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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Produk baru: ManageEngine Reports

ManageEngine Reports is an on-premise reporting and business intelligence service that helps you to easily analyze your business data and create insightful reports & dashboards for informed decision-making. It also enables you to easily create and share powerful reports in minutes with no IT help.

As an ITSM user you need intelligent reporting from your service desk, to help you make accurate decisions. Ideally, a solution that provides a flawless visual representation of your help desk information, in the least possible time.
Now, make better and quicker decisions everyday with ManageEngine's advanced analytics suite.
The advanced analytics platform seamlessly integrates with ServiceDesk Plus, giving you a high level view of your help desk, with the ability to drill-down into specifics. Create intuitive reports and view live dashboards easily and flexibly without writing lengthy database queries.

Kontak kami untuk implementasi ITSM Report Anda.

Produk baru : Log360

Log360 Overview

Log360 is your one-stop solution for all log management and network security challenges. It is an integrated solution that combines EventLog Analyzer and ADAudit Plus into a single console to help you manage your Active Directory auditing and network security easily.

Log360 ensures your network security by

  • Collecting, monitoring, analyzing, and archiving logs from syslog devices, perimeter security devices such as firewalls, routers, and switches, Linux/UNIX servers, Windows servers, applications, and more.
  • Monitoring privileged user activities.
  • Monitoring and auditing real-time Active Directory changes in real time.
  • Instantly identifying GPO modifications.
  • Tracking OU changes in your Active Directory.
  • Getting in-depth insight into internal security threats.
  • Providing detailed information on confidential file and folder access.
  • Helping meet the stringent requirements of regulatory mandates such as PCI DSS, FISMA, HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, GPG 13, and more.
  • Combating external security attacks.
  • Performing database server monitoring and comprehensive auditing on all database activities.
  • Auditing Windows file servers, EMC file servers, and NetApp filers.

Sudahkah anda melakukan Backup dan Recovery Active Directory ?

Active Directory Backup and Recovery

Active Directory is a crucial part of any organization, regardless of its size. Downtime due to accidental deletion or modification of AD data causes businesses to lose not just revenue but the trust of their customers, too. The truth is that such downtime is not uncommon. The severity of the disaster depends on the volume and the type of data deleted or modified. To reduce the downtime due to accidental deletion of AD objects, you need to swiftly restore the modified or deleted data.
The native Active Directory Backup and Recovery utility from AD fails to deliver rapid restorations due to its clunky user interface and lack of control over attribute-level changes. This emphasizes the need for an AD backup and restoration tool that is user friendly and able to restore all AD objects, including users, computers, groups, containers, OUs, DNS data, and GPOs.
RecoveryManager Plus is a web-based Active Directory backup and restoration solution that enables you to back up all your AD data and recover deleted objects. Additionally, it offers you the flexibility to restore only specific type of objects or just specific attributes of desired objects.

What Can RecoveryManager Plus Do?

Using RecoveryManager Plus, you can backup and restore critical AD data such as:
  • Users - Backup and restore user objects either partially or completely. Individual attribute value changes made to user objects can be individually tracked and restored. Also, rollback users to a specific point of time in the past and discard all changes after that point. Read more »
  • Groups - Backup both security and distribution groups, and restore or rollback to a previous backed-up state. Read more »
  • GPOs: Backup and restore all group policy objects in your domain. Track each change made to GPOs and undo individual undesirable changes made to them. Read more »
  • OU - Backup OUs and restore deleted OUs in a single click. Restore complete OU tree when restoring a deleted OU. Read more »
  • Group Memberships - When a deleted user account is restored to the domain, the user's group membership information will also be completely restored. In turn, the user will again be made a member of all security and distribution groups of which the user was a member. Read more »
  • Exchange Attributes: Track and analyze each change made to mailbox users, distribution groups, mail users and mail contacts. You can also perform scheduled and incremental backups of Exchange-related attributes. Restore deleted Exchange objects or rollback attribute level changes, either partially or completely. Read more »
  • DNS: Backup DNS zones and DNS nodes from your Active Directory. Using this feature, easily track your domain's DNS configuration changes and back them up for easy restoration in case of disaster. Read more »
  • Additionally, backup and restore other AD objects like computerscontacts, builtin domains and more in addition to the above-mentioned objects.

Key Features of RecoveryManager Plus:

  • Attribute-Level Restoration: Restore only specific modified attributes of AD objects instead of restoring the objects completely.
  • Rollback: Restore AD to a previous backup point and undo all changes made to objects after that point in time.
  • AD Recycle Bin: Restore deleted AD objects and their attributes - and their parent containers - in a single click.
  • Change Management - Track all changes made to user objects and rollback any change made to individual objects, containers, or domains.
  • Version Management - Maintain each backup of an object as a separate version and restore an object to the preferred version.

Bagaimana mengontrol akses ke system critical ?

Manageengine Password Manager Pro Enterprise IT Management Software
How do you control concurrent privileged access to critical IT resources?
In enterprises, quite often, many administrators might be accessing a system in production environment concurrently. They might be attempting to carry out conflicting operations, unconnected tasks or even trying the same activity.

In the absence of proper planning and coordination, such concurrent access on IT resources could affect the integrity of data/information, lead to conflicts, duplication of effort and a troublesome assortment of other issues. For instance, two administrators might be attempting registry edits on the same system concurrently. Conflicts during this operation might lead to costly damages.

In other cases, for certain sensitive IT resources in production, there might be requirements to grant exclusive, time-limited access to a particular administrator. During that period, no one else should be allowed access to that resource.

But, without a proper tool, the above tasks are far easier said than done.

