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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Mobile Device Manager Plus mengatur mobile device di jaringan Anda.

End-to-End Mobile Device Management

Enterprises have to scrutinize the devices that enter inside the company. It can be a corporate owned or personal device (BYOD). Mobile Device Manager Plus helps enterprises perform mobile device management to configure and secure their mobile devices from a central place. It simplifies the work of administrators by providing control for mobile device management using a single console.

Device Enrollment

Device enrollment makes an initial step for registering devices to let users to access corporate data and to make this first step a breeze Mobile Device Manager Plus lets you to perform:
  • Over-the-air enrollment
  • Self Enrollment and Bulk enrollment
  • Authenticate enrollment with a one-time passcode
  • Authenticate enrollment with user's Active Directory credential

Profile Management

Configure policy settings to create and impose Policies and Restrictions to let user access work related data without any hassles and Mobile Device Manager Plus lets you to implement:
  • Policy restriction to utilize device features
  • Access to corporate accounts like Email, Wi-Fi, VPN
  • Device grouping based on department, location, etc.

Inventory Management and Reports:

Tracking asset information and analyzing makes it a significant step to perform Audit. With Mobile Device Manager Plus’s single pane of glass view, it lets you fetch summary about device details such as:
Complete visibility of the devices in the network
Summary of applications in the device
Granular level details about device inventory

Intuitive Dashboard:

Easy-to-use dashboard offers a less learning curve and makes the design adaptable for managing mobile devices in a short span of time with features such as:
  • Unified mobile device status view
  • Provides useful details that let's you take an immediate action

Role Based Access Control:

Define roles that best suit the requirements and grant appropriate permissions for a particular IT admin for a proactive management. Also, delegate routine activities to chosen users with well-defined permission levels, thereby defining the IT admin scope to manage a specific set of devices.

Distribute, Manage and Secure Applications 

Mobile Device Management does not stop with configuring policies, getting asset information, and securing a mobile device. The Mobile Device Management solution should also provide the administrators the ability to perform mobile application management. With Mobile Device Manager Plus, you can manage the entire life cycle of applications such as distribution, management and security.

App Distribution

Initial step of the Mobile Application distribution plays a vital role to ensure that the required apps such as commercial or enterprise one’s are being deployed on the user device. Mobile Device Manager Plus enables you to perform app distribution to any number of devices, be it iOS, Android or Windows effortlessly by:
  • Seamlessly distributing both in-house and Store Apps to groups/devices
  • Assigning App Store Apps, Play Store Apps and enterprise Apps on the App Catalog of the end users' device
  • Getting the status of the deployed Apps on the users' devices
  • Removing Apps that are not required anymore

Commercial and Enterprise App Management

Mobile Application Management plays a vital role in distributing and managing apps. Mobile Device Manager Plus lets you to distribute the bulk of apps within a single click by
  • Managing the Apps over the Air (OTA) to groups/devices
  • Purchase and distribute apps through VPP program
  • Maintaining repository of all Apps used in the network
  • Independently user can refer and self install apps on air
  • Automatically get App information from App Store and Play Store
  • Revoke app license and reapply it to the designated devices

App Security

With commercial applications playing a mainstream role, it becomes imperative for you to selectively allow apps that can be utilized to access official data. To make this happen Mobile Device Manager Plus helps you in customizing the criteria that could filter the apps and ensure the regulated apps are allowed to access data such as:
  • Black list or white list of apps
  • Configure and enforce app compliance
  • Gain complete control on apps that the user should have on their devices including the versions
  • Analyze complete inform about the specific app installed in devices

App Inventory/Reports

Mobile Application Management metrics helps you to keep a tab on the information. With Mobile Device Manager Plus reports, you can get granular level details of understanding regarding the kind of apps that is being accessed by the users and lets you to take a decisive action. Mobile Device Manager Plus lets you to:
  • View the list of Apps and their installation count on mobile devices
  • Generates report based on apps available in the device.
  • Generates report based on specific App
  • Discover new apps

Enterprise Grade Data Security

Security threats remain trivial, especially for mobile devices. Mobile Security Management features help you to configure stringent security policies in order to protect corporate data from outside threats and helps your data stay secure.

