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Saturday, June 09, 2012


AKCP Lifetime Warranty

AKCP is pleased to announce a lifetime warranty covering all units sold after 1st July 2012. Once your first year warranty has expired, AKCP agrees to repair or replace any unit on a case by case basis. All we ask, is that the customer covers the cost of shipping.

The lifetime warranty covers any unit that fails under normal use.

AKCP's dedication to the reliability of it's products has resulted in some of the highest MTBF figures in the industry. Based on carefully monitored failure and repair statistics we have calculated the following MTBF values for our equipment.

sensorProbe2 : 1,400,000 Hours
sensorProbe8 : 860,000 Hours
securityProbe : 400,000 Hours

For more information on how this new life-time warranty affects your equipment or for full terms and conditions please contact

AKCP memperkenal SecurityProbe 5ESV Series

Introducing the securityProbe 5ESV Series

AKCP is pleased to announce the new range of video enabled securityProbe units; the securityProbe 5ESV Series.

securityProbe5ESVThe securityProbe 5ESV is available in X20 and X60 variants and includes all the great features of the existing securityProbe 5E but with some important modifications to the video.
The securityProbe 5ESV will support a maximum of four High Definition Digital IR Cameras. This replaces the BNC / Coaxial ports on the rear of the unit and provides a true digital image with clarity never seen before on the securityProbe series.

The securityProbe Series :

securityProbe 5ES
securityProbe 5ESV
securityProbe 5E (EOL)
Dry Contacts X20 or X60 X20 or X60 X20 or X60
Intelligent Sensors 8 8 8
High Definition Digital IR Cameras No 4 No
Expansion Ports 4 2 4
Enhanced EMI Shielding Yes Yes Yes
Connect GSM / GPRS Modem Yes Yes Yes
External Microphone Yes Yes Yes
External Speaker Yes Yes Yes
Expansion Modules Yes Yes Yes
On-Board Flash Memory Yes Yes No
Analog Camera Connectivity No No 4

Please Note

3rd Party Cameras are not compatible with the SEC5ESV, X20, X60 or Door Control Unit.
All units in the SEC5ESV and SEC5E Series include rack mount brackets and a single port temperature and humidity with free 5 feet cable (THS00).
For installations which require integration with 3rd Party Camera systems please contact AKCP. AKCP is committed to supporting 3rd Party IP Cameras.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

SupportCenter Plus Build upload - 7909

ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus 7909 build has been updated in our site. Kindly use the following url to access the product:


Contact us for your call center or customer support center requirements.

build-access-manage at

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Electronic Document Management System or Paper-based – Which is Better?

