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Camera AXIS dipasang di lingkungan yang keras.

Axis outdoor cameras withstand
heavy snowstorms and tropical humidity Axis outdoor video solutions are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and to provide reliable surveillance at all times. Here you will find some of Axis surveillance cameras operating in such environments. Sweden: Axis wireless network camera makes world record in altitude An AXIS Q6034-E Network Camera was operating via the world’s highest wireless network while delivering high quality images to Earth. The camera was sent into the atmosphere by a stratospheric balloon from the Esrange Space Center in the north of Sweden. The camera was operating in 35 000 metres in altitude and in a temperature down to -90 º C, giving images via WLAN of 400 km. Credit: Esrange Space Center, Sweden
Camera:AXIS Q6034-E
Press release Sweden: 25 000 metes in altitude at a temperature of -63º C The IP camera managed the tough conditions 25 000 m in altitude with an air pressure of 14 mbar and G-Chock of 5-10 G in 400 mS. Credit: E…

Apa itu NOC

Sekarang ini banyak perusahaan telah menggunakan infrastruktur TI secara maksimal dalam segala kegiatan operasionalnya. Oleh karena itu, umumnya mereka memerlukan adanya sistem, proses dan orang yang berkonsentrasi melakukan monitoring atas jaringan, server, aplikasi hingga helpdesk agent, semua ini biasanya terkumpul dalam satu tempat yang disebut dengan Network Operation Center, atau NOC.

Kami siap membantu keperluan pembangunan sistem NOC Anda.

AKCP SecurityProbe standar baru EMS Anda

Dear All,

The securityProbe5E is a complete environmental, access control and CCTV system designed for computer rooms. The securityProbe5E lets you monitor a wide range of sensor types including temperature, humidity, liquid, airflow and dry contact sensors. It sends over 15 different types alerts and notifications. You can connect up to 500 sensors and up to 4 cameras. Other features include computer room access control, logging of sensor data, graphs, intelligent maps, picture and sound logs, power monitoring and more...
All for the great price of $1295.00 USD.
At AKCP, we provide all our customers with unlimited support and lifetime warranty on the securityProbe units.
Please feel free to get in touch if you would like to know more about product offerings from AKCP.
Best Regards,

ITOM + ITSD dalam satu produk IT360

ITOM + ITSD dalam satu produk IT360

Tadi baru saja selesai diskusi dengan customer, salah satu concern mereka yang awalnya hanya mencari solusi IT helpdesk (istilah Gartner ITSD) berkembang menjadi ITOM (IT Operation Management).
Nah, ini yang menarik. Ternyata, dari pada hanya membeli helpdesk, kenapa tidak langsung membeli ITOM, dalam hal ini adalah IT360, fungsi nya lengkap.

ITOM (IT operations management) software inShare IT operations management (ITOM) software is intended to represent all the tools needed to manage the provisioning, capacity, performance and availability of the computing, networking and application environment. Gartner divides the ITOM market into 10 major segments that include DBMS, application management, availability and performance, event, fault and log management, network management, configuration management, IT services desk and IT help desk, asset management, job scheduling and other ITOM (which refers to output management software) for tools used to manag…

Mengapa helpdesk harus mendukung multi-site support ?

Mengapa helpdesk harus mendukung multi-site support  ?
Dalam operasional helpdesk, khususnya di Indonesia, dimana menganut 3 pola jam waktu yang berbeda, maka peranan multi-site akan sangat membantu. Fitur ini dimiliki oleh ServiceDesk Plus, dimana tiap waktu dapat dianggap sebagai suatu site sendiri.

Multi Site Support It can pose a major trouble for your help desk technicians, if your organization is spread across buildings, regions, or countries. Each business unit can function on its own organizational rules and can also have different operational hours. When operational hours differ, the request logged from one unit may not be solved at the help desk which is at another site. In such cases the request waits in the queue until the next day for the technicians and hence further delaying the time taken to resolve each issue. The issue can be the same in cases where the public holidays are differ across sites. ServiceDesk Plus has introduced the Multi Site Support where all these is…

Nagios Network Analyzer monitoring trafik dan bandwidth Anda.

Produk baru dari Nagios, yang digunakan untuk melihat network traffic dan penggunaan bandwidth.

Nagios Network Analyzer Overview Nagios Network Analyzer provides network traffic and bandwidth information for your entire IT infrastructure. Network Analyzer ensures that systems, applications, services, and business processes are functioning properly. In the event of a security threat or unexpected bandwidth spike, Network Analyzer provides organizations with many benefits, including: Extensive Network Analysis: Network Analyzer provides an in-depth look at all network traffic sources and potential security threats allowing system admins to quickly gather high-level information regarding the health of the network as well as highly granular data for complete and thorough network analysis.
Intuitive Design: With a powerful and intuitive web-interface, Network Analyzer is easy-to-use, while providing optimal performance and speed. Network Analyzer seamlessly integrates with our network monitor…

Menggunakan tool Desktop Central untuk mendukung layanan Seat Management

Menggunakan tool Desktop Central untuk mendukung layanan Seat Management dengan metode Managed Service Provider (MSP) harus memperhatikan arsitektur sistemnya.

Desktop Central - MSP: Architecture Desktop Central MSP is built on agent-server architecture. It provides two different options in managing customers of varied sizes. Managing directly from Central ServerManaging through the Distribution Server You can choose different options for your different clients based on your need. Managing Directly from Central Server : In this mode, each agent residing in your clients' desktop directly communicate with the central server. This is suitable in cases where you have very few desktops to manage. You do not need a dedicated system at your clients place for installing the distribution server. Managing Through Distribution Server : Consider a scenario where you have more than 10 computers at one of your clients. If each agent contact the server to download the required patches, software bin…

Tool utk bisnis outsourcing Helpdesk

Menjalankan bisnis outsourcing tapi bingung dengan tools yang akan digunakan ? Gunakan ServiceDeskPlus versi MSP.

What is ServiceDesk Plus - MSP? ServiceDesk Plus - MSP is a web based ITIL ready, Help Desk software with integrated Asset management module built specifically for Managed Service Providers. It has been designed to handle multiple accounts in a single Help Desk so the MSPs don’t have to juggle with multiple software. It is bundled with thoughtful features like Incident Management, Account Management, Asset Management, Knowledge Base, Service Level Agreements, Remote Control Management, and Purchase and Contract Management. All these modules come in a single package at a very affordable price! EditionsStandard - Help Desk Software Account ManagementSelf-Service PortalKnowledge BaseMulti-site SupportSLA ManagementHelp Desk ReportsProfessional - Help Desk + Asset Management Help Desk ManagementAgent based Asset ScanningSoftware Asset ManagementAsset Inventory ReportsPurchase …

ManageEngine Desktop Central membuat hidup IT Admin lebih mudah

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Mengapa kita perlu modular data center ?

Why Consider a Modular Data Center? #DataCenter #cre #ccimApril 10, 2013Leave a commentGo to comments via Why Consider a Modular Data Center? » Data Center Knowledge. By: Bill Kleyman This is the thirds article in the Data Center Knowledge Guide to Modular Data Centers series. The initial black eye for containers and the modular concept was mobility. The Sun Blackbox was seen on oil rigs, war zones and places a data center is typically not found. As an industry of large brick and mortar facilities that went to all extremes to protect the IT within, the notion of this data center in a box being mobile was not only unattractive, but laughable as a viable solution. What it did do however, was start a conversation around how the very idea of a data center could benefit from a new level of standardizing components and delivering IT in a modular fashion around innovative ideas. Faced with economic down-turn and credit crunches, business took to modular approaches as a way to get fundin…