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Perbedaan Produk AKCP

sensorProbe2sensorProbe8securityProbe 5ESsecurityProbe 5EDimensionSize 4.5″ x 2.5″ x 1.25″Size: 8.5″ x 5.43″ x 1.80″1U Rack Mount StandardSize 8.5″ x 5.43″ x 1.80″Size: 8.5″ x 5.43″ x 1.80″ (camera dome height 3.62″)Weight0.242 pounds1.72 pounds2.2 pounds2.4 poundsMounting0u rackmount, or wall hanging1U rackmount includes rackmountkit.1U Rack Mount StandardRack mount brackets includedStatus IndicationLED indication for PowerLED for Network ConnectivityLED for Sensor online and threshold statusLED indication for PowerLED for Network ConnectivityLED for Sensor online and threshold statusLED indication for Power
LED for Network Connectivity
LED for sensor online and
threshold statusLED indication for PowerLED for Network ConnectivityLED for Sensor online and threshold statusInterface portsStandard 10 Base-T Ethernet RJ-45Standard 10 Base-T Ethernet RJ-454x RJ-45 Expansion Ports
115.2K BPS Data Transfer Rate
Simultaneous functionality
between Expansion Ports &
RS485 port threshold status1 RS…

5 Keuntungan gunakan cloud-based Mobile Device Management

5 advantages of using cloud-based mobile device managementFeb 10POSTED BY Vijayalakshmi | Mobile Device Manager Plus
Image Courtesy: Google The cloud is a game changer for the IT industry, optimizing data storage and operations. As Mobile Device Manager Plus embraces the SaaS model with the launch of its cloud edition, here’s a highlight of the top five benefits of a cloud-hosted MDM suite. #1 Reduced infrastructure expenditure. The cloud edition of Mobile Device Manager Plus doesn’t require anything more than a good computer with a functional operating system  and a browser. This means you don’t need to purchase any additional hardware or software solutions to run the MDM suite. Small businesses with little  capital investment will find this aspect particularly beneficial. #2 Streamlined processes. No download, installation, or setup is required. All you need is a simple sign-up to start managing your devices. In addition to that, Mobile Device Manager Plus Cloud edition has automated a …

Password Manager Pro digunakan ISP untuk melindungi data center

Snapshot of success: Password Manager Pro helps Indian Internet service provider regulate privileged access to its data centers.Jan 14POSTED BY Anusha KM | Password Manager Pro Being a triple-play service provider in India is no easy work. The bundled offering of multiple services (Internet, telephone, and television) calls for a sophisticated data center infrastructure that can handle the wide scale of operations, manage all services simultaneously, and deliver a high-speed network experience to the users. Moreover, modern communication networks face a considerable share of privacy and security threats, which can be overcome only by implementing robust controls around the infrastructure resources and their access. When ACT, India’s renowned triple-play service provider, faced a similar business challenge—the need to streamline privileged access to its data center and adopt an effective password management routine—theydecidedto let Password Manager Pro do the job for them. With Manag…

10 Best Practices terkait Incident di IT

10 Best Practices to Deal with Major Incidents in ITSep 15POSTED BY Prithiv RajKumar | ServiceDesk Plus Major incidents affect organizations, big and small without exception. Major incidents like bank transaction server crashes, airline check-in software crashes, and stock market outages have adverse impact on customers​. Under such circumstances, help desks are slammed with calls only adding to the panic and chaos. It becomes a race against time to find a fix, as every hour of outage could translate to thousands, if not millions of lost dollars. IT technicians often find themselves answering calls and replying to emails rather than trying to find a fix. What does it take to keep a cool head and steer your organization out of the situation? Follow these 10 best practices to deal with major incidents that come your way. Clearly Define a Major Incident When an issue causes a huge business impact on several users, you can categorize it as a major incident. It is one that forces an organiza…

IT Asset Management Best Practice : Gunakan KPI untuk keputusan terbaik.

ITAM best practice 5: Keep tabs on the metrics that matter.Feb 01POSTED BY Prithiv RajKumar | ServiceDesk Plus In this blog from our ITAM best practice series, you can learn how to keep tabs on the metrics that matter. The goal is to track the right KPIs to drive better decisions. Generating specific ITAM reports can help you accomplish specific objectives. Let’s take a look at a few of those objectives and their corresponding reports.  If formulating an effective IT budget is your goal, track the Average cost of a workstation Average cost of a license Total asset spending, broken up by vendors Total value of assets owned If you are looking to stay license compliant, look at the Ratio of used to purchased licenses Software licenses by expiration date Number of licenses available  If you need to make effective purchase decisions, check out the <