Data Protection

Data Security is paramount for the organization and you need to ensure that the data residing on the user’s device is being secured actively. With Mobile Device Manager Plus, you can accomplish Mobile Security Management activities to:
  • Perform complete data wipe that ensures data is in a safe-state
  • Schedule reports to perform audit and maintaining compliance
  • Enforce stronger passcode's to guard data from third-party intrusion

Device Protection

Enroll or register only those devices that you think is authentic and you can do this for both mobile phones and tablets. Also, with Mobile Device Manager Plus, you can:
  • Decide on the number of devices you will allow
  • Detect jail broken devices that might create threats
  • Remote lock the devices to prevent misuse
  • Geo-location tracking to track the device

App Security

With commercial applications playing a mainstream role, it becomes imperative for you to selectively allow apps that can be utilized to access official data. To make this happen Mobile Security Management features present in Mobile Device Manager Plus helps you in customizing the criteria that could filter the apps and ensure the regulated apps are allowed to access data such as:
  • Black list or white list of apps
  • Configure and enforce app compliance
  • Gain complete control on apps that the user should have on their devices including the versions
  • Analyze complete inform about specific app installed in devices

Network Protection

Protect corporate data by restricting unknown devices from accessing corporate network. Mobile Device Manager Plus lets you to provide a multiple check-ins before allowing the device to access corporate resource such as:
  • Configuring access to corporate accounts like Wi-Fi, VPN, etc.
  • Enrollment to selective devices by providing certificate based enrollment
  • Role based device usage permission

Bring Your Own Device Management

Enterprises today are actively embracing mobility to allow employees to work from anywhere and thereby increasing the productivity. With evolved trend like BYOD and emerging trend like COPE, it is enabling enterprise to foster relationship between employers and employees and allowing them to utilize their personal mobile devices such as laptops, tablets and smart phones. Mobile Device Manager Plus allows administrators to enroll devices based on the ownership and helps them to create different groups for applying policies and restrictions.

IT Approval

The IT team needs to create an approval mechanism to allow or prohibit the employee from accessing corporate data. Mobile Device Manager Plus is a heterogeneous solution that supports iOS, Android and Windows platforms, thereby enabling to:
  • Approve/Enroll devices based on ownership
  • Create separate groups for BYOD and corporate devices
  • Define and apply separate policies for BYOD and corporate devices

Policy Configuration

Policies play a vital role in implementing an effective BYOD. With Mobile Device Manager Plus, you can apply effective policies to:
  • Enable/disable device media options
  • Manage advanced WI-FI configuration
  • Provide selective access to corporate accounts like Email

Device Diversity management

Managing a variety of devices such as tablets and mobile devices or devices based on employee rolehave to be managed under a single platform. Mobile Device Manager Plus lets you to handle the challenges posed in a variety of devices with options to:
  • Group devices based on the employee contract type
  • Group devices based on departments or employee designation
  • Provide apps based on the user type

Security Management

Security for employee owned device become trivial since the devices will carry corporate data you have to ensure that data stays shielded from outside threats becomes essential. Mobile Device Manager Plus lets you to monitor data and helps you to take decisive action to ensure that data is leak proof by:
  • Remote lock the device to prevent third party access
  • Perform data wipe to prevent data loss/theft
  • Force end user to set passcode at a scheduled time
  • Restrict users from changing the device settings

BYOA - Bring Your Own Application

BYOD doesn’t stop with personal devices but extend to applications. Mobile Device Manager Plus allows you to manage employees’ application by allowing/disallowing the commercial apps wherein you can protect data by having a firm grip on device applications.
  • Manage and distribute both commercial and enterprise apps to required devices
  • Fetch reports to monitor the status of apps installed in device
  • View the list of Apps and their installation count on mobile devices.
  • Get the status of the deployed apps in the users' devices

