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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Monitoring Data Center

Monitoring datacenter performance - a synergy of server performance (both physical & virtual), application performance, and sufficient bandwidth, is a great challenge. The challenge rises multifold when disparate monitoring tools are used.
Whenever an end user reports slow access to an application, the issue could be with the server or bandwidth or application itself. To find out the exact issue you have to poke your head into multiple monitors and look out every nook and corner, right from server performance to bandwidth bottlenecks to application performance. You will not find any correlation between the data provided by the tools. By the time you organize the data and hunt down the issue, the application would have gone down completely.

Monitor your Datacenter Performance from OpManager's unified web console

ManageEngine OpManager offers an integrated approach towards datacenter monitoring that helps you proactively monitor physical & virtual servers, applications and bandwidth to the core; yet manage their faults from a single console. OpManager offers a single alarm console where all the issues irrespective of the type whether it is an application, server or bandwidth, are raised. This makes it easy for the technicians to pick up the alarms in real-time, drill down to the exact issue and start troubleshooting it before the end user feels the impact.
OpManager offers:
  • In-depth physical and virtual server performance monitoring
  • Real-time application monitoring by integrating Applications Manager
  • Flow-based traffic monitoring with NetFlow plug-in
  • Datacenter environment monitoring

Physical and virtual server monitoring

OpManager out-of-the-box includes support for the widely used servers such as Windows, Linux, Solaris, VMware, Hyper-V, and much more. It offers dedicated dashboards for the worst performing Hosts and VMs that need immediate attention. More.

In-depth Application Monitoring

OpManager monitors the performance of mission critical applications such as Oracle, JBoss, Tomcat, WebLogic, WebSphere, SilverStream, GlassFish, and much more by integrating ManageEngine Applications Manager. You can customize the tabs and load Applications Manager's web client in OpManager web client.

Flow-based bandwidth monitoring

OpManager's NetFlow Plug-in leverages flow-based network traffic analysis to show you how exactly your bandwidth is being utilized through interface - specific reports on which user, application, source, destination, conversation, etc. is occupying bandwidth. More.

Datacenter environment monitoring

Temperature is also a very critical parameter in datacenter monitoring. OpManager monitors temperature of servers and routers. You can configure thresholds and monitor them proactively. We integrate with AKCP ( sensors to gain more powerfull sensors

Contact Us for detail : Office 62-21-29622097/98, HP:08121057533, email:


silahkan klik gambar di bawah ini untuk register:

PHPRUNNER: menampilkan tampilan grid seperti Excel dalam aplikasi Anda

Some applications may require to provide users with quick editing capabilities. While Inline Edit does just that entering inline edit mode for multiple records can be painful. It would be much easier is some or all fields appear as edit controls when page is loaded.
While PHPRunner/ASPRunner.NET/ASPRunnerPro do not have such functionality built-in it's fairly easy to implement it in your project. In this sample project we'll show how to make fields ProductName, UnitPrice and Discontinued editable automatically. For now we only support text boxes and check boxes. Data is saved automatically once you leave the text box or check off check box. To see that data is actually saved in the database simply reload the page.
You can also see how server-side validation works. Enter Unit Price that is less than $20 and move to the next field to see it in action. Record won't be saved until you enter $20 or more price value.
Live demo

Here is how this can be done.

1. 'View as' Custom

For each field that you want to edit on the List page set 'View as' type 'Custom'. The code below is for PHPRunner only now but we'll update it with ASP/C# code shortly.

Check box field code

  1. $field="Discontinued";  
  2. $keyField="ProductID";  
  4. $value = "<input data-fieldname='".$field."' type=checkbox data-editid='".  
  5. $data[$keyField]."' class='chAutoUpdate' ";  
  6. if ($data[$field])  
  7.     $value.="checked ";  
  8. $value.=">";  

Text box field code

  1. $field="ProductName";  
  2. $keyField="ProductID";  
  3. $value = "<input data-fieldname='".$field."' data-editid='".$data[$keyField]."' 
  4. type=text class='txtAutoUpdate' value=\"".runner_htmlspecialchars($data[$field])."\">";  
Obvious changes are field name and key column name. You can also change field styling, width etc.