Have you found yourself surrounded by a countless number of documents when it’s time to file your income tax returns? Probably most of us have. Take that situation to your small office and it doesn’t look very different. If anything, the amount of paperwork you handle could be far more than while simply filing your personal income tax return!
What you need is a document management system that helps you manage vast amounts of paperwork so that you meet your business goals as smoothly as possible. You have two options here: a paper-based system and an electronic document management system. 
Paper-based system 
For ages, businesses have been following a paper-based document management model. Decades ago, the documents may not have been as detailed and the document management systems not as elaborate as now; but they still were ‘systems’. 
Advantages of a paper-based system 
A paper-based document management system does have its positives, such as…
  • Easy handling: As paper is physical by nature and therefore tangible and visible, a person who need not have any knowledge of computers to handle and work with paper-based documents. Such documents can be stored systematically in files, folders, cabinets etc.
  • Reproduction: You can copy a document by using a photocopier machine.
  • Recognized and required by law: Paper-based document originals are recognized by law as being ‘official’ and can be produced as evidence in court. In fact, the law may even require you to have certain documents only in paper format for them to be considered valid.
Disadvantages of having a paper-based system 
A paper-based document management system has several shortcomings, or else electronic document management might not have seen the light of day. 
  • Storage space: As paper is by nature physical, it takes up a lot of storage space. With its limited resources, a small business may not be able to afford to rent or purchase storage space onsite or offsite.
  • Recurring cost of supplies: If you store most of your documents in paper form, you need to keep purchasing several packs of blank paper every month for varying needs: photocopying, printing, fax paper, writing pads, invoice books, accounting books etc. Add to it the cost of other stationery items and you begin to wonder if there is a better alternative to the paper-based system of managing documents.
  • Limited mobility: No doubt you can courier or fax a paper-based document, but how can it match up to email or sending it as an attachment to an instant message?
  • Editing messy: Editing a typed or handwritten document will leave marks on paper. Also, the only way to preserve the pre-edited copy is to make a photocopy before editing it. This process has to be repeated every time you edit or revise the document. All it does is add more copies to your paper archive and leave the original document in bad shape.
  • Collaboration difficult: If your firm’s departmental heads in different corners of the office want to collaborate on a paper document, an assistant will first have to make copies of the document and distribute them. Then each head will have to make notes. To be able to see each other’s notes, they will need to gather anyway for a meeting before they finalize the action plan. Compare this with an electronic document management system where you can simply share the document (grant access to it) with your departmental heads; each of them can add their notes and save the document. The document can then be seen by all with everyone’s notes on it. A face-to-face meeting is not required, thereby saving the time of your busy senior executives.
  • Vulnerable to damage: As paper is exposed to wear and tear through frequent handling, exposure to adverse weather conditions etc., a document management system that is purely paper-based is not a stable one. In the event of a disaster, you could lose your documents as they may not be backed up. Documents that are not in digital form cannot be backed up online.
 Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) 
While a small business may not be in a position to introduce advanced electronic document management early on in its existence, it definitely helps to switch to one in a phased manner sooner than later.
An electronic document management system overcomes all the limitations of paper-based systems discussed above and also offers several other advantages. Sohodox is one such document management system for small businesses that helps you cut costs, save on storage space, make documents shareable and manage them with ease and efficiency.

SIMPLE Brand Solutions dari LS Cable

Originated By : Sismi Priguna
John Lee, Telecomunication Business Group SCS Marketing & Sales Regional Manager LS Cable Korea Selatan sedang memberikan pelatihan kepada 10 SI/Installer Indonesia