Device Retirement

Effective data clearance process is imperative in BYOD lifecycle because when employees leave the company, you have to ensure that corporate data has been removed from the employee owned device to avoid any data leakage. Mobile Device Manager Plus lets you to
  • Uninstall/Retire the device from the organizing group
  • Uninstall in-house deployed apps
  • Wipe corporate data from the device
  • Analyze device information in the form of reports
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Sunday, April 19, 2015

8 Cara murah untuk membangun bisnis

Untuk mengawali bisnis biasanya kamu memiliki masalah dengan yang namanya “Modal.” Tapi hal itu tidak akan membuatmu berhenti untuk membangun mimpi seefektif mungkin kan? Nah, bagaimana sih caramu untuk dapetin keduanya, untuk membangun bisnis tanpa harus bermasalah dengan BANK?.
Untuk mengetahui jawabannya, kami telah mengajukan pertanyaan yang serupa dengan 12 pengusaha dari Young Entrepeneur Council (YEC).
“Punya banyak sekali rencana ditahun ini tapi dengan sumber daya yang terbatas , cara apa sih yang mudah dan tepat untuk mewujudkannya?”
Nah, inilah ungkapan dari para komunitas YEC :
  1. Membantu customer
  2. Membuka layanan kredit
  3. Pemasaran secara otomatis
  4. Membangun strategi partnership
  5. Tinjau kembali penjualanmu
  6. pelanggan membayar lebih awal
  7. Mengotomatiskan Tugas
  8. investasi di layanan pelanggan
  9. fokus pada saat ini.
Nah, ayo kita lihat pembahasan selanjutnya dari 1 sampai dengan 9.
1. Jangan sungkan buat bantu customer kamu
Fokuslah dengan membantu orang lain maka bisnis akan mengikutimu, seperti pepatah mengatakan, “The more you give, the more you get “ dan pastikan kamu menyediakan nilai tambahan untuk customer, percaya deh kalo mereka juga akan membantu secara finansial untuk usahamu.
2. Membuka layanan kredit
Bank memberikan Pinjaman ?!! Menjalin hubungan dengan pihak bank dan membuka layanan kredit bisa menciptakan daya belimu, serta harga tarif yang ditawarkan saat ini dapat lebih rendah dari pada sebelumnya.
3. Pemasaran secara otomatis
Pemasaran yang lebih murah tetap solusi yang efektif, perhatikan pada infusionsoft, kita punya banyak clients yang menggunakan solusi tersebut untuk mengotimalkan dan menindaklanjuti hubungan dengan customer.
4. Membangun strategi partnership
Perusahaan kecil yang memiliki sebuah project dapat mengembangkan strategi relationship dan outsourcing non-inti untuk kompetensi mitra perindustrianmu. Perusahaan kecil pun bisa lho memaksimalkan bisnis secara efesien dan menciptakan nilai yang baik. Kembangkan keahlian patner anda dan beri penawaran yang unik. Klien tidak perlu tahu kalo kamu mejalankan operasi tersebut berawal dari bisnis kecil selama kamu penuhi kebutuhan mereka.
5. Tinjau kembali penjualanmu
Bagaimana cara membangun sebuah bisnis dengan sumber daya yang terbatas, khususnya difinancial. Penjualan baru dan lebih besar akan memberikan pengalaman operasional hidup yang membantu meskala proses bisnis anda.
6 . Pelanggan membayar lebih awal
Membangun sebuah bisnis dengan sumber daya yang terbatas merupakan perjuangan yang harus dilalui setiap pemula. Seperti yang pernah kita lalui, kita fokus pada upaya untuk mendapatkan pelanggan yang bersedia membayar dimuka/lebih awal, yang dapat membantu pertumbuhan dan perkembangan perusahaan.
7 . Pelayanan customer yang baik
Pelayanan customer yang baik akan meningkatkan produktivitas perusahaanmu,semakin baik pelayananmu maka bisnis akan cepat berkembang. Ciptakan kenyaman dan kepercayaan antara perusahaan dan customer.
8 . Fokus pada saat ini
Cara tercepat untuk menghabiskan dua sumber daya terpenting dalam bisnismu adalah uang dan waktu untuk membangun dan merencaranakan pengoprasian bisnismu, apa yang kamu butuhkan untuk membangun bisnismu. fokuslah pada kegagalan ataupun kesulitan yang kamu rasakan saat ini, hemat uang dan optimalkan.
Jangan kawatir tentang masalah yang mungkin datang di masa depan bisnismu.