2. List page Javascript OnLoad code

  1. var elem;  
  2. $(document).ready(function() {  
  3.  $('.chAutoUpdate').change(function() {  
  4.     var id = $(this).attr("data-editid");  
  5.     var field=$(this).attr("data-fieldname");  
  6.     var val="";  
  7.     elem = $(this);  
  8.         if($(this).is(":checked")) {  
  9.             val="on";  
  10.         }  
  12.     var data = {  
  13.         id: 1,  
  14.         editType: "inline",  
  15.         a: "edited",  
  16.         editid1: id  
  17.     };  
  18.     data["value_"+field+"_1"]=val;  
  19.     data["type_"+field+"_1"]="checkbox";  
  21.     // save data  
  23.     $.ajax({  
  24.       type: "POST",  
  25.       url: "products_edit.php?submit=1",  
  26.       data: data  
  27.         }).done(    function(jsondata) {  
  28.             var decoded = $('<div/>').html(jsondata).text();  
  29.             response = jQuery.parseJSON( decoded );  
  30.             if (response["success"]==false) {  
  31.                 $("<div class=rnr-error/>").insertAfter(elem).html(response["message"]);  
  32.             }  
  33.         });  
  34.     });  
  36.  $('.txtAutoUpdate').change(function() {  
  38.     var id = $(this).attr("data-editid");  
  39.     var val=$(this).val();  
  40.     var field=$(this).attr("data-fieldname");  
  41.     elem = $(this);  
  42.     var data = {  
  43.         id: 1,  
  44.         editType: "inline",  
  45.         a: "edited",  
  46.         editid1: id  
  47.     };  
  48.     data["value_"+field+"_1"]=val;  
  50.     // clear error message if any  
  51.     if ($(this).next().attr('class')=="rnr-error")  
  52.             $(this).next().remove();  
  54.     // save data  
  55.     $.ajax({  
  56.       type: "POST",  
  57.       url: "products_edit.php?submit=1",  
  58.       data: data  
  59.         }).done(    function(jsondata) {  
  60.             var decoded = $('<div/>').html(jsondata).text();  
  61.             response = jQuery.parseJSON( decoded );  
  62.             if (response["success"]==false) {  
  63.                 $("<div class=rnr-error/>").insertAfter(elem).html(response["message"]);  
  64.             }  
  65.         });  
  66.     });  
  67. });  
Changes in the code above: replace products_edit.php with the name of your edit page.

3. Validation part

This part is optional but we post it to make example complete. This code can be pasted to BeforeEdit event and we make sure that price is $20 or greater.
  1. if (array_key_exists("UnitPrice"$values) ) {  
  2.     if ($values["UnitPrice"]<20.0) {  
  3.         $message="Price should be greater than 20.0";  
  4.         return false;  
  5.     }  
  6. }  
  7. return true;  

PHPRUNNER: menambah PDF viewer di aplikasi web Anda

In recent Using Google Docs Viewer to preview documents online article we reviewed the use of Google Docs Viewer for document preview purposes. While this is a viable approach two main concerns arise:
  • dependency on third party service
  • security issues
For those who is looking for another solution there is a brilliant Javascript library named ViewerJS that supports PDF files as well as Open Office formats (.odp, .odt, .ods). This library can display documents right in the web browser, no need to install any additional software. Documents can be displayed either in full page mode or embedded into other pages. See some examples.
In this article we'll show how you can use ViewerJS library in your PHPRunner projects. Before you do that feel free to check the live demo.
Here are integration steps:
1. Download ViewerJS library (use first download link). Unzip ViewerJS folder to source folder of your project. This is how it supposed to look if installed properly.
2. Setup one of fields as document upload. You can use either basic upload or multiple-files upload. Set 'View as' type of this field to 'Custom' and use the following code.

Basic upload

  1. $mftable = "carscars";  
  2. $mfield = "descr";  
  3. $ext=strtoupper(substr($value,strlen($value)-4));  
  4. if($ext == ".PDF")  
  5. $value='<a target="_blank" href="ViewerJS/#../mfhandler.php?file='.$value.'&table='.$mftable.'&field='.$mfield.'&pageType=list&key1='.$data[" id"].'"="">'.$value.'</a>';  
  6. else  
  7. $value='<a target="_blank" href="mfhandler.php?file='.$value.'&table='.$mftable.'&field='.$mfield.'&pageType=list&key1='.$data[" id"].'"="" dir="LTR">'.$value.'</a>';  
In this code $mftable is the name of the table, $mfield is the name of the field that stores documents.

Multiple-files upload

  1. $arrfile = my_json_decode($value);  
  2. $value="";  
  3. $mftable = "carscars";  
  4. $mfield = "descr";  
  5. for($i=0;$i < count($arrfile);$i++){  
  6. if($value)  
  7. $value.=", ";  
  8. if($arrfile[$i]["type"] == "application/pdf")  
  9. $value.='<a target="_blank" href="ViewerJS/#../mfhandler.php?file='.$arrfile[$i][" usrname"].'&table=".$mftable." &field=".$mfield." &pagetype="list&key1='.$data["id"].'"">'.$arrfile[$i]["usrName"].'</a>'; 
  10. else 
  11. $value.='<a href="mfhandler.php?file='.$arrfile[$i][" usrname"].'&table=".$mftable." &field=".$mfield." &pagetype="list&key1='.$data["id"].'"" dir="LTR">'.$arrfile[$i]["usrName"].'</a>';  
  12. }   
Some additional bits of info. This sample code will display PDF files only, other files simply be downloaded to the end user device. This code is designed to open document preview in new window. If you like to open it in the same window remove target=_blank from the code.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Solusi Monitoring di lingkungan HEALTHCARE

