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Vigor 2925 series, router multiguna untuk kantor / cabang anda

Vigor2925 Series is the IPv6 ready dual WAN broadband security firewall router. It ensures the business continuity for today and the future IPv6 network. Its two gigabit Ethernet WAN port can accept various high-speed Ethernet-based WAN links via FTTx/xDSL/Cable. The 2 USB ports are for 3G/4G LTE mobile broadband access. With the multi-WAN accesses, Vigor2925 routers support bandwidth management functions such as failover and load-balancing, making them ideal solutions for reliable and flexible broadband connectivity for the small business office.  The specifications cover many functions that are required by modern day businesses, including secure but easy to apply firewall, comprehensive VPN capability, Gigabit LAN ports, USB ports for 3G/4G mobile dongles, FTP servers and network printers, VLAN for flexible workgroup management, and much more.
Load-balance and backupYou can combine the bandwidth of the Dual WAN to speed up the transmission through the network. The Gigabit WAN port is …

Draytek Vigor mendukung SMS alert untuk notifikasi Engineer

Draytek Vigor mendukung SMS alert untuk notifikasi Engineer.

How to Send a Notification via SMS Alert Service The Vigor router supports SMS Alert Service, which can keep Administrator getting the latest router status. In this note, we take the VPN alert service on Vigor3900 as an example.
Go to Object Setting >> SMS Service Object, and click Add to create a new service object.
Set SMS Service Object, and click Apply.

High Availability dalam PRTG Cluster adalah default feature

Dalam PRTG, fitur High Availability secara default kita akan mendapatkannya, dan dapat mengkonfigur PRTG dalam Cluster

PRTG Cluster Basics One of the major new features in version 8 of PRTG Network Monitor is called “Clustering”. A PRTG Cluster consists of two or more installations of PRTG Network Monitor that work together to form a high availability monitoring system. The objective is to reach true 100% percent uptime for the monitoring tool. Using clustering, the uptime will no longer be degraded by failing connections because of an Internet outage at a PRTG server’s location, failing hardware, or because of downtime due to a software upgrade for the operating system or PRTG itself. How a PRTG Cluster Works A PRTG cluster consists of one “Primary Master Node” and one or more “Failover Nodes”. Each node is simply a full installation of PRTG Network Monitor which could perform the whole monitoring and alerting on its own. Nodes are connected to each other using two TCP/IP connections…

Pengakuan PRTG oleh tester Independen terhadap Quality & Performance

Selaku partner PAESSLER, khususnya produk PRTG, kami mengucapkan selamat atas prestasi & pengakuan PRTG untuk Quality & Performance oleh Tester Independen: PRTG Network Monitor: Quality and Performance Confirmed in Four Independent Tests Here at Paessler, our QA team puts PRTG and all of its new features to the test on a daily basis. We do this to make sure that our customers can work with a powerful, reliable and easy to use network monitoring solution. Nevertheless, we are curious what catches the eye of independent experts when they test the software. In recent months PRTG was put under the microscope four times in a row. Network Computing (UK) and the German Institute for the Analysis of IT Components (IAIT) had a close look at the innovations that came with version 13.2 and version 13.3 whereas the German magazine Funkschau wondered how PRTG performs compared to the Open Source solution Nagios. In addition to the open source comparison LANline also examined how suitable …

Detail Solusi UKM dari Draytek Vigor

Kata siapa solusi untuk UKM harus mahal ?
Dengan draytek vigor, kita bisa melakukan solusi dibawah ini.

The DrayTek Mid-size Business Solutions guarantees the business continuity for your organization. Multi-WAN redundancy/load-balancingMulti-WAN and USB WAN (3.5G/4G LTE) ensure your business to stay connected. (e.g. Vigor3900)
Multi-WAN for the bandwidth scalabilityYou can add more WAN links when the business grows and needs more cloud-based applications.
Metro Ethernet application
Advanced VPN featureDrayTek offers VPN with load-balancing/redundancy for site-to-site connection and allows remote workers to connect via the SSL VPN protocol. Robust firewall protectionDrayTek delivers robust firewall for secure & efficient workplace.
Object-based firewall + Content Security Management (CSM)