4 Tipe manusia dalam tim Anda.

Anda pasti pernah mengalami hal ini. Sebuah tim dibentuk, dan anda termasuk didalamnya. Tim ini bisa tim kecil dari divisi dimana anda bekerja, tim antar divisi, tim karang taruna, tim perayaan HUT 17 Agustus, tim perayaan Tahun Baru dan sebagainya.
Ada beberapa kemungkinan yang terjadi adalah :
Tim terdiri dari orang-orang yang akhli di bidang masing-masing, bekerja sama saling melengkapi dan semuanya sukses mencapai tujuan. Bisa juga terjadi tim terdiri dari orang-orang tidak kompeten sehingga tujuan tim tidak tercapai.
Yang menyedihkan adalah tim yang terdiri dari orang-orang kompeten, tapi gagal total mencapai tujuan yang diinginkan. Kondisi yang terjadi antara lain: semua anggota bicara terus & tidak ada action, semua anggota bikin rencana terus & tidak ada wujudnya, semua anggota tim bekerja tanpa arah dan bisa juga semua anggota tim bekerja lurus sesuai pola di masa lalu. Fenomena terakhir cukup banyak terjadi, dimanapun di dunia.
Untuk mempermudah pemahaman, artikel ini mengutip cerita film terkenal “The Ocean Eleven”. Film ini mengisahkan sebuah tim yang dibentuk untuk merampok 3 kasino di Las Vegas dalam 1 malam, ketika berlangsung pertandingan tinju dan tanpa kekerasan.
Menurut Robert G Allen dalam bukunya “The One Minute Millionaure”, manusia yang bekerja dapat dikelompokkan menjadi 4 tipe, 4 tipe pekerja dalam sebuah tim tersebut yaitu:
1. Kelinci
Danny Ocean berperan sebagai Kelinci, yaitu orang yang memiliki imajinasi paling liar. Mereka termasuk cerdas karena dapat berpikir di luar aturan baku yang ada.Istilahnya adalah “out of the box”. Jika tidak memiliki teman tipe burung hantu, kura-kura dan tupai, orang tipe kelinci dapat menjadi orang yang menyebalkan karena dapat berpindah dari 1 ide ke ide lain dengan cepat. Danny Ocean adalah orang yang punya ide “Edan” merampok 3 kasino sekaligus dimana pemiliknya adalah orang paling kejam di dunia judi.
2. Burung hantu
Mereka yang termasuk kelompok burung hantu – seperti Rusty Ryan – dalam film tsb – adalah mereka yang mampu menyusun rencana detail untuk mewujudkan ide dari si Kelinci. Dalam film, Rusty menyusun detail rencana tentang perekrutan anggota tim, mencari pihak yang mampu mendanai operasi perampokan, mencari skill yang dibutuhkan, mencari peralatan dan mencari peluang.
3. Kura-kura
Ini adalah kelompok manusia yang sedikit pesimis sehingga selalu berusaha mencari celah menemukan kelemahan suatu peluang. Manusia tipe ini dibutuhkan agar rencana yang dibuat tim dapat dinilai dengan objektif.
4. Tupai
Mereka yang termasuk kelompok ini adalah tipe karyawan yang mengerjakan tugasnya sesuai prosedur operasional yang ada. Dalam film digambarkan anggota tim terdiri dari para akhli akrobat, pencopet ulung, penyadap elektronik, penyadap komputer, ahli menyamar, ahli transportasi dsb.
Idealnya susunan tim perlu terdiri dari 4 tipe orang tersebut.
Jika anggota tim terdiri dari para Kelinci, maka tim akan terus mendapatkan ide-ide kreatif sampai berakhirnya kehidupan manusia.
Tim yang terdiri dari para tupai akan bekerja dengan pola yang sama, dari zaman purba hingga zaman informasi seperti sekarang.
Untuk anggota tim yang terdiri dari burung hantu, bisa dipastikan tim tersebut akan menghasilkan rencana seperti budget plan, jadwal cuti, pembagian tigas dsb.
Sebaliknya tim yang terdiri dari kura-kura akan terlibat nostalgia sepanjang masa.
Disini anda perlu memperhitungkan tipe manusia yang ada dalam tim Anda.

