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Cara setup aplikasi Anda utk OZEKI NG SMS Gateway

How to setup your application for Ozeki NG SMS Gateway?
Ozeki Android SMPP SMS Gateway helps your business to achieve significant goals in the most innovative way. As you will see below, installing and configuring your Ozeki Android SMPP SMS Gateway as an SMPP Service Provider is really simple. Take a look at the following step-by-step guide and run along with the instructions. Installation steps What you needEstablish Internet connectionInstallation of Ozeki Android SMPP SMS GatewayConnecting the Ozeki VoIP GSM Gateway to a computerNetwork settings in the Ozeki VoIP GSM GatewayLogging in Ozeki NG SMS GatewayConfiguration in Ozeki NG SMS GatewayWhat you need In order to send and receive SMS messages from your corporate IT system, you need to connect Ozeki Android SMPP SMS Gateway and Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. For this purpose you need to insert a SIM card into the smartphone on which you have installed the application. In Figure 1 you can see the accessories: Android Mobile Phone: Ozeki Andro…

Perbandingan SMS Gateway OZEKI Android vs GSM Modem

Ozeki Android SMPP SMS Gateway versus GSM modem
In order to send and receive SMS messages through corporate IT System, you need to connect the GSM service and the IP networks. For this purpose there is a need for a GSM modem or an SMPP SMS Gateway smartphone application. Get more information from the following comparison and discover their own advantages and disadvantages. WiringNo wiring is needed (you need only a mobile phone charger occasionally). In addition, this application can connect to the Internet through WIFI.There is a need for an AC/DC Adaptor and you may need an RS232 Serial CableMobilitySince no wiring is needed, this application is portable.As GSM modem connects to the computer and the light socket with cables, this device is located.Number of SIM cardsAn Ozeki Android SMPP SMS Gateway license can be used for one mobile device (for one SIM card). However, you can use more smartphones (with more SIM cards and licenses) in order to make your SMS messaging solution more eff…

Mengapa OZEKI Android adalah SMS Gateway yang lebih baik ?

Why is Ozeki Android SMPP SMS Gateway better? Android SMPP SMS Gateway technology makes your business communication system powerful and more effective. Check out the list above and find out why Ozeki Android SMPP SMS Gateway is the best. Supports GSM 7 bit SMS The standard encoding for GSM messages is the 7 bit default alphabet, which contains english characters and a few international characters for Western Europe and Greece. These characters are defined in the ETSI GSM 03.38 standard. (International characters refer to the unicode character set, which contains special symbols and characters.) In GSM SMS system, an SMS message can contain up to 140 bytes (standard 8-bit bytes) of message data. The 7 bit SMS alphabet allows you to send 160 characters in this 140 bytes. This means that, when you send a text message, as long as the text only contains characters that are included in the GSM 7-bit character set, 160 7-bit characters are compressed into 140 8-bit bytes to produce the 160 ch…

Jadikan Android Anda jadi SMS Gateway

Get started
Ozeki Android SMPP SMS Gateway makes it possible to connect your Ozeki NG SMS Gateway system to the mobile network. Install it on your Android mobile phone and setup Ozeki NG SMS Gateway to connect to it. Check out our Quick start guide for installation instructions. If your company is interested in sending SMS messages from Business applications, this application is highly recommended for you, as it allows you to send and receive unlimited SMS messages. Study key features andtechnical details.
Use it in your business You can send SMS from your SQL database or you can use HTTP, E-mail, etc to exploit SMS communication in your business application. Benefits:

✔ Setup in less then 5 minutes
✔ No need to purchase a GSM modem
✔ No Internet SMS service is needed
✔ No montly subscription fees
✔ Take advantage of free SMS price plans

Try it NOW!
Step 1:
Install the App on your mobile
Download Ozeki Android SMPP SMS Gateway Lite from Google Play App Store or scan the QR code. Step 2:
Connect O…

AD360, solusi terpadu manajemen Active Directory

AD360 Overview AD360 is an integrated solution for Identity and Access Management (IAM) needs in Windows environment. This web-based software portfolio unifies all the functionalities needed for an enterprise: from user provisioning, self-service to risk governance and offers it with a simple, easy to use interface. AD360 is the right solution for bridging the gap between technology and the complex business needs. AD360 automates all the routine Identity and Access Management tasks like provisioning/de-provisioning bulk user accounts and other AD objects, secure management of account passwords, modifying multiple attributes of user accounts, managing user mailboxes and their email traffic.
With AD360, you can

Streamline IAM operations Most of the crucial AD tasks are repetitive and automating them can save huge efforts. Automating tasks such as user account provisioning / de-provisioning with a workflow can ensure that crucial data does not land into wrong hands. Ensure IT compliance an…

Update berita Embarcadero

Five Hot RAD Offers and News From Embarcadero!

NEW! Announcing FireDAC – Multi-Device Data Access

NEW FireDAC, simple, fast, powerful and flexible Universal Data Access for multi-device application development connected to enterprise databases. With its powerful universal architecture, FireDAC enables native high-speed direct access from Delphi and C++Builder to our widest database platform selection ever.

* Special introductory offer for developers of Professional editions of Delphi XE3, C++Builder XE3 and RAD Studio XE3. Save $100

* Developers using Enterprise or higher editions of XE3 versions will be able to download FireDAC XE3 free of charge

* Check out the FireDAC online documentation for technical and how-to information


Rural India bisa memberikan tekanan implementasi M2M

Rural India can give M2M critical pushSummary: Indian government and carriers must work together to drive large-scale deployments of M2M, which can improve the life of villagers while bringing more revenues for telcos. By  | January 10, 2013 -- 10:41 GMT (18:41 SGT) NEW DELHI--The Indian government and local telcos should work together to drive large-scale deployments of machine-to-machine (M2M), which can enhance the life of residents living in villages while bringing more revenues for telcos. M2M holds tremendous potential for rural India, noted David Ranjit William, assistant vice president of engineering, carrier services and solutions, Aricent group. "In rural India, M2M will ensure optimal utilization of limited resources like water and energy, and provide better healthcare and education services to rural masses through remotely managed applications," William said. M2M apps enable farmers to monitor and turn on irrigation pumps in remote locations via mobil…