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Berita update seputar ManageEngine - Des 2014

ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand:
ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand gets a new look! With the revamped look come several improved features that not only meet the expectations for a modern IT service desk but also increases productivity five fold!
You can now
Nest your business rules to have fine-grain control over workflow automation Quickly search for help desk configuration elements to set up hassle-free help desk configurations Use simplified topic management for solutions to create and maintain a strong knowledge base To know more, watch the new UI walkthrough webinar

ADSelfService Plus introduces real-time password sync agent to synchronize native password changes in Windows
ADSelfService Plus has introduced a real-time password sync agent in its latest release. The agent, which functions as a background service on a primary domain controller, makes it easier for administrators to ensure that password changes made natively using Windows interfaces are synchronized w…

Bagaimana integrasi SendQuick dengan PRTG

sendQuick is an appliance based SMS gateway, sending SMS with GSM modem (SIM). It is easy to integrate with PRTG via email (SMTP) to SMS and SNMP Traps. The information below illustrates the step-by-step configuration on PRTG. Detailed integration document is available from sendQuick or contact them for the document. 1.0 Sending SNMP trap to sendQuickThe sendQuick will receive the SNMP trap from PRTG when a sensor is down or not responding. You need to create a rule under SNMP Trap Message Filter in sendQuick. If the rule is matched, the sendQuick will trigger SMS (text) to the pre-configured mobile numbers. The information below is a step-by-step configuration for SNMP Traps (from PRTG) to sendQuick. Step 1: To add a new notification in PRTG, Go to Setup > Account Settings > Notifications Step 2: Select ' Add new notification' Step 3: Add notification using SNMP Traps. Insert sendQuick IP as the receiving Trap server Step 4: Go to Devices and Click on the Sensor that you wish …

Spiceworks = Free Network Management

Review: Spiceworks Brings Free Network Management to the Enterprise Spiceworks Network Monitor delivers exceptional value. By Frank Ohlhorst | Posted Dec 16, 2014 Page of   |  Back to Page 1 Managing a network can be a tiresome and expensive task. Spiceworks aims to make both of those of those complaints a thing of the past with the company’s free tool, Spiceworks Network Monitor. Born of Spiceworks’ large, interactive community of network professionals, Spiceworks Network Monitor combines their most sought-after features in a network management suite. What’s more, the product supports a broad family of plugins, add-ons and integrations (some free, some for a price), supported by a vast array of third-party vendors. Those add-ons and options turn SpiceWorks Network Monitor into an extensible network management platform. Spiceworks Network Monitor offers network inventory, network monitoring, help desk software, and mobile device management (MDM), all integrated into a browser-based cons…


New Freeware Offering:
Webserver Stress Tool If you're a long-time Paessler customer, you will have noticed that, over the last couple of years, we have streamlined our product portfolio and focused our energy more and more on our flagship product PRTG Network Monitor. During this development, for example, the functionalities of PRTG Router Traffic Grapher and IPCheck Server Monitor have merged into PRTG Network Monitor. This not only helps us as a company to make the most of our resources, it also strongly benefits our customers as they get all the capabilities they need to monitor the individual components of their specific IT infrastructure, virtual or physical, in just one product—without having to purchase any add-ons. Simply put, PRTG is the complete package. Test the Performance of Your Webservers for Free Besides PRTG, there was one last tool we kept selling until today: the Webserver Stress Tool. This HTTP client/server test application is designed to pinpoint critical pe…

PRTG sekarang mendukung PUSH Notifications

PRTG Now Supports Push Notifications Get Notified Easier Than Ever Before In some jobs reaction time is vital. For paramedics and emergency doctors receiving early notification and reliable information can be a matter of life and death. Although your life as an IT administrator is hopefully not threatened by receiving delayed information, being informed as soon as some component or service in your network behaves in an unusual way at least can save your free evening or your weekend. With push notifications, PRTG Network Monitor now offers a feature that can alert you in the blink of an eye. What are the Advantages of Push Notifications? Until now, you were able to receive pull notifications when using our mobile Android and iOS apps. That means the apps receive status information of the PRTG Core server on a regular basis. If sensors are in "warning" or "down" state, the app can pull this information and display a corresponding notification. This can drain your ba…

Mengirimkan PRTG Alert via Twitter

PRTG Alerts via Twitter Convert Notifications Into Tweets Want to keep the users of your network informed about known problems to avoid getting hundreds of calls or tickets which all ask you about the same issue that you are already working on? How about using Twitter to publish certain notifications from PRTG? In order to avoid user interaction for each post, you can use a registered (authorized) application which is allowed to post tweets by its own without user interaction. PTF.Tweet is such an application. With PTF.Tweet you can do both: post tweets as well as send direct messages The only thing you need to do is to download PTF.Tweet to your local machine and connect it with your Twitter account. To do this, copy Tweet.exe to the \Notifications\exe folder of your PRTG installation. Next, open a command line window and start Tweet.exe with the –r parameter (from the \Notifications\exe folder) to register PTF Tweet with your Twitter account (please run the command line tool with a…