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It is surprising to witness that one of the least explored area in data center network establishment is monitoring. This is ironic because at its core, the network has two goals: 1) Get packets from A to B 2) Make sure packets are received from A to B.

To ensure the best performance from your data center, it is crucial to implement data center performance monitoring based on three important parameters - network connectivityserver performance and storage performance. The main setback admins face while executing this, is the lack of an integrated data center monitoring solution that provides visibility over all these three aspects.

Motadata’s Data center monitoring solution helps you manage and monitor the IT infrastructure, the Data center environment and business critical applications at the same time and within one customizable console or dashboard.

DCM Best Practices to follow:

> Setting a monitoring strategy

> Taking action on identified metrics

> Creating actionable alert Mechanism

> Prioritize important jobs in data Centres

> All's quiet is not always a good sign

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