Want to Have a Log Management System that is Secure and Yet Efficient?


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Want to Have a Log Management System that is Secure and Yet Efficient?

Did you know across the technology and IT infrastructure domain, log files are recognized as often time-stamped files that can virtually record all critical information about events occurring within the purview of your IT network, OS, or other software applications.

With the wide spectrum of use-cases, log files are often categorized into audit logs, transaction logs, customers, logs, message logs, logs for errors or events, and so on.

While the value of log files is irrefutable, extracting that value becomes challenging as the costs scale.If you are still incurring the costs, you may end up with log files that carry idiosyncratic value in very specific use-cases,it is time you explore Motadata Log Management Platform.

Motadata's Log Management Platform is designed to collect and analyze machine data to identify trends and unleash undiscovered insights regardless of the source & format of log data. It offers benefits like:

> Flexible Deployment

> Detailed Audit Analysis

> File Integrity Reporting

> Agent-Less and Agent-Based Collection

Experience Clever Data Model Driven Log Monitoring System  

Security And Audit ViolationsPattern Based Data Modelling and Full Text Search
Archive Logs and Choose Varied Retention PeriodsCentralized and Enhanced Log Monitoring
Safeguard Confidential Data with Security AnalyticsCollect log Data to satisy compliance requirements

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And Yes, All of That Using a Single Platform.

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