Jakarta, - LS Cable Ltd, penyedia global leading solution untuk industri telekomunikasi dan energi dari Korea Selatan, beberapa hari yang lalu (17/03/2011) mengadakan Hands On Training kepada 10 SI/Installer Indonesia, di Senayan Golf Course.
Pada kesempatan pelatihan ini, LS Cable Ltd mengajak para SI/Installer mempelajari SCS (Structured Cabling System), In Building Solution (IBS) dan Data Center (DC) Solution, yang langsung diarahkan oleh John Lee, Telecomunication Business Group SCS Marketing & Sales Regional Manager LS Cable Korea Selatan.
Awal mula dimulainya sesi pelatihan, terlebih dahulu Danang Hergandaru, Country Manager LS Cable Indonesia, menjelaskan sejarah singkat tentang perusahaan penyedia global leading solution yang cukup besar di dunia sejak tahun 2003 tersebut.
"Sebelum diberi nama LS Cable Ltd seperti sekarang, dahulu perusahaan kami memiliki nama LG Cable Ltd. Karena kami ingin memfokuskan diri ke arah pasar industri dan corporate dunia," jelas Danang.
Saat memberikan pelatihan, John yang menggunakan kemeja berwarna putih, terlihat santai menjelaskan lebih dalam tentang keunggulan produk dan solusi LS Cable untuk SCS, DC dan IBS di pasar dunia.
Dalam penjelasan detailnya, John menjamin bahwa semua produk dari LS Cable 100% telah lulus uji pabrik (factory tested), artinya LS Cable tidak akan menjual barang palsu kepada pasar.
Produk LS cable telah sesuai dengan standard global Internasional diantaranya TIA/EIA 568B, ISO 11801, EN50173 untuk memberikan kepuasan pelanggan di industri telekomunikasi.
Berikut ini adalah serangkaian produk LS Cable yang kebanyakan digunakan oleh para konsumen corporate dalam jumlah yang besar:
1. Power Transmission & Distribution Solution        8. OSP Solution
2. Railway & Rolling Stock Solution                             9. Metro Network Solution
3. Marine & Offshore Solution                                      10. Inbuilding Solution
4. Airport Solution                                                           11. U-City Solution
5. Photovoltaic Solution                                                 12. U-IBS Solution
6. Automotive Solution
7. Wind Power Solution
John Lee menegaskan konsep LS Cable yang “SIMPLE Brand” (S=Solution, I=Installation, M=Management, P=Performance, L=Leading, E=Effectiveness)
Dalam memasarkan IBS/DC  solution di Indonesia dengan “SIMPLE Brand” (S=Solution, I=Installation, M=Management, P=Performance, L=Leading, E=Effectiveness).
LS Cable menunjuk PT. Infotech Digital System sebagai distributor yang bekerja secara kesinambungan dengan Internet Solution Provider (ISP), System Integrator, Installer (SI), retailer, konsultan dan kontraktor untuk gedung dengan target beberapa high end market diantaranya Enterprise, Government, Health Care dan Finance.
John pun berencana akan memberikan training produknya secara regular kepada konsumen. Dia juga menekankan, bahwa Data Centre Application dari LS Cable di desain dengan kualitas yang tinggi, untuk mencapai beberapa keunggulan diantaranya operating efficiency, energy saving dan easy for installation.
Berikut John juga menjelaskan rangkaian scope IBS/DC Solutions dari LS Cable Ltd:
  • Copper Solution
  • Fiber Solution
  • IIM (Intelligent Infrastructure Solution)
  • Rack/Cabinet solution
  • Fiber Routing Solution
  • IPM (Intelligent Power Management)  Solution
  • FTTH (Fiber To The Home) Solution
  • RF Solution
  • Pre-terminated/MPO solution
Mengapa konsumen dan pasar memilih LS Cable?
Di sela-sela pemberian materi pelatihan John menerangkan kepada Si/Installer yang hadir beberapa unggulan LS Cable yang dapat di banggakan oleh para konsumennya. Berikut ini adalah uraian keunggulan LS Cable:
  • Top Tier Technology: penggabungan dari Research & Development group, Technical Innovation dan product efficient sampai kepada jaminan kualitas produknya.
  • Cakupan produknya yang cukup banyak dari end to end.
  • Quality Control sesuai ISO 9001, ISO 14001, UL/EC Certified, RoHS.
  • Memberikan layanan yang cepat kepada setiap konsumennya.
  • Harga yang kompetitive.
  • After sales service yang memberikan jaminan 25 tahun terus bersama mendampingi konsumen.
Dengan mottonya “ Always with Our Customer” LS Cable mencoba mengirimkan pesan kepada semua konsumennya tentang kinerja (performance), kualitas (quality), strategi dan after sales service produk nya yang memberikan prioritas yang tinggi dalam memberikan kepuasan pelanggan kepada konsumen yang membutuhkan IBS/DC application.

7 tanda Anda butuh BI

7 signs you need self-service reports

If you're an IT leader, you encounter topics like security, SaaS, and Big Data are at every turn. Managing your exploding data and supporting myriad mobile devices is second hand.

But there's another growing pressure you're likely facing: the need to provide more analytics. With so much data pouring in, everyone from top execs to individual analysts is looking for ways to get more insight from data to help the organization excel.

How do you deliver analytics to everyone when you face tight budgets, no bandwidth, and the need for immediate answers? Implement self-service business intelligence.

