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Bad Economy to boost Managed Services

The signs are clear and visible. 2009 is going to be a year of serious recession resulting in cost cutting and downsizing across millions of companies irrespective of size. As companies try to squeeze every penny spent, investments on IT and IT management will come to a halt in large and medium enterprises. Small and medium enterprises (SME) won’t be able to bear the brunt of this deepening recession and will most likely close down their one man IT shops and start looking out for inexpensive alternatives. This calls for a new breed of managed service providers who could offer vital IT services at a fixed and inexpensive price point.
Challenges in offering MSP Services

The common challenges MSPs face are:

1. What services to offer
2. Services to be offered at what price
3. How to transition clients to MSP services with ease.

While desktop management, network management & helpdesk services are what most of the clients expect, they expect the services to be highly cost-effective t…

The Ultimate Hospital Management with FacilitiesDesk

Hospital facilities need consistent maintenance management and persistent control of the utility of hospital assets and equipments to maintain a clean and healthy environment. Maintenance has a vital role in running the hospital or clinic facility seamlessly. Healthcare facilities can use software application to help track maintenance like both preventive and services of assets like Hospital furniture, generators, and pricey surgical equipment and tools. Hospital maintenance software helps in knowing how much is being spent on any particular part of the building or type of maintenance issue. Service requests/work-orders need to be responded to speedily and efficiently and preventive maintenance schedules need to be set up in order to provide a clean, healthy environment, without intrusion.

FacilitiesDesk is a powerful, flexible, easy to use facility management system and is designed and developed to deliver real conceivable benefits to infrastructures like hospitals and clinics. And mo…

Computerized Maintenance Management Software

If you are looking for a pure CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Software) the Standard Edition will fit you. It has Maintenance management, Asset Management and tracking, KnowledgeBase, Purchase and Contract Management and Reports to help you manage and track work orders.

* Maintenance management - Optimizing maintenance management can save your organization a considerable percentage of its maintenance contract charge. The integrated maintenance mangement system in FacilitiesDesk helps you to generate the following requests.
o Preventive maintenance or Scheduled maintenance management
o Breakdown maintenance request management
o Tracking and monitoring the work orders
* Asset management and Tracking - Manage complete database of resources and track their usability status.
* Purchase Orders Management - Carry out the complete cycle from creating a purchase order to passing it over approval stage and closing the same. Also tracking the purchas…

BRAND-REX produk Structure Cabling System unggulan

Kantor Pelayanan Pajak (Main Tax Office) Jl.Ridwan Rais telah selesai mengimplementasikan solusi Structure Cabling System dengan menggunakan produk BRAND-REX (, baik untuk koneksi Fiber Optic, Cat5e dan Cat6.

Kami bangga melayani Kantor Pajak dalam implementasi besar ini.

SendQuick for PT. Mitshui OSK Lines

Seiring dengan perkembangan teknologi, khususnya penggunaan SMS, maka PT. Mitshui OSK Lines Indonesia melirik penggunaan teknologi SMS untuk menjawab interaksi dengan pelanggannya, dan pilihan yang tepat jatuh kepada SendQuick Entera dari Talariax Pte Ltd Singapore.

Kami mengucapkan selamat atas sukses nya implementasi SendQuick Entera.