps changing with those frequent auto-updates? Regular updates can be quite annoying. Thankfully, Mobile Device Manager Plus Cloud edition lets you forget that those pesky hotfixes and updates ever bothered you. Instead, all the progress and changes will be automatically incorporated with a brief heads up under the “What’s new” section of the homepage. 
#4 Decentralized operations, accessible at any time.
You can watch over your enterprise’s mobile devices from the luxury of, well, anywhere. No need to detain data at the workplace. It’s now possible to change profile restrictions, run scans, or generate audit reports on the go and at your convenience.
#5 Pay as you go.
Allocating capital for MDM software year after year is now passé. Mobile Device Manager Cloud edition lets you pay on a subscription basis, monthly, or yearly, for the number of devices purchased. It is scalable to match various requirements. You no longer need to worry about complicated bills or invoices because the payment for your managed devices will be charged  from your credit card or bank account as you go. There are no hidden cancellation fees or binding contracts.
For the big benefits picture, just try it out.
Mobile Device Manager Plus is fully functional both on-premises and on-demand, with the same features. There are unique advantages for each option because large organizations with sensitive data might prefer to go on-premise. The deployment decision can be based on the nature of the enterprise and IT requirements. Get a better idea by checking out the free trial for 30 days or speaking to our support executive, who can help you decide on the best option.