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10 Highly Effective Habits of Indispensable IT Departments and the Benefits of IT Automation Solutions

10 Highly Effective Habits of Indispensable IT Departments and the Benefits of IT Automation Solutions  Just how beneficial is IT automation, you might be asking yourself? Well, Kaseya has identified a number of "habits" that best-in-class IT departments consistently practice using IT automation. By adopting these habits you can improve the status of your department within your organization and simultaneously upgrade department activities from tactical to strategic.Effective Habit #1: Understanding the Business GoalsThe IT department is often seen as overhead. Business administrators may not understand the potential strategic value of IT, so it's up to the IT department to educate them – not by telling them, but by showing them. The best way to do that is to truly understand the strategic goals of your company or organization and align your efforts to support them.Effective Habit #2: Focus on Projects that Drive Down Costs or Increase RevenuesYou can't do everything, …

Tahapan Sederhana Mengimplementasikan Helpdesk

Dalam beberapa kali kesempatan, saya mempresentasikan solusi ITIL Helpdesk untuk prospek atau customer. Ada beberapa tantangan yang saya tangkap diantaranya:
1. Belum semua customer memiliki helpdesk
2. Belum semua customer memiliki single point of contact (SPOC)
3. Tidak semua customer memahami konsep ITIL

Adalah baik untuk mengimplementasi helpdesk berbasis ITIL, tetapi seperti konsep framework ideal lain pada umumnya, ITIL merupakan konsep best practices yang bagus tetapi tidak mudah diimplementasi secara langsung.

Mulailah dengan menginventarisasi dahulu seluruh permasalahan yang muncul di lingkungan IT kita. Buatlah kategori permasalahan yang ada, misalnya masalah terkait jaringan, server, komputer dll.

Setelah itu, buatlah prioritas permasalahan berdasarkan kategori, sehingga kita bisa menentukan mana masalah yang sangat penting dan harus segera diselesaikan.

Berikutnya adalah implementasikan dan kenalkan konsep Single Point of Contact, sehingga seluruh permasalahan yang terkait…

10 tools untuk membuat Infographics

10 Free Tools To Create Visually Appealing Infographics Don't Forget to participate in a contest where you can win the world's biggest UI elements pack "Impressionist User Interface Elements Pack" for 3 winners (1 developer license and 2 personal license) to design your project more creatively. 

advertise here Infographics is the graphical representation of information or data. The information presented through Infographics is visually appealing and can be scanned easily. Furthermore, you can effectively represent relatively large amount of data in a very small space. Infographics are used to represent straight-forward and interesting data and /or the relation between two entities. In this round up, we are presenting some free tools that you can use to create visually appealing and effective Infographics. With these tools, you can easily draw users’ attention to a particular trend and let them understand the whole Infographics in a very short period of time. So, with…

Kondisi Social Media di tempat kerja

The State of Social Media at Work In One Quick Infographic After surveying over 300 professionals, technology service provider Appiriodetermined that most people are far more social personally than they are at work. Interestingly, 41% believe their company should be doing more to become a social enterprise, and twice as many managers are using social media compared to their employees they manage. So the takeaway here seems to be that employees either are not allowed to engage in social networking activities at work, or don’t see the value in it. Most importantly, as the survey suggests, enterprise workers now understand that culture and ownership of the social business transformation are key factors to the success of a social enterprise. That’s a welcome shift from past surveys I have seen.

Hati-hati dengan BYOD

Achtung! Your end-users have grave misperceptions about bring your own device (BYOD). In a recent survey of 2,243 enterprise workers, there was a resounding chorus of concerns that BYOD would transform IT from helpful business partner into an Orwellian Big Brother keeping round-the-clock tabs on all device activity. We took it upon ourselves to do a bit of detective work on the topic to test our hypothesis on the privacy breaching backlash of BYOD. Scroll down to view the whole infographic, which breaks down how workers feel about employers having control over their personal smartphones and tablets. Lo and behold, the survey results were on par with expectations—the overwhelming majority concerned about moderation of on-device activity and the privacy of data contained thereon. Fortunately, BYOD Privacy Settings can be enabled to eliminate the collection of personally identifiable information (PII), such as physical location or personal app inventory. Click to learn more, or scroll to…

Using Six Sigma to End Bad Customer Service

Imagine if you only had 3.4 bad customer experiences per million customer service interactions. That’s the idea behind the Six Sigma in customer service. Six Sigma is a quality management theory that gives businesses the blueprint to improve processes and decrease ineffective practices that contribute to bad customer service. Using Six Sigma to End Bad Customer Service If there’s one question I’m asked constantly it’s “how can I stop bad customer service?” My answer is to look to six sigma as a blueprint to eliminating factors that create a bad customer experience. The Six Sigma model is a highly disciplined approach that can help companies to focus on developing and delivering near-perfect products and services. Six Sigma for customer service includes identifying factors which are critical for the quality of the service required customers. Focus is placed on improving efficiencies, capabilities, and stability of service and the customer service system to support six sigma. The higher…

10 things you can do to improve network and PC security

By Jack Wallen | October 8, 2012, 6:41 AM PDTSecurity. It's that which drives some administrators to early retirement, gray hair, or a permanent room in a padded cell. Okay, that's an exaggeration… but you get the idea. Security is tops on most every administrator's list. And with good reason. Incomplete or poor security can bring down a company's network and/or computer resources. That equates to lost work, which affects bottom line.Administrators must do all they can to ensure the security of their networks. But for some (especially those without the financial resources), just knowing where to start and what to use is the biggest challenge. With that in mind, I thought I'd lay down 10 tools and methods to help you arrive at better network/PC security.1: Use LinuxI can already hear the groans from the gallery, but the truth of the matter is, you will cut down on PC security issues if you begin migrating at least some of your desktops to Linux. The best way to do t…

