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MsExhange: mengaktifkan message tracking di Exchange..

Mail Access Monitor for MS Exchange Server searches for log files of the *.log type. For instance, 20040101.log
How to Enable Message Tracking in Exchange 5.5 Server Message tracking must be enabled for a component to begin recording activity in the tracking log. When you enable message tracking for any component, all similar components on servers in that site write to the tracking log. Tracking logs are located in Exchsrvr\Tracking.log. Each daily log is named by the date on which it was created in yyyymmdd.log format. The file name date, like all time in the tracking log, is in Greenwich mean time.
To Enable Message Tracking for the Information StoreIn the Exchange Server Administrator program, double-click Information Store Site Configuration. Click the General tab, and click to select the Enable message tracking check box.To Enable Message Tracking for the MTAIn the Exchange Server Administrator program, double-click MTA Site Configuration. Click the General tab, and click to select th…

Distributed Personnel Tracking dalam monitoring BTS dgn AKCP

Access Control » Distributed Personnel TrackingAdvanced Biometric Technology from AKCP provides secure authentication for local and remote sites... Door Control Unit
Starts from $1650.00
Cabinet Control Unit
$295.00 USD
Local and Remote Solutions from AKCP allow you to create a completely integrated Personnel Tracking solution. The Door Control Unit provides advanced remote site technology with integrated cameras and access control from 1 to 5000 remote sites. AKCP is introducing a world first. Distributed Access Control, an intelligent system that tells you who has entered your computer data room, when they exited all visualized on an intuitive central management system.

Access Control » Advanced Biometric Security Our Fingerprint Access Readers come equipped with advanced capture technology. This not only provides a high level of security but also real time access statistics for your entire remote site infrastructure. High Resolution AKCP Fingerprint Reader

Integrasi dan Modular System dalam AKCP untuk monitoring BTS

Integration » Modular SystemAKCP answers the Who, What, Where, & When? to provide an unprecedented level of security from 1 to 5000 local or remote sites... securityProbe 5ESV
Just $1295.00 USD
securityProbe 5ESV-X20
Just $1595.00 USD
securityProbe 5ESV-X60
Just $1895.00 USD Local and Remote Solutions from AKCP allow you to start with a basic package to enable monitoring and control over a single site. Having everything modular ensures that you get exactly what you need. It's easy to integrate with existing solutions or add additional High Definition digital cameras, environmental sensors, siren strobe alarms, smoke detectors, power monitors, and relay switches to existing local or remote sites.

Kemampuan monitoring BTS dengan AKCP

Features » Remote Site Mapping What's more, with AKCess Pro Server you can drag & drop your doors, sensors, cameras and access control readers - all of your monitoring devices, onto any map of your choice. Monitor an overview, or drill down to a specific device location. Maps showing cities, countries, buildings, and specific rooms are easily combined as a visual representation with a host of preset animations to use. AKCess Pro Servers : Mapping lets you visualize all of your remote sites on
a single map or 'drill down' to show local site information.
Features » Notification Suite Combined with the AKCess Pro Server, Event Log and Notification integration suite this becomes a powerful tool in averting potential disaster or loss of mission critical resources. 012012/05/07 09:44:17Calling Emergency Services022012/05/07 09:44:16Siren Strobe Alarm status is Alarm032012/05/07 09:44:16Smoke Detector Port 2 status is Smoke042012/05/07 09:44:16

AKCP untuk monitoring BTS dengan SecurityProbe

Base Units » The securityProbe 5ESV securityProbe 5ESV
Just $1295.00 USD securityProbe 5ES
Just $995.00 USD The backbone to each of your telecoms locations is the securityProbe, a sophisticated unit with interfaces that allow you to set parameters for monitoring temperature, humidity, water leakage, motion detection, door security and importantly generator fuel levels. As well as environmental monitoring the securityProbe also lets you add up to 4 outdoor weatherproof IR cameras for CCTV surveillance purposes so you can see what is happening even if you cannot physically be there. The securityProbe integrates with a wide variety of intelligent sensors giving you great flexibility in building a complete monitoring and control environment to match your exact Telecom Site requirements. Distributed storage and review of the pictures, graphing and sensor events on the securityProbe is easy. Everything is saved locally with up to 32 GigaBytes of local flash storage available. A great feature of a…

AKCP untuk BTS monitoring

AKCP is the only company in the world that provides an integrated approach to Sensor, Video and Personnel Monitoring. AKCess Pro has been successfully designing and manufacturing cutting edge monitoring equipment for over 30 years and we are the market leaders in environmental and security monitoring for many industries. Monitoring Telecom Sites AKCess Pro environmental monitoring units and sensors are easy to install with simple wizards to help you along the way. Once installed, you have the option of using the AKCess Pro Server application, a central monitoring software that is both intuitive to use and configure so you will be up and running in no time. securityProbe 5ESV
Just $1295.00 USD One of the key features of AKCP's Local and Remote Solutions is buffered file transfers. When interruptions to network communication occur, all Sensor, CCTV and Personnel information is saved locally on the base unit. All of this information is then automatically sent to AKCP's Central Manag…

ADManager Plus untuk tim HR perusahaan Anda

ADManager Plus, tools ManageEngine untuk Active Directory juga bisa digunakan oleh tim HR / SDM, sehingga memudahkan tugas IT dalam mendukung manajemen user.
ADManager Plus for HRs Yes, HRs can be IT admins too!!Create User Accounts for New Employees.Assign/modify the required permissions, group memberships to users.Update existing Employees' Contact details.Enable/ Disable an employee's account.Update Departmental information like Manager, Department, etc. for existing employees. For all the HRs who have to depend on their AD or IT team for every one of these tasks every single time and for the AD administrators who rack their brains to figure out a way to make the HRs accomplish all the HR related AD tasks, ADManager Plus's 'Task based' and 'OU based' delegation offers the easy way out! It's a win-win for both the HRs and the AD Technicians. With ADManager Plus's task based delegation, AD Administrators can delegate all the HR related tasks like U…