ITSM Automation What can it do for your business


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ITSM Automation – What can it do for your business

Automation has evolved from being a management consultant’s go-to-advice to being a central part of every organization’s strategic planning. NASSCOM has reported a cost savings of up to 65% using automation, with some organizations recouping their IT automation expenses in as little as six months.

If you are looking to standardize mundane processes using automation and free up your technicians’ time to focus on more value-producing activities, check Motadata ServiceOps ITSM software.

Our ITSM platform supports dynamic workflow automation so that you can incorporate different enterprise use cases.

ServiceOps's intelligent automation can help you to:

> Provide prompt resolutions to requests or incidents

> Save costs

> Eliminate costly, time-wasting human errors

> Offer better communication at each step

> Improve user experience

Out-of-the-box Automations with Motadata ServiceOps ITSM  

AI-based Automatic Classification, Prioritization, and Routing of TicketsStandardized Request Management with Automated Workflows
Automated Employee Onboarding ProcessAuto-Escalation in the Event of SLA Violations
Automated Approval Requests with Multi-Level WorkflowsAutomated Feedback Process to gauge User-Experience

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