Structuring your mobile strategy

By Dean Vella | October 8, 2012, 1:02 AM PDTAccording to Google's CEO, Eric Schmidt, the upcoming year will be all about going mobile. Google intends to improve the speed of wireless networks, develop mobile payments and increase the number of inexpensive smartphones used globally. In addition, Google has taken an even more competitive stance by announcing that advertisers who have mobile optimized sites will rank higher in ad quality.Google is not alone. According to MobileSquared, a research firm based in the UK, Facebook could generate $1.2 billion through its mobile advertising strategy in one year alone.With smartphones and tablets gaining prominence, business owners are realizing the need to develop a mobile strategy. The question is: how to do it? Creating apps can be expensive, and, obviously, the mobile advertising method needs to more than compensate for the effort required to create it. Here are some suggestions on the various options available and their potential cost …

Adjust your worldview to serve internal and external customers

By Toni Bowers | October 8, 2012, 5:32 AM PDTPatrick Gray presented an article here recently dissecting Apple's mapping gaffe. He suggests that as IT becomes further engrained in a company's core functions, IT professionals must ask the question, "Who is my customer?" He points out that many IT teams now have two sets of customers: internal and external, and that teams need to learn how to serve both.But learning to do this isn't an overnight task. It will take time to develop and implement strategies that allow you to do this well. I'm not suggesting a major overhaul of your IT team, but I am suggesting some basic strategies you can implement to serve both groups better.Adjust how you view your job (and communicate it with your team). This is by far the most important strategy. Since it's not just your job anymore to keep the company's technology working you must openly recognize that your customers extend outside of the organization. The best way I …

Social media: From monitoring staff to fake pages - five tips to protect brands

By Damian Herrington | October 8, 2012, 2:28 AM PDTThe use or misuse of social media by staff creates a series of challenges for employers in monitoring their activities. Photo: ShutterstockSocial media is now ubiquitous and has fundamentally changed how businesses engage with customers.A recent study by global law firm DLA Piper, for which I work, revealed that 76 per cent of large employers have some form of social-media presence with 86 per cent on Facebook, 78 per cent on Linkedln and 62 per cent on Twitter.The potential benefits of social media for businesses are clear: an ability to market and advertise in a direct, interactive and usually free way to a potentially massive global audience. But as social-media use increases, businesses are becoming aware of the risks.The ability of users to post comments and opinions on social media networks provides a platform for criticism, whether or not justified, and the misuse of a business's brand and content.Further, the use or misus…

The Enterprise: I’m Not Sexy And I Know It

Editor's note: Rodney Rogers is chairman and CEO of Virtustream. He is also chairman of Teliris and lead director of Greensmith Energy Management Systems. Follow him on Twitter.I am a large enterprise. I employ many people and make a good deal of money.I am a large enterprise. A vast array of technologies – with varying degrees of purpose and tenure – are required to run me. I have a complex, heterogeneous technology landscape. I have hundreds of millions of dollars of technology assets deployed on laddered refresh cycles through a variety of delivery models, all supporting highly differing divisional requirements across a number of development platforms. I employ thousands of developers, architects, and technical managers. I own just about every form of software known to man.I am a large enterprise. I am not sexy. I am complicated. This will not change.Cloud Idealists, Generalists And Extenders All Bore The Crap Out Of MeI hear my legacy hardware providers oversell the cloud capa…

Coming clean on ITSM

October 8, 2012 | By BarefootITSM

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12 steps to…5 principles of…7 methods of…

Most of us prefer life to be placed in neatly categorised boxes. It gives us a sense of control over things we don't necessarily have control over. The same rings true for IT Service Management. We want a process or a tool for everything. We generally don't like grey areas (well, most of us anyway). We prefer to live with a false sense of security instead of facing the reality of a situation. If it's not neatly packed by the end of the show we grapple around for that elusive piece of the puzzle, which will complete the picture so we can sit back and marvel at our handiwork.

Playing rugby as a little boy, I never wanted to come from the field with clean clothes – I wanted mud or grass stains all over me – it made me feel like I played well, got tackled, got up and tried again.

Well, IT Service Management is messy – you have to get your hands dirty. In fact, if you play at all…

Akses AKCP Anda dari iPhone

Dengan menggunakan AKCP AKCess Pro Server, kita dapat mengakses informasi dan video yang ada di AKCP.

Don’t hesitate to tune in live to any event using our State of the Art iPhone Application. Once installed the AKCess Pro Server has an additional client that can be installed on an Apple iPhone device. This connects to your server giving you 24/7 remote access to your workplace. AKCess Pro iPhone application keeps you up to date even when you are on the go.  The snapshots below illustrate a sensor event notification, live video feeds, followed by our playback feature allowing you to access previously recorded footage from anywhere in the world.  AKCP gives you instant access to your facility anytime regardless of where you are or what you are doing. The Sensors and cameras are integrated allowing easy review of events with such items as door openings, motion detection, loud noises and environmental factors in both graphical and video formats. This makes it easy to monitor video camera…

Membuat Dashboard Interaktif Drill-Down dgn PHP dan FusionCharts

Learn to Create Interactive Drill-Down Dashboards with PHP and FusionCharts on Jan 11th 2011 with 36 comments Tutorial DetailsTopic: PHP, mySQLDifficulty: BeginnerEstimated Completion Time: 60 minutes