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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Perlu Sensor untuk Ruang Server Anda ?

Salah satu produk yang kami jual untuk membantu memonitor ruang server
Anda adalah AKCP (

AKCP is the oldest manufacturer, with the largest installed base, of
any SNMP based environmental and security monitoring company.
Wherever prevention of natural and man made disasters is of paramount
importance, AKCP sensors are used.

All of our products share a common web interface and MIB, to ensure
ease of operation.

Our basic unit is the sensorProbe2 , is equipped with 2 intelligent
autosense ports, which can support any two AKCP sensors . The
sensorProbe2 is specifically designed to monitor remote locations,
such as wiring closets. This system is equipped with the same
Ethernet, web interface, SNMP support, and email features as its
bigger brothers. Prices begin at $250.

For more comprehensive coverage of larger areas, we recommend the
sensorProbe8 , sensorProbe8-X20 , and sensorProbe8-X60 series. All
have 8 intelligent, autosense sensor ports. Additionally you may
choose either none, 20, or 60, two wire, opt isolated dry contact
inputs. Prices begin at $650.

The securityProbe 5E , securityProbe-X20 , and securityProbe-X60 are
based on a Linux Operating System. They All have 8 intelligent,
autosense ports. Additionally you may choose either, none, 20, or 60,
two wire, opt isolated dry contact inputs. Our Linux based
systemsinclude many advanced features; operating a lighttpd web
server, supporting encrypted https, a customizable web interface and a
professional graphing package with a large logging database. The
popular network management program Nagios is also included which
facilitates the collection of network management data from multiple
sensorProbe units, or any other host or application. The Linux units
support a host of notification methods. As well as the standard SNMP
and e-mail methods SMS MMS and voice call notifications are available.
These additional features require a GSM enabled mobile phone for SMS
and MMS or a serial voice modem to receive phone call notification
using the inbuilt text2speech module.

The securityProbe5E+PTDC Bundle(SC1) is an ideal IP based security
monitoring solution. The package comes complete with an AKCP Pan Tilt
Dome Camera (PTDC). The securityProbe is capable of handling up to 4
cameras, which may be viewed simultaneously through the web based
interface. Pictures are available in a choice of 2 sizes; 320x240 or
640x480. The jpg image is stored locally on the securityProbe using
its internal flash memory,or sent to a host using FTP. Thus no
additional hosts are needed to store pictures. The securityProbes
internal PTZ controller allows the user to remotely control the pan
and tilt of the camera. The PTDC is equipped with a Sony Professional
CCD that has outstanding low light performance. Prices begin at $1,395
for unit only and $1,795 for the bundled securityProbe and PTDC

All AKCP systems are accessible via their web interface, have sensor
data logs, and comply with industry standard remote system logging
specifications allowing integration with third party system log
analyzers. As AKCP products support full SNMP they can be integrated
with popular network based management programs such as whats up gold
and HP Open View.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Netflow Analyzer support Microsoft SQL Server

The wait is over and the support for MicroSoft SQL server - Early
access, is here! Please read the following carefully before upgrading.

The Limitations:

* The patch is supported only on a Windows OS
* Runs only with default instance
* Does not support radius server authentication
* Does not support the "automatic deletion of oldest raw data when
free disk space goes below the user defined value" feature.
* Does not support the "email alert when the free disk space goes
below the user defined value" feature.
* Only the configuration can be migrated from MYSQL to MSSQL, and
Data cannot be migrated.

For your convenience, we have made two options available.

1. For those who don't want to keep their data, they can select a
"fresh installation", wherein the product will be installed afresh.
2. For those who treasure their configurations, do not fear, we have
a separate upgrade patch for you. Data cannot be migrated, only
configurations can be migrated.

The patch can only be applied over NetFlow Analyzer build 7500. To view
your current build number, log in to the NetFlow Analyzer web client and
click the *"About"* link in the top right corner. You will find the
build number mentioned below the version number.

To upgrade your NetFlow Analyzer installation to 7500, visit here
<>. After
upgrading to 7500, Kindly fill up this form
to receive the *c* patch.

VPN Ip dengan Telkom Speedy

Dalam dunia bisnis seperti sekarang ini koneksi internet sangatlah penting, terlebih LAN untuk aplikasi perkantoran yang harus bisa diakses oleh setiap atau beberapa karyawan untuk kepentingan otomasi perkantoran. Berbicara Local Arean Network, Jaringan ini sangat penting dalam sebuah perusahaan seperti perbankan, Dealer motor, dan perusahaan yang memiliki banyak departeman dan unit kerja. Dengan adanya LAN maka semua aktivitas perkantoran bisa dicatat dalam sebuah server.

Koneksi LAN bisa terjadi kalau sebuah kantor atau perusahaan berada pada 1 lokasi, lalu bagaimana kalau senadainya sebuah kantor memiliki kantor cabang yang tersebar sampai ke kecamatan misalnya. Sekarang ini sangat banyak provider menawarkan jasa jaringan untuk koneksi ke cabang, seperti MPLS, VPN IP dsb. Untuk perusahaan besar mungkin dana untuk keperluan sewa jaringan MPLS atau VPN cukup, tapi bagaimana kalau sebuah perusahaan yang tidak mampu atau terlalu mahal untuk menyewa jaringan MPLS atau VPN. bayangkan saja, untuk sebuah jaringan VPN IP dengan speed 64 Kbps masih di hargai di atas 1 Juta perbulannya. Lalu bagaimanakan cara menyikapinya ?

