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Welcoming 2011..

Tahun 2010 merupakan tahun yang mengagumkan bagi kami semua di PT.DCMS. Selain karena banyaknya hal yang kami bisa buat sepanjang tahun, kami juga memiliki tim yang solid dan kerjasama internal dan eksternal yang baik. Dan kami sangat bersyukur oleh karena itu semua. 
Tahun 2011, tantangan baru sudah tampak di depan mata. Selain ada beberapa pekerjaan yang sedang berjalan dan harus segera selesai di Januari 2011. Kami juga berharap akan banyak hal. 
Kami berharap kami bertambah solid dengan adanya nanti datangnya tim baru yang akan bergabung. Klien dapat kami layani dengan lebih baik. Saat ini, seolah Indonesia hampir kami rambah semua titiknya, sehingga pekerjaan 'borderless' akan menjadi tantangan sendiri untuk kami. 
Oleh karena itu, kinerja dan kerjasama sangat penting bagi kami. Kepuasan pelanggan dan harapan calon pelanggan selalu menjadi fokus kami. Memang pareto-law akan tetap berlaku, tapi tetap kami harapkan lebih banyak pelanggan baru dapat kami layani di tahun 2011 i…


Kami membutuhkan :

    - Menguasai VB/VB.NET
    - Mengerti koneksi ke database MySQL
    - Lebih disukai Fresh Graduate
    - Female

     - Menguasai PHP/ Framework / Flash
     - Mengerti koneksi ke database MySQL
     - Lebih disukai Fresh Graduate
     - Female

kirimkan CV ke /


Selamat atas implementasi finosSQM

Selamat kepada BNI yang telah memilih finosSQM sebagai solusi sistem antrian multimedia di kantor cabang.Kami bangga melayani Anda.
build-access-manage on

Sejarah Internet Indonesia

Mencari bahan sejarah Internet Indonesia,
bisa diakses di :,Fanky Christian

Ensuring an ERP implementation delivers

Now that we've examined how to evaluate your ERP readiness and how to
purchase the right system, let's look at the burdens of an ERP
implementation and the organization's responsibility in meeting them. At
the same time, let's consider how to maximize your organization's ability
to capture ERP's potential, boost your ROI and avoid common mistakes.Define the ERP implementation strategyEven with a perfect business survey and total understanding of the
enterprise, any organization faces formidable implementation challenges
regarding ERP. Any true IT leader has experience with other projects and
core implementations, and knows this: Not only is the human equation
involved (by virtue of changes in methods, practices and jobs), but all of
the organization's data, enterprise programs and systems also are up for
review and potentially radical change.As with any major business or IT change, define the ERP strategy in
advance. Avoid going into any aspect of ERP if the business …

Selamat kepada PT. TASPEN (Tbk)

Selamat kepada PT.Taspen (Tbk) yang telah memilih solusi Fusioncharts
untuk memaksimalkan visualisasi aplikasi dengan menggunakan XML/HTML5.Fusioncharts merupakan produk unggulan dari Infosoft Global Private Ltd,
berbasis di Hongkong dan India. Produk Fusioncharts merupakan salah satu
produk terbaik mereka yang banyak digunakan oleh banyak perusahaan,
instansi dan website personal untuk memvisualisasikan charts dengan cara
yang mudah dan elegan.Kami sebagai sole-reseller untuk Indonesia sangat bangga memiliki produk
unggulan ini, yang banyak membantu klien dan mitra untuk menghasilkan
report dan aplikasi yang baik.Silahkan pelajari produknya di www.fusioncharts.comHubungi kami untuk keperluan Fusioncharts Anda:Fanky Christian
Business Development Director
IBEC Building 2nd Fl
Jl. KH Wahid Hasyim No.84-86
Jakarta Pusat, 10340, Indonesia
SMS: 62-21-98054359
Telp: 62-21-3924716
Fax: 62-21-3903432
mobile: 62-812-1057533
www.dayaciptamandiri.comOnline Store: www.tokofc.comvisi…