If any of these 7 scenarios feels familiar, you're ready for self-service BI:

1. Execs are demanding analytics 2. Endless queue of report requests 3. Reports lead to more reports 4. Frustration that data is old 5. Demand for mashed-up data 6. Desire for visual analysis 7. It's already happening

Read this whitepaper for a complete look at this list and – most importantly – what's in it for IT.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Membangun Jaringan Nirkabel di Rumah

Jangan Lupa

Ardhi Suryadhi - detikinet
Selasa, 05/06/2012 16:08 WIB

Jakarta - Ingin membangun jaringan nirkabel di rumah? Perangkat yang dibutuhkan tak cuma router. Sebab ada lagi device yang cukup penting peranannya. Apa saja?

-. Wireless Router
Wireless router merupakan perangkat yang menghubungkan Anda ke modem yang disediakan provider internet ketika Anda mulai berlangganan.

-. Wi-Fi/Range Extender
Sebuah extender memperluas jangkauan jaringan nirkabel yang Anda miliki. Seringkali, pada beberapa ruangan di rumah sinyal wireless dari router terdeteksi lemah atau hilang.

Dengan meletakkan extender di antara ruangan yang memiliki sinyal dan yang tidak terdapat sinyal wireless, dapat meningkatkan dan menambah kuat sinyal wireless tersebut. Dengan demikian Anda dapat memperluas jaringan wireless hingga ke ruangan yang belum terjangkau.

-. Wireless Bridge
Wireless bridge merupakan perangkat yang membantu menghubungkan perangkat lain terhubung dalam jaringan Anda tanpa kabel. Sebagai contoh, Anda dapat menghubungkan smart TV, Blu-ray Player dan konsol game ke bridge, sehingga perangkat tersebut terhubung ke router dan memungkinkan Anda mengakses internet dari sana.

Anda dapat menghemat penggunaan kabel yang ruwet yang biasanya diperlukan untuk menghubungkan perangkat tersebut ke router di ruang belajar ke ruang keluarga dimana biasanya perangkat-perangkat tersebut berada.
 Anda dapat menggunakan perangkat VIGOR FLY200

Triple play on the road

Triple play at home

Technical Specifications of VigorFly200
Hardware Interface 4 x 10/100 Base-Tx , RJ-45 connectors
1 x 10/100 Base-Tx, RJ-45 connector
2 x Fixed Antennas
1 x USB Host 2.0(for 3.5G/4G WiMAX USB Modem)
1 x Factory Reset Button
1 x Wireless On/Off/WPS Button
WAN Protocol DHCP Client
Static IP
3.5G/4G WiMAX
Firewall DMZ Host, Port-redirection and Open Port
MAC Address Filter
SPI(Stateful Packet Inspection)
Dos/DDos Prevention
IP Address Anti-spoofing
E-mail Alert and Logging via Syslog
VPN Pass-through(IPSec/PPTP/L2TP)
Network Feature DHCP Server
DHCP Option
Dynamic DNS
NTP Client
IGMP Proxy V2 
DNS Cache/Proxy
Static Routing
Network Management Web-based User Interface (HTTP / HTTPS)
Quick Start Wizard
CLI (Command Line Interface , Telnet)
Configuration Backup / Restore
Built-in Diagnostic Function
Firmware Upgrade via WUI 
Administration Access Control
Logging via Syslog
Management Session Time Out
2-level User Name Management(Admin/User) 
USB 3.5G Back-up
WiMAX Support
Act as Printer Server for Connection to USB Printer
Wireless AP IEEE802.11 b/g/n Compliant
Wireless Client List
64/128-bit WEP
Hidden SSID
Multiple SSID
WMM(Wi-Fi Multimedia)*
Operating : 0°C ~ 45°C
Storage : -25°C ~ 70°C
Humidity 10% ~ 90% (non-condensing)
Max. Power 7.2 Watt MAX
Dimension W112 * H132 * D41 (mm)
Power DC 12V ~ 15V