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Kenali ESET Business Edition Version 6

PRODUCTS Endpoint File Server Mail Server Gateway Server ESET Endpoint Antivirus (EEAB)
NA NA NA ESET Endpoint Security (EESB)
NA NA NA ESET Endpoint Protection Standard (EEPS)

NA NA ESET Endpoint Protection Advanced (EEPA)

NA NA ESET Secure Business (ESBE)

NA ESET Secure Enterprise (ESEB)

5-25 seats: ENDPOINT PROTECTION 1. ESET Endpoint Antivirus (EEAB) Antivirus, Antimalware, AntiSpyware, Anti-phising, HIPS, Device Control, ESET Remote Administrator 2. ESET Endpoint Security (EESB) Antivirus, Antimalware, AntiSpyware, Anti-phising, HIPS, Device Control, Antispam, Personal Firewall, Antispam for Microsoft Windows, Web Control, ESET Remote Administrator
26 seats-UP: ENDPOINT + SERVER PROTECTION 1. ESET Endpoint Protection Standard (EEPS)

Strategi Data Center Modern Anda

Gartner Highlights Five Reasons Why a Modern Data Center Strategy Is Needed for the Digital World As a new digital world emerges from the dual impact of the Nexus of Forces and the Internet of Things, the personality, structure and role of data centers will need to be changed or business agility and competitive strength will be compromised, according to Gartner, Inc.  "For over 40 years, data centers have pretty much been a staple of the IT ecosystem," said Rakesh Kumar, managing vice president at Gartner. "Despite changes in technology for power and cooling, and changes in the design and build of these structures, their basic function and core requirements have, by and large, remained constant. These are centered on high levels of availability and redundancy, strong, well-documented processes to manage change, traditional vendor management and segmented organizational structures. This approach, however, is no longer appropriate for the digital world."  Gartner hi…

Survey kepuasan pengguna PRTG

Paessler’s customer satisfaction survey reveals insights into how more than 600 IT departments use PRTG Network Monitor Austin, Texas and Nuremberg, Germany - April 29, 2015 - Paessler AG, the innovative network monitoring solutions specialist, today announced the results of its customer satisfaction survey, which highlights the key features and functionalities IT departments look for most in a network monitoring tool, as well as insight into how network monitoring is used. The survey, conducted over the past year, sought feedback from 648 customers worldwide, with 190 respondents based in North America. The survey results revealed the rising importance of mobile for network administrators. Among all respondents, 49 percent access PRTG Network Monitor on their mobile device. The number highlights the growing importance of mobile solutions for businesses and the popularity of push notifications. Paessler has made several improvements in mobile in the past year, including the developmen…

Monitoring Business Processes di PRTG

Monitoring Business Processes: Transformation of Technical Outages to the Real Business Impact For most of today's companies a smoothly running IT infrastructure is essential and a critical business requirement. There is hardly any business which does not rely on IT services like email, websites, databases, or online shops within their business process portfolio. In most cases, the IT infrastructure will be handled by people with a deep technical knowledge, the company's IT support. These people and the management need to communicate proactively all the time to ensure that the infrastructure has no critical issues, fits the business needs, and is suited for the future development of your company. Usually, the management continuously receives reports from the IT department which show recent events in the IT system of the company. On the one hand, this approach is fine to examine the current overall status and to plan future developments, on the other hand it might be inconveni…

Monitoring hasil dari SSH Script Anda

SSH Script Advanced Sensor Enhance Your Customized Linux/Unix Monitoring A few months ago, we've featured the SSH Script sensor, which allows you to use your own scripts to customize your Linux monitoring. The SSH Script Advanced sensor takes the customization potential even further as it enables you to show values returned by an executable script located on the target system in multiple channels. This really comes in handy if you want to monitor multiple processes and return the result of each process in a separate channel. The SSH Script Advanced sensor returns values in multiple channels
In order to set up the SSH Script Advanced sensor, select a script from the /var/prtg/scriptsxml directory on the target Linux/Unix system. Please note that the script files stored in this folder must return valid XML in order for the sensor to show the expected values. If set up correctly, the sensor can show the following: Execution time, andValues returned by the script in multiple channels. …

Monitor respon HTTP dari seluruh dunia

Sensor of the Week: Cloud HTTP Sensor Monitor Loading Times from Different Locations Worldwide Today's business relies very much on the internet. This is true not only for vendors with big web shops, but also for companies, which present their product portfolio, or provide their services online. Downtime will actually mean revenue loss. As business is becoming more global, it isn't enough to monitor the availability of a web server from one single location—and that's where our brand-new Cloud HTTP sensor comes into play... Response times and response codes from various international locations
The Cloud HTTP sensor keeps a close eye on your web server from various locations, which are distributed over five continents around the globe. Just enter the URL the sensor should connect to. This could either be a URL leading to a webpage, for example, to measure the loading time of the page's source code. Or you could enter the URL of a page asset, for example, an image to meas…

PRTG bisa digunakan monitor apa pun ...

Our surroundings are getting more and more technical. More and more devices and objects we use do have a network connection. Theoretically you could incorporate all these things in your network monitoring. Quite a lot of PRTG users have gone beyond theory and are monitoring things you wouldn't have thought possible. What about you? „We use PRTG to monitor the JACKPOT VALUES in our casinos. This gives us insight on how the value is build up and its hit frequency. We also use the live values to show them on our internal narrowcasting system " (Gerard Feijth, Manager ICT at Krijco Casinos & Leisure) „At a TURKEY HATCHERY you can't leave temperature and humidity to chance. These two factors will determine how many chicks will be able to hatch in the end. All eggs are kept in incubators that draw the air they need from the rooms they are located in. These rooms we monitor with PRTG to make sure it is always warm enough for our turkey eggs." (Elisabeth Miko-Peer, Turk…