Zoho Targets the Enterprise With New Accounting, Telephony Functionality

Zoho has enhanced its CRM app with new accounting and telephony
functionality via integration with QuickBooks and several telephony
systems.Zoho CRM for QuickBooks and Zoho PhoneBridge -- which hooks into PBX
systems from Asterisk, Avaya, Elastix, and Trixbox -- each take about 20
to 30 minutes to download and configure, Raju Vegesna, Zoho evangelist,
told CRM Buyer.Zoho added the functionality in pursuit of its larger goal to expand its
reach into related CRM areas, such as order management and call tracking,
and embed itself deeply into the enterprise.Zoho CRM for QuickBooksConnecting Disparate Accounting, Customer DataAt bottom, the integration with QuickBooks -- specifically the on-premise
version of QuickBooks, not its online iteration -- is all about giving
Zoho customers a way to automate the financial data that is inevitably
generated from a sale or marketing contact, Vegesna said."Until now, a user would have to manually re-input the customer data that
results from the sale into th…

10 ways to keep hard drives from failing

10 ways to keep hard drives from failingPosted in:10 thingsHardware prices have dropped considerably over the last decade, but it's irresponsible not to care for the hardware installed on machines. This is especially true for hard drives. Hard drives are precious commodities that hold the data employees use to do their jobs, so they should be given the best of care. Inevitably, those drives will die. But you can take steps to prevent a premature hard disk death. Let's examine 10 such steps to care for the health of your drives. Note: This article is also available as a PDF download. 1: Run chkdskHard disks are eventually going to contain errors. These errors can come in the shape of physical problems, software issues, partition table issues, and more. The Windows chkdsk program will attempt to handle any problems, such as bad sectors, lost clusters, cross-linked files, and/or directory errors. These errors can quickly lead to an unbootable drive, which will lead to downtime fo…

Data center facilities equipment and design stats from Gartner conference

Posted by: Matt StansberryAt this week's Gartner Data Center Conference in Las Vegas, research VP
John Phelps asked users a series of questions about their data center
facilities technologies. Here are some of the stats:What type of data center fire suppression system do you have?-Water sprinkler only 21%
-Water plus clean agent 50%
-Clean agent only 21%
-Don't know 8%"For those of you with water-only systems, if those sprinklers go off you
will be in a world of hurt," Phelps said. "The goal of a sprinkler system
is to protect your building, a clean agent is supposed to protect your
equipment."If you use a clean agent for data center fire suppression, what type?-Halon 12%
-CO2 or inert gas 12%
-FM200 or other Fluoride based suppressant 64%
-Powered aerosol 1%
-Don't know 11%In which budget does data center power reside?-Facilities 62%
-Facilities but will probably move to IT 16%
-Budget has recently moved to IT 8%
-Always part of IT 12%
-Other 1%
-Don't know 6%Do yo…

Selamat kepada ACSC Banjarmasin

Selamat kepada ACER Service Center di Banjarmasin yang telah
mengimplementasikan sistem antrian multimedia finosMQS.Sistem antrian multimedia finosMQS terbukti sangat membantu untuk
mengukur kinerja layanan staf dan menentukan langkah terbaik bagi
manajemen untuk memberikan layanan terbaik dan terukur dari waktu ke
waktu. Produk finosMQS telah dipasarkan sejak tahun 2005 dan ACER
merupakan customer yang setia menggunakan produk ini.Kami senang melayani ACER.Kontak kami untuk keperluan sistem antrian multimedia di perusahaan /
tempat Anda.Fanky (08121057533)