Controlling access to privileged passwords

One of the best ways to tackle the above scenario is to control the access to privileged passwords and thereby check access to the IT resource. You can deploy a Shared Account Password Manager and store all the administrative passwords in a centralized repository. Administrators can be granted access to the passwords strictly based on job responsibilities and requirements.

ManageEngine Password Manager Pro from ManageEngine provides a perfect solution to control concurrent access to resources and also to grant exclusive, time-limited access to select administrators.

The ‘Access Control Workflow‘ feature of Password Manager pro helps achieve Concurrency Controls with ease. A specific password could be made available for the exclusive use of a particular user for a specified time during which, no one else - even the owner of the resource would be allowed to view the password.

For Example, if you specify the time period as two hours, the password would be made available exclusively for that user for two hours. Others cannot view the password during that period. After the specified time period, the password would become void and will not be available to the user. In addition, the password will be automatically randomized. Later, other users will now be able to view the passwords thereafter. In case, an emergency need arises to revoke the exclusive permission to the user, administrator can forcefully check in the password at any point of time.             

Perlu SharePoint Management dan Audit ?

SharePoint Management and Auditing Solution

SharePoint platform provides easy hosting and collaboration of business data both online and on premise. The flexibility and the ease of use made companies to adopt SharePoint rapidly to host their business data. However the high level of collaboration and dynamic nature of the content pose challenges to SharePoint administrators in managing and auditing the SharePoint servers. Every SharePoint administrators need for the hour is a comprehensive tool that can monitor, analyze and audit their multiple SharePoint deployments from a central console.
ManageEngine SharePoint Manager Plus is a tool that does all these and more. It helps you to manage, audit, report on both the on-premise and Office 365 SharePoint environments. It also allows you to monitor, track and analyze all the activities on your SharePoint infrastructure which facilitates informed, timely and accurate decision making and management.

What SharePoint Manager Plus can do?

Infrastructure Visibility

Get detailed hierarchical architecture view of your on-premise and Office 365 components with 'Explorer' option. Know about the properties and security attributes associated with the component.

SharePoint Server Management

Gain granular visibility into SharePoint inventories with SharePoint management reports such as the statistics reports for farms, content databases, web applications, and site collections.

Office 365 Management

Ensure seamless collaboration by effectively managing your online SharePoint server with SharePoint Manager Plus' out-of-the-boxOffice 365 reports. Get detailed and categorized information on site collections, sites, lists, document libraries, groups, users, permissions of your Office 365 server.

SharePoint Security and Auditing

SharePoint Manager Plus ensures security of on-premise servers by auditing component changes viz., critical changes to document libraries, lists & list items, and security level changes such as permission changes and changes to groups.

SharePoint Storage Management

Effectively manage your SharePoint storage space with out-of-the-box reports on content databases, site storage status, lists and document libraries storage usage and more.

Audit Log Archival

With SharePoint Manager Plus, archive the audit log data from the on-premise servers. The solution helps you to store the log data for customized time period and it also allows you restore archived log data for forensic analysis.

Perlu File Audit ? Gunakan File Audit Plus

Real Time File Server Auditing & Reporting Tool

ManageEngine FileAudit Plus is an agent-based file auditing and reporting software. Monitor in real-time the changes to all files in the file system along with thorough reports on every activity as to 'who' did 'what', 'when' and 'from where'. Keep track of changes made to the files, file objects in the folders or sub-folders and shares. Watch out for any changes made to a particular type of file (for e.g. *.log) or choose to exclude servers and file types.
Any good organization's security policies would recommend the use of a real-time file monitoring tool to continuously monitor the system files and Compliance standards like PCI DSS (11.5), Sarbanes-Oxley (Section 404), FISMA (NIST SP800-53) specifically regulate the need to perform periodic checks for any unauthorized modification of critical files on Windows File servers (system files, configuration files or text files; and ensure a reporting activity for periodic security analysis or for forensics in the event of a security breach.
With FileAudit Plus, keep a detailed record of every file access and activity, get email alerts for critical / unusual activities, monitor file permissions, identify file owners and meet Compliance requirements.

Perkuat IT policy anda dengan Password Manager Pro

Manageengine Password Manager Pro Enterprise IT Management Software
An automated solution to enforce IT policy on standard password practices
An automated solution to enforce IT policy on standard password practices
Growing instances of information security incidents have forced IT enterprises to put an effective IT policy in place. All such policies stress three essentials, among the numerous guidelines:
  • Usage of unique, strong passwords across all IT resources
  • Rotating the passwords at periodic intervals
  • Role-based access controls for IT resources
Enforcing the IT policy with respect to the privileged passwords turns out to be a daunting task to carry out manually. For instance, entering a new password that satisfies the strong password policy — numerals, mixed case, special characters, minimum length and so on — would be a nightmare.
Similarly, when there are too many IT resources, administrators often find it easier to assign a non-unique, same password to all the resources. Or they would prefer to recycle previously used passwords.
Above all, periodically changing the passwords on numerous resources would literally consume man-days! And to make things worse, if there is no proper password management practice in place, enforcing the above policies might result in system lockout issues and utter chaos.
By using a password management solution, you can automate the entire process of enforcing the IT policy with ease.
Password Manager Pro helps enforce the policy in more ways than one
Once you define the password policy, Password Manager Pro automatically generates unique, strong passwords and deploys them across remote resources. It also automatically synchronizes the passwords at periodic intervals. It generates policy compliance reports prominently showing the violations.
In enterprises, different categories of administrators will just require access to the resources pertaining to their job roles alone - for instance, network administrators should be able to access only the network devices and not Windows servers. The password ownership and sharing design of Password Manager Pro precisely helps achieve this.

Password Manager Pro strengthens IT security through the usage of stronger and dynamic passwords.