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Kunci sukses itu Training, bukan Outsourcing

Training, not outsourcing, is key to success say CIOsBy Nick Heath | January 16, 2013, 6:43 AM PSTCIOs who focus on training staff to meet their skills' needs tend to run more successful IT operations than those who rely on buying in talent, a global study has found.IT leaders who favour training and retaining staff reported completing a greater proportion of IT projects on budget and time, as well as greater range of business success than their peers, according to Gartner's 2013 CIO Agenda report, it's annual survey of more than 2,000 CIOs."When we compare CIO effectiveness, in terms of business and IT performance, the difference is the more effective ones emphasise building the internal talent pool over time," said Dave Aron, Gartner VP and fellow in the CIO Research Group."There's a real commitment to that as opposed to 'We'll just outsource or buy in or poach talent where we've got a talent issue'."This internal development consi…

Mengamankan Rak dengan akses kontrol tersentral dari AKCP

AKCP takes security a step further with the server Cabinet Control Unit! Our integrated Access Control system doesn’t stop at simply securing entry and exit points.  Now that you have your perimeter secured you can move on to securing your equipment and perhaps more important, your information.  It’s very common for companies to have situations where they only want a limited group of high security clearance personnel to have access to their most sensitive information and servers. 
AKCP’s Cabinet Control Unit allows for card reader access to be added to your server cabinets. For large buildings and data centers it's possible to daisy chain the cabinet controllers which grants access control for up to hundreds of server cabinets and doors. Used in conjunction with AKCP’s Door Control Unit (DCU), the Cabinet Control Unit (CCU) seamlessly integrates using plug and play technology via RJ45, making expanding security to your cabinets easier than ever. Use the DCU to record and monitor a…

apa sih yang dimaksud dengan Access Door utk ruang server?


Nagios Incident Manager, solusi baru dari Nagios

Nagios Incident Manager

Nagios Incident Manager™is a powerful tool for managing infrastructure incidents and enabling faster problem resolution across an organization's entire IT infrastructure.
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Nagios Incident Manager Overview Nagios Incident Manager is an enterprise-class incident management application that allows teams and individuals to track and solve problems faster using a powerful web-based application that offers security, mobility, third-party integration, and tools for collaboration. Nagios Incident Manager provides organizations with many benefits, including: Ease of Use:Web-based interface lets admins hand out control of incoming tickets to different users and teams. Teams and individuals can easily manager their own tickets based on priority and status.
Simple Integration:Integrates easily with other Nagios-based solutions, as well as third party applications through the use of web API's.
Multi-Tenancy:Manage multiple teams of users and …