5 Higher Ed Tech Trends To Watch in 2011 (Outside Indonesia)

5 Higher Ed Tech Trends To Watch in 2011Three higher ed tech experts discuss technology trends for the year ahead,
citing increased mobile and wireless access and cloud computing among
them. But are campuses also in for a little bit of a return to the
"basics" in the coming year? * By Bridget McCrea
* 12/09/10Technology that was unimaginable a decade or so ago is commonplace on
today's campuses. In 2010 American colleges and universities responded to
the ever-advancing IT requirements of their students and faculty with
mobile pilot programs, investments in online learning, massive network
overhauls, and initiatives designed to offset some of the increases in
energy use brought on by all these new technologies, among other novel
programs.What will 2011 bring? Campus Technology spoke with a handful of higher
education technology experts to get their take. We've compiled their top 5
responses here.1. The Cloud Computing Movement Will Continue.Investing in purchase-and-instal…

Ozeki NG SMS Gateway v3.16 released

for SMS,MMS and Voice calls Check out the new voice call feature...Ozeki NG is known to be a very reliable software when it comes to SMS/MMS
messaging. It can handle large load of traffic and it operates seemlesly
in the background 24/7. It also integrates very well with the corporate
infrastructure as it can send SMS messages directly from a database
through various communication channels.With the release of Ozeki NG v3.16, companies will have a new ability to
dial telephone numbers automatically and to play in a voice messages after
the call has been picked up.To jump to some early conclusions about the new voice call feature of
Ozeki NG SMS Gateway, we can state that it is a great addition to mobile
messaging. Adding voice messaging capability to mobile messaging systems
is a benefit for all. Now the users can select the best suited message
type for the given situation. A decision can be made to send out an SMS
text message to a mobile phone, to send out a multimedia MMS message
containing pic…

Navicat for SQL Server

Today we are glad to announce the release of Navicat™ for SQL Server,
adding a new member to the Navicat family.To meet the wishes of Navicat customers and the demand of managing
Microsoft® SQL Server database through a GUI, Navicat for SQL Server
is introduced to the Navicat family in this launch. This new product
provides SQL Server users a tool for administering and managing
database objects as well as for database migration, data import,
export, synchronization, reporting, and more.Major Features in Navicat for SQL Server:# Support of Microsoft SQL Server version 2000 to 2008R2
# Management of SQL Server objects
# Cross data transfer between different SQL Server databases
# Synchronizing data between different SQL Server databases
# Importing data to SQL Server from various data sources
# Exporting data from SQL Server to various formats
# Available for MS Windows and Mac OS XWe are Navicat reseller for Indonesia, contact us for detail.
- Fanky Christian - 08121057533
- Alexander K.S - 021-3907…

Five+ tips to ensure PCI DSS compliance

On occasion, I help a friend who owns several businesses. His latest venture is required to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). My friend is computer savvy. So between the two of us, I assumed the network was up to snuff. Then went through a compliance audit. The audit was eye opening. We embarked on a crash course in PCI DSS compliance with the help of a consultant. My friend thought the consultant could help prepare for the mandatory adoption of PCI DSS 2.0 by January 1, 2011. The PCI Security Standards Council defines PCI DSS this way: "The goal of the PCI Data Security Standard is to protect cardholder data that is processed, stored, or transmitted by merchants. The security controls and processes required by PCI DSS are vital for protecting cardholder account data, including the PAN -- the primary account number printed on the front of a payment card." The consultant's first step was to get familiar with the network. He eventually…


Selamat kepada Sriwijaya Eye Center, Palembang,  yang telah mengimplementasikan sistem antrian finosSQM untuk mendukung operasionalnya.

Kami sungguh senang melayani Anda.

Anda kesulitan mencari ujung patchcord cables ?

Seringkali dalam melakukan troubleshooting terkait perkabelan,
khususnya cat5e dan cat6 di ruangan data center akan menemukan
kesulitan. Hal ini semata karena kurang baiknya dokumentasi yang kita
lakukan. Untuk menolong kita menemukan kabel yang tepat, maka Patchsee
memberikan solusinya. Dengan mengganti kabel patchcord Anda dengan
menggunakan kabel PatchCord PatchSee, maka dengan mudah kita bisa
menemukan cable yang kita cari.PatchSee juga memudahkan kita untuk membedakan warna dengan
menggunakan tag warna yang ada.Silahkan kontak kami untuk kebutuhan PatchSee Anda...

