Want to Have a Flow Monitoring Solution that is Secure and Yet Efficient?


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Want to Have a Flow Monitoring Solution that is Secure and Yet Efficient?

Did you know network flow monitoring is one of the best ways to resolve network performance issues and ensure QoS – Quality of Service for various services and applications. It is also referred to as network traffic analyzer, bandwidth analyzer or bandwidth monitoring, network flow monitoring etc.

With the wide spectrum of use-cases and to ensure high performance Motadata platform supports leading flow technologies by capturing flow data to monitor network traffic from network devices supporting:Netflow(v5 & v9), sflow, jflow, IPFIX

With Netflow Analyzer, identify applications or users that are consuming tour maximum bandwidth and resources. Define bandwitdth thresholds to gain complete control over bandwidth-hungry applications or IP addresses.

Motadata's Flow Monitoring Platform is primarily a bandwidth monitoring tool that lets you check and monitor your bandwidth / traffic pattern and determine how network bandwidth is being utilized. It offers benefits like:

> Real-Time Insights into bandwidth usage

> Detailed Network traffic Analysis

> Create Customized Reports

> Monitor Specific Transactions

Experience Clever Data Model Driven Flow Monitoring System  

Experience new era of visualizationInvestigate critical transactions and get drill-down analysis to N-Level
Retain Raw ConversationsCentralized and Enhanced Flow Monitoring
Identify Bandwidth Hogs & Spot Load Peaks EarlyCollect Flow Data to identify application traffic issues

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And Yes, All of That Using a Single Platform.

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