Ada sebuah penomena aplikasi perkantoran seperti aplikasi jual beli pada usaha dealer kendaraan bermotor. Aplikasi tersebut sebenarnya tidak memelikan bandwidth yang besar, cukup 32 Kbps saja dan harus berjalan pada LAN karena kalau berjalan pada jaringan publik bisa bisa sema orang bisa akses Aplikasi ini.
Untuk menyikapi kebutuhan seperti ini, sebenarnya ada cara yang murah, yaitu dengan jaringan speedy. misal perusahaan A memiliki kantor cabang ada 10 sehingga total ada 11 kantor, setiap kantor selama ini harus ada backup file kerja harian penjualan dan pembelian dan aktivitas lainnya. Selama ini dilakukan secara manual dan memakan waktu lama, sedangkan dari sisi aplikasi sebenarnya sudah mendukung untuk client – server.

Untuk mengatasi permasalah tersebut, setiap kantor / cabang berlangganan internet semisal telkom speedy dengan paket home office dengan biaya langganan Rp 750 ribu perbulan di kali 11 berarti hampir 8 juta sebulan. Dikantor pusat dibuatkan VPN server sedangkan di cabang cukup dibikinkan router sehingga berapapun jumlah client di perusaan itu bisa mengakses internet dan juga bisa mengakses aplikasi LAN yang ada di kantor pusat dan sebaliknya.

Dengan adanya VPN IP menggunakan speedy atau layanan internet murah lainnya, yang secara keseluruhan pasti akan lebih murah ketimbang menyewa jaringan VPN IP yang ditawarkan oleh Provider. Jadi pilihan ada ditangan kita mau murah apa mahal. Kalau keperluan yang tidak begitu besar bandwidthnya saya sarankan memilik jaringan telkom speedy atau jasa rt rw net saja


Pemenang INAICTA 2009

Berikut adalah daftar pemenang, special mention, dan merit Indonesia
ICT Award 2009.

Winner: Sistem Online Monitoring Bantuan & Subsidi Pemerintah (Achamd Rodiyur)
Merrit: Next Generation Voting System (Sistem Informasi untuk Voting,
Counting, dan Tabulasi) yang mendukung Azas-azas Pemilu dan
Mengantisipasi serta Mengatasi Berbagai Electrocal Fraud (Agung
Special Mention: eMoneV-Monitoring dan Evaluasi APBD/APBN (Al Farisi)

Winner: ARMES (Ade Karsa)
Merit: Invesment Management System (Boyke Bader)

Winner: Stock Photo Provider (Dibya Pradana)

Winner: Biotech Multimedia Interactive (A. Riza Wahono)
Merit: Morning! (Indra Purnama)
Special Mention: MLM for The Blind (Erik)

Winner: Hebring 2 (Andi)
Merit: Good Bye World (Aryanto Yuniawan)

Winner: Dwarf Village (Wandah W)
Merit: Blank! (Teguh Budi W)

Winner: Menuju Indonesia Baru 2D (Henryca Citra)
Merit: Bajaj Fantasy (Dina Chandra)

Winner: Green Switch (St. Andika Sutejo)
Merit: POINTREK (Aceng Luqman Taufiq)
Special Mention: Light Army (Stevanus DH)

Winner: Zaitun Time Series (Rizal Zaini Ahmad Fathony)
Merit: Eye B Pod (Stanley Audrey)

Winner: SENAYAN Library Automation (Hendro Wicaksono)
Merit: Crayon Pedia, the Next Generation Learning Enviroment (Agung Harsoyo)
Special Mention: Nusantara View Web 2.5 (Nuraini)

Winner: Watch The Sign (Narendra Pradhana Nugroho)
Merit: Rental Game Maniac (Andre Rizky)

Winner: Pengunci Komputer (Jonathan C)

Winner: Kardinal (Fauzan Helmi Sudaryanto)
Merit: Click Home (Agus Arif Rahman)

Winner: Interactive Table (Hendro Wibowo)
Merit: Pembuatan Generator dan Solver Permainan Sudoku (Reden Tanago)

Juara 1: Elementary Mrobot5 (A. Habib M)
Juara 2: Elementary Mrobot1 (Suwaibatul Annisa)
Juara 3: Elementary Mrobot2 (Aulia Zinendinita R)

Juara 1: Mrobot Junior Robot 1 (Muhamammd Arifin)
Juara 2: Undefeated Lightning Bolt (William Irawan dan Suma S)
Juara 3: Night Stalker (Ray Paulus, Pranandhika, dan Darryl Irianto)

Juara 1: Chibibot (Eric christiandi, Suma S, dan Steven M)
Juara 2: Vini Vidi Vici (Samuel CT, Ricky Disastra, Rangga N)
Juara 3: R-Striker (Hadiyan Nur Rochman dan Ahmad Rifki Alhadi)

Winner: Fog Intelligent Robot Estinguisher (Nico Fendy, Chandra Louis,
dan Selia Evanny Pranata)
Merit: Robot Durian Warso (Winda Pradina, Iedita Widya Arsyta, dan
Dewi Utami Rahmawati)

Selamat kepada para pemenang!