A New Approach to Business Intelligence: Rapid-fire BI

A New Approach to Business Intelligence: Rapid-fire BIWhat is this new generation of business intelligence? Whether you've
heard it called new BI, self service BI or rapid-fire BI, this
whitepaper will help you and your IT team make sense of what it is,
how to identify it and how you and your organization can benefit.Business intelligence initiatives continue to top CIO priorities, as
executives and managers demand greater visibility into business data
much faster. Traditional business intelligence platforms have fallen
short of delivering rapid analytics and insights. But that's changing.
A new kind of BI is here: rapid-fire BI.Rapid-fire BI is a new approach to providing true business
intelligence delivering dramatically better business results. While
traditional BI platforms perfected scheduled, parameterized reports,
they do not do what they now espouse: provide self-service business
intelligence.This paper addresses the key attributes of a Rapid-Fire BI Solution: * User-Driven Ap…

Welcome to the 2010 Open Source Awards : Packt Open Source Awards 2010

The Open Source Awards is a contest that aims to encourage, support,
recognize and reward Open Source projects.The winners of the 2010 Open Source Awards are listed below.To identify the excellence among Open Source projects, public votes
for the finalists in each category were combined with ratings from a
panel of Judges.
Open Source CMSEvery Content Management System (CMS) that is based on one of the Open
Source licenses were eligible to participate in this category.We are pleased to announce that CMS Made Simple has won the Open
Source CMS category in the 2010 Open Source Awards.Winner: CMS Made Simple1st Runner up: SilverStripe2nd Runner up: MODx
Congratulations to CMS Made Simple and commiserations to the Open
Source projects that took part in the finals for this category but
just missed out.
Hall of Fame CMSThis category is reserved for those CMSes that have won the Open
Source CMS Award at least once in previous years.We are pleased to announce that WordPress has won the Hall of Fa…

Gartner Identifies Four Converging Trends That Will Change the Face of IT and Business

Analysts Look Back and Forward 20 Years in IT as Gartner Celebrates 20 Years of Symposium/ITxpoSydney, Australia, November 15, 2010 —  From social media to intelligent devices to cloud computing, evaluating how these technologies fit into an organization and their impact on the bottom line will become a critical function of the C-level executive, according to Gartner, Inc. In future, the impact of IT on revenue will be directly related to the financial compensation of CIOs. Speaking in the keynote presentation at Gartner Symposium/ITxpo in Sydney this morning, Peter Sondergaard, senior vice president at Gartner and global head of Research, said that particularly in the high-growth markets of Asia Pacific, successful organizations are those that can quickly evolve their strategies from recessionary cost control to innovative implementations of technology that generate revenue. Gartner Symposium/ITxpo is celebrating its 20th anniversary around th…

Gartner: 5 tips for cutting data center power consumption

Gartner: 5 tips for cutting data center power consumptionBy Heather Clancy | November 24, 2010, 5:56am PST Summary When market research and advisory firm Gartner decided to remove green data centers from its list of strategic imperatives for 2011, the decision was met with some gnashing of teeth. But, frankly, the decision didn’t really surprise me all that much because energy efficiency, space optimization, infrastructure consolidation, and proper disposal of outdated technologies have [...]
Heather Clancy Heather Clancy is an award-winning business journalist with a passion for green technology and corporate sustainability issues. Her articles have appeared in Entrepreneur, Fortune Small Business, The International Herald Tribune and The New York Times. In a past corporate life, Heather was editor of Computer Reseller News, where she was a featured speaker about everything from software as a service to IT security to mobile computing.
Heather started her jou…

