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AKCP Lifetime Warranty AKCP is pleased to announce a lifetime warranty covering all units sold after 1st July 2012. Once your first year warranty has expired, AKCP agrees to repair or replace any unit on a case by case basis. All we ask, is that the customer covers the cost of shipping.

The lifetime warranty covers any unit that fails under normal use.

AKCP's dedication to the reliability of it's products has resulted in some of the highest MTBF figures in the industry. Based on carefully monitored failure and repair statistics we have calculated the following MTBF values for our equipment.

sensorProbe2 : 1,400,000 Hours
sensorProbe8 : 860,000 Hours
securityProbe : 400,000 Hours

For more information on how this new life-time warranty affects your equipment or for full terms and conditions please contact

AKCP memperkenal SecurityProbe 5ESV Series

Introducing the securityProbe 5ESV Series AKCP is pleased to announce the new range of video enabled securityProbe units; the securityProbe 5ESV Series. The securityProbe 5ESV is available in X20 and X60 variants and includes all the great features of the existing securityProbe 5E but with some important modifications to the video.
The securityProbe 5ESV will support a maximum of four High Definition Digital IR Cameras. This replaces the BNC / Coaxial ports on the rear of the unit and provides a true digital image with clarity never seen before on the securityProbe series.
The securityProbe Series :
securityProbe 5ES
securityProbe 5ESV
securityProbe 5E (EOL)Dry ContactsX20 or X60X20 or X60X20 or X60Intelligent Sensors888High Definition Digital IR Cameras4Expansion Ports424Enhanced EMI ShieldingConnect GSM / GPRS ModemExternal MicrophoneExternal SpeakerExpansion Modules

SupportCenter Plus Build upload - 7909

ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus 7909 build has been updated in our site. Kindly use the following url to access the product:


Contact us for your call center or customer support center requirements.

build-access-manage at

Electronic Document Management System or Paper-based – Which is Better?

Have you found yourself surrounded by a countless number of documents when it’s time to file your income tax returns? Probably most of us have. Take that situation to your small office and it doesn’t look very different. If anything, the amount of paperwork you handle could be far more than while simply filing your personal income tax return!
What you need is a document management system that helps you manage vast amounts of paperwork so that you meet your business goals as smoothly as possible. You have two options here: a paper-based system and an electronic document management system.
Paper-based system
For ages, businesses have been following a paper-based document management model. Decades ago, the documents may not have been as detailed and the document management systems not as elaborate as now; but they still were ‘systems’.
Advantages of a paper-based system
A paper-based document management system does have its positives, such as…
Easy handling: As paper is physica…

SIMPLE Brand Solutions dari LS Cable

Originated By : Sismi Priguna
Jakarta, - LS Cable Ltd, penyedia global leading solution untuk industri telekomunikasi dan energi dari Korea Selatan, beberapa hari yang lalu (17/03/2011) mengadakan Hands On Training kepada 10 SI/Installer Indonesia, di Senayan Golf Course. Pada kesempatan pelatihan ini, LS Cable Ltd mengajak para SI/Installer mempelajari SCS (Structured Cabling System), In Building Solution (IBS) dan Data Center (DC) Solution, yang langsung diarahkan oleh John Lee, Telecomunication Business Group SCS Marketing & Sales Regional Manager LS Cable Korea Selatan. Awal mula dimulainya sesi pelatihan, terlebih dahulu Danang Hergandaru, Country Manager LS Cable Indonesia, menjelaskan sejarah singkat tentang perusahaan penyedia global leading solution yang cukup besar di dunia sejak tahun 2003 tersebut. "Sebelum diberi nama LS Cable Ltd seperti sekarang, dahulu perusahaan kami memiliki nama LG Cable Ltd. Karena kami ingin memfokuskan diri ke arah…

7 tanda Anda butuh BI

7 signs you need self-service reportsIf you're an IT leader, you encounter topics like security, SaaS, and Big Data are at every turn. Managing your exploding data and supporting myriad mobile devices is second hand.But there's another growing pressure you're likely facing: the need to provide more analytics. With so much data pouring in, everyone from top execs to individual analysts is looking for ways to get more insight from data to help the organization excel.How do you deliver analytics to everyone when you face tight budgets, no bandwidth, and the need for immediate answers? Implement self-service business intelligence.If any of these 7 scenarios feels familiar, you're ready for self-service BI:1. Execs are demanding analytics 2. Endless queue of report requests 3. Reports lead to more reports 4. Frustration that data is old 5. Demand for mashed-up data 6. Desire for visual analysis 7. It's already happeningRead this whitepaper for a complete look at this li…

Membangun Jaringan Nirkabel di Rumah

Jangan LupaArdhi Suryadhi - detikinet Selasa, 05/06/2012 16:08 WIB
Jakarta - Ingin membangun jaringan nirkabel di rumah? Perangkat yang dibutuhkan tak cuma router. Sebab ada lagi device yang cukup penting peranannya. Apa saja?

-. Wireless Router
Wireless router merupakan perangkat yang menghubungkan Anda ke modem yang disediakan provider internet ketika Anda mulai berlangganan.

-. Wi-Fi/Range Extender
Sebuah extender memperluas jangkauan jaringan nirkabel yang Anda miliki. Seringkali, pada beberapa ruangan di rumah sinyal wireless dari router terdeteksi lemah atau hilang.

Dengan meletakkan extender di antara ruangan yang memiliki sinyal dan yang tidak terdapat sinyal wireless, dapat meningkatkan dan menambah kuat sinyal wireless tersebut. Dengan demikian Anda dapat memperluas jaringan wireless hingga ke ruangan yang belum terjangkau.

-. Wireless Bridge
Wireless bridge merupakan perangkat yang membantu menghubungkan perangkat lain terhubung dalam jaringan Anda tanpa kabel. Seb…