Bagaimana membangun call center dengan Ozekiphone

How to setup call centre

This section is going to inform you about setting up a call center and the way you can use them for the advanced communication that your Ozeki Phone System XE provides. If you are looking for a modern and premium quality solution for call management, this page may be the perfect guide for you.
As Figure 1 summarises, you can configure your Ozeki Phone System XE call centre this way: first, open the Ozeki Phone System XE webGUI (graphical user interface). Here you can find the menu where you can set the call queue parameters with a few clicks. Now you can use this feature that contains:
  • ACD Queue (Automatic Call Distribution Queue)
  • Call Center Communicator
  • Call Center Statistics
  • Real Time Agent Monitoring

Figure 1 - Your Ozeki Phone System XE call centre setup and features
Full Feature Call Centre
Call centres must work troublefree and on high quality in order to have satisfied customers. To have a call center like this, you can configure your Ozeki Phone System XE to work for your and your customers' needs – the Ozeki Phone System XE provides all the tools you may need for the configurations. Let us see these features one by one in a few words:
  • Automatic Call Distribution Queue: This feature is the name of the configured call queue in an advanced PBX (Private Branch eXchange) like the Ozeki Phone System XE.

  • Call Center Communicator: This feature's task is to connect customers, partners and agents. The call center communicator is often referred to as a "ringer" after its main purpose. A communicator should include the following features:
    1. incoming and outgoing calls 
    2. call hold
    3. call forwarding
    4. organisation of call conferences
    5. call routing
    6. call registration
    7. monitoring
    8. statistics
  • Call Centre Statistics: This feature is used to show the current status of the agent or group. These statistics can provide a view of what is happening in the call centre at the moment, for a given interval or for a given day.

  • Real Time Agent Monitoring: This feature provides metrics and gives supervisors the possibility to manage their call agents effectively. The authorized supervisors can monitor live agent and customer interactions with this tool.
The Setup in your Ozeki Phone System XE
The setup is quite an easy task with your Ozeki Phone System XE: you just need to enter the Ozeki Phone System XE webGUI, and configure it in the menu with a few clicks. In the menu you can configure all the call management features that you intend to use.
To get to know more about the advanced call management techniques, please take a look at our pages in relation:
If you have become interested, please watch our video:

How to setup Call Center

SupportCenter integrasi dengan Twitter.

In this age, social networking media is the preferred medium to sort people's queries rather than phone or mail. In this class, Twitter proved as a better channel for people to share their concerns as short messages with the world.
Empower your customer support operation with SupportCenter Plus' twitter integration to effectively monitor trouble tickets reported through tweets for proactive response and improved customer support experience. In short, establish twitter as one of the Communication Channel with your customers. Convert tweets into tickets and manage help desk.
IT Asset Management Software- Social Media Support

The Twitter function

Twitter integration in SupportCenter Plus enables you to feel the ease to track your customers' comments or SupportQueries in the form of Tweets. Respond to those tickets raised with tweets or have it created as a request for further correspondence.
Just by configuring your Twitter account credentials and the keywords, the system will allow you to fetch related tweets. Further options available will help to send response as a direct tweet, mention or as a created new request. SupportCenter Plus will also allow you to manage your customers' Twitter screen name in their contact profile.
IT Asset Management Software- The Twitter function

Essence of Twitter Integration

SupportCenter Plus uniquely targets and integrates relevant conversation taking place on the social networking and micro-blogging service, twitter, allowing support technicians to identify instances of Customers tweeting about a company or its products. With this Twitter integration, support professionals are enabled to access another channel for communicating with customers, proactively offering assistance when they see individual Tweeting a question or concern. SupportCenter Plus provides technicians a single console through which they may address customer needs, regardless of whether the initial customer contact comes through Twitter, a standard support form or an email.