Check out Untangle 8.0's new Bandwidth Control feature

Check out Untangle 8.0's new Bandwidth Control featurePosted in:In a number of posts previously, I've mentioned the Untangle appliance and its features for providing Internet gateway connectivity. Recently, Untangle 8.0 has been released with the Bandwidth Control feature and, much to my satisfaction, a virtual appliance deployment option for Untangle 8.0 I have used Untangle for a few years for the Internet connectivity and network management for my personal lab. For that network, I provide DNS, DHCP, content filtering, and port and protocol management all for free with the Untangle Lite Package. This includes a number of additional free features such as spam blocker, firewall, captive portal, OpenVPN support, Intrusion Prevention, and virus blocker modules. Untangle 8's new feature is Bandwidth Control, which allows base services to be prioritized at the server level and for quotas to be utilized. For example, Windows Update Internet traffic can be prioritized to be allo…


Dalam rangka menyambut AKHIR TAHUN 2010, kami memberikan potongan discount khusus untuk pembelian produk FUSIONCHARTS ( mulai PURCHASE ORDER yang kami terima periode 20 NOVEMBER 2010 - 10 JANUARI 2011 .

Silahkan manfaatkan kesempatan  ini untuk mendapatkan produk terbaik untuk keperluan visualisasi grafik Anda.

Kontak kami: 021-3924716 / 08121057533

Berita terbaru terkait Fusioncharts:
FusionCharts, the Industry's leader in Flash Charting, is now ready for iPads and iPhones too.( refer to the link to know more: )For ready references, please refer to the mentioned link: · · ·


Selamat kepada Lembaga Sandi Negara yang telah mengimplementasi Security Manager Plus, solusi terpadu dari ManageEngine untuk memonitor security jaringan dan server, termasuk patch management yang menjadi kunci kestabilan sistem server.

Kami senang melayani Anda.


Selamat kepada Lembaga Sandi Negara yang telah mengimplementasi Security Manager Plus, solusi terpadu dari ManageEngine untuk memonitor security jaringan dan server, termasuk patch management yang menjadi kunci kestabilan sistem server.

Kami senang melayani Anda.

Campus Spotlight: Rebuilding IT from the Ground Up

* By Bridget McCrea
* 11/04/10The first thing Bill Seretta did four years ago as American
International College's CIO was rip out all of the old cat-3 and coax
wires on campus and the equipment that relied on those wires. Then, he
replaced the Springfield, MA-based college's entire infrastructure
with state-of-the-art wireless options. After all, he said, if you
don't have a secure, reliable, high-speed core infrastructure, "you
can't do a thing.""This holds true in corporate America, in education, and everywhere,"
said Seretta. "A lot of organizations forget this fact and wind up
with poor infrastructure, ineffective networking security, and stuff
crashing all around them."Even worse, some opt to "layer" new equipment and software on top of
antiquated infrastructures. "That's a joke," said Seretta. "You can't
install student information systems, accounting solutions, and
emergency alert systems on top of an old inf…

NAVICAT - Beta Release Navicat Premium 9.1

We are glad to announce about the release of beta version of Navicat
Premium 9.1.** NOTE ** : If you have bought a license of Navicat 9.0, license keys of
Navicat 9.1 will be available to you for FREE on Nov 25. You can login to
customer center to retrieve the license key on that day.Major new features:
- Support of Microsoft SQL Server (2000 to 2008R2)
- Cross data transfer between SQL Server and other database servers
- Support of PostgreSQL Server 9.0
- Support of MySQL Server 5.5
- Enhanced user and role management
- New Privilege Manager
- Improved data synchronization performance with a new engine========================================================================
Contact us for detailFanky Christian
Business Development Director
IBEC Building 2nd Fl
Jl. KH Wahid Hasyim No.84-86
Jakarta Pusat, 10340, Indonesia
SMS: 62-21-98054359
Telp: 62-21-3924716
Fax: 62-21-3903432
mobile: 62-812-1057533
www.dayaciptamandiri.comOnline Store: www.tokofc.comvisit:
- dayaciptamandiri…

TechRepublic: Four types of clients to avoid

Posted in:
consultingWhen you meet with a potential client, you should think about more than just how to meet their project needs; you should also listen and watch for cues that will help you determine if you actually want to work for that client. So how can you spot a problem client? Let's face it - no client is going to tell you upfront that she has a hidden agenda or reveal that every consultant who worked for their company quits mid-project. I look for telltale signs from the four types of problem clients that I've encountered. Here are more details about those client types and the red flags to look for early on in negotiations. The bargain hunterYou don't want to do business with the client who is constantly trying to get free work. You can sometimes identify these clients in the sales process when they repeatedly try to get you to do significant amounts of work for free, or if they show irritation when you say that you charge for all but the first meeting with a clien…

Selamat kepada BIN

Selamat kepada BIN yang telah memilih implementasi Opmanager dan
Netflow Analyzer untuk monitoring dan performansi jaringan nya.Dengan menggunakan OpManager, maka manajemen jaringan dapat dilakukan
dengan mudah, dengan implementasi yang mudah dan tampilan yang
powerfull. OpManager menjawab kebutuhan monitoring jaringan dengan
komprehensif. OpManager yang didukung NetFlow Analyzer memudahkan
tampilan monitoring jaringan, server dan perangkat berbasis SNMP
lainnya serta memudahkan untuk memonitor penggunaan bandwidth secara
intensif dan lengkap.Hubungi kami untuk keperluan monitoring jaringan dan bandwidth di tempat Anda.

Selamat kepada Kementrian Perhubungan RI

Selamat kepada Kementrian Perhubungan RI yang telah memilih solusi
Fusioncharts untuk melengkapi dan memperindah tampilan aplikasi chart
yang ada. Dengan menggunakan FusionCharts, berbagai kemudahan dan
visualisasi tampilan charts dapat dilakukan dengan mudah.Hubungi kami untuk keperluan Fusioncharts Anda..

Online content often a victim of plagiarism

Posted in:In past blogs, I've recommended that IT pros increase their (positive) web presence by writing technical articles. This can be done in a personal blog or by writing-for-pay for technical publications. In light of a recent event that has been making the blogosphere rounds, I feel the need to make you guys aware of one the caveats of writing for money on the web: People will steal your stuff. Sometimes they'll steal it without really knowing the concept of plagiarism. They'll run your piece and retain your byline but on their site and without asking your permission in advance. Basically they're getting the content someone else paid for, for free. This would be a great business model if it were, oh I don't know, LEGAL. Also, it harms the bottom line of the online business that actually paid for the content, since most of those businesses depend on Google traffic and incoming links. Sometimes they'll take your content without your byline and run it on the…

Moving from SQL to NoSQL

Moving from SQL to NoSQLAre you thinking on moving your database from a SQL implementation to a
NoSQL one ?Sometimes when you decide to move to a different approach lots of doubts
pop out of your mind, there are a couple of actions that can make your
decision more solid and secure. I'll try to provide some tips that would
help you to choose the right NoSQL implementation.
When do you need to think about NoSQL ?Often web application start by being implemented on top of MySQL, the one
day your application got traction and performance issues start to be a
real pain due to high load of read/write queries on your system.At this point you have 2 choices: 1. "Shard" your data to partition it across several sites
2. Go for a licensed SQL DBMS or move to a NoSQL DBMSBasically, you need to scale with less amount of money spent possible.
Michael Stonebraker written a good article on this.NoSQL use cases 1. Massive data volumes
2. Extreme query load
3. Schema mutation (often call…

Data Center Audit

Data center audit or site review is one of mandatory activity during
IT audit process. But most of IS auditor forget key activity that
should be checked during the process. Here is simple audit checklist
to be used:1. Policies & Procedure
• Have computer center operating policies and procedures been written?
• Are they sufficiently descriptive in detail to guide the
organization and operation?
• Do data center personnel aware to the policies and procedures?
• Are they kept up-to-date?2. Personnel
• Are data control center personnel and operators' assignments rotated?
• Is an operating log maintained to record any significant events and
action taken by the operator?
• Is the operator log inspected daily by management?3. Incident handling
• Do the computer room operators know exactly what to do when the
different types of fire emergencies occur?
• Do the other personnel know exactly what to do when fire emergencies occur?4. Fire Alarm
• Are the fire alarm pull boxes and emergency power switches…