Wondering why monitoring healthcare infrastructure is a rather complicated task? No wonder, the practices of modern healthcare providers, hospitals, laboratories and medical device manufacturers are based on state-of the art network technology:
  • Fully-electronic patient medical records
  • Patient monitoring
  • Asset tracking
  • Communication and messaging

Those are crucial services of a healthcare network which has to be 100% reliable to guarantee quality in patient care. You should monitor your network, because failures might cause system downtimes and not only result in a loss of productivity but also lead to extend patient waiting times.
Often the cause of the network problems is an over-utilization of hardware resources. If problems occur, your rapid action is required to determine the source and eliminate potential causes.
A suitable network monitoring system can provide useful information for network management, especially given a large quantity of health-care data that is produced daily in the network.


PRTG Network Monitor is the all-inclusive monitoring solution from the network experts at Paessler. It includes comprehensive monitoring, an easy-to-use intuitive interface, and a state-of-the-art monitoring engine. It scales to networks of any size, from small offices to 70% of the Fortune 100. Paessler believes in fair licensing: transparent pricing, no hidden costs, and no surprises!
PRTG Network Monitor offers a strategically valuable tool for capturing and analyzing available bandwidth and maximizing infrastructure utilization, allowing all kinds of organizations to realize bottlenecks, outstanding network optimization or to detect trends of high usage in order to optimize bandwidth for real needs and to improve planning for server loads.
Many network monitoring solutions are often used solely to provide advanced warning of failures or bottlenecks.
The Paessler PRTG Network Monitor a broad range of useful features to optimize networks:
  • PRTG allows for the long-term collection of monitoring data
  • PRTG allows detailed analysis for effective planning of investments in network infrastructure
  • PRTG ensures optimal utilization of hardware and virtualized environments.
  • PRTG supplies the basis for in-depth data analysis so that the root causes of network problems can be identified.


Continuous monitoring helps you to find problems and resolve them before they can impact the bottom line of your business.  PRTG Network Monitor helps you to:
  • Reduce costs by buying only the hardware needed
  • Avoid emergencies and reduce downtime by detecting issues before they escalate and responding quickly to alerts
  • Get peace of mind because while PRTG is watching your servers and switches you don’t have to be
Don’t take our word for it. Try the full version of PRTG, absolutely free, for 30 days. If you don’t love it, you can always have your old life back.

Silahkan download dan dapatkan 100 sensor gratis (disini)

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Solusi Keamanan pengganti WhatsApp untuk akses data perusahaan / instansi

Dalam beberapa tahun terakhir, aplikasi messaging Whatsapp semakin banyak digunakan, tidak hanya untuk komunikasi personal, tetapi juga komunikasi untuk kepentingan perusahaan / instansi.

Tentu saja hal ini menggembirakan, karena dengan mudah kita bisa berkomunikasi, selama kita mengenai nomor telepon yang bisa diakses via Whatsapp. Sebaliknya juga, mengkhawatirkan karena dengan mudahnya orang bisa menghubungi kita, dan berkomunikasi meskipun belum saling kenal sebelumnya.

Tidak hanya itu, keamanan data yang selama ini digunakan via Whatsapp menjadi hal penting. Komunikasi text, suara, video yang disharingkan via messaging menjadi sangat penting. Apalagi semenjak aplikasi WhatsApp membuka diri, dan bisa diakses via web, tentu semakin rentan.

Talariax dengan produk unggulan Sendquick dan terus mengembangkan diri dengan menyediakan platform messaging yang bisa dikoneksikan dengan SendQuick. Dari sinilah keluar SQOOPE.

Yang menarik dengan Sqoope adalah keamanan datanya. Karena tidak menggunakan nomor telepon, melainkan menggunakan aplikasi, maka komunikasi internal dan private hanya bisa terjalin antar pengguna aplikasi Sqoope. 

Dengan Sqoope, maka dapat :
1. Pesan dijamin diterima (ada notifikasi send dan receive)
2. Tersedia 4 status (Sent, Delivered, Read, Acknowledge)
3. Pesan antar Sqoope dienkrip
4. Pesan dapat di-log untuk audit
5. Menggunakan user otentikasi (LDAP, AD, Radius, DB)
6. Menggunakan pendekatan channel dan topical
7. Terintegrasi dengan SendQuick (via API)

Dengan aplikasi Sqoope, maka tidak perlu kuatir komunikasi disadap. Selain enkripsi, server juga diletakkan di sisi kita, bukan menggunakan layanan cloud. Dan semua log komunikasi kita simpan.

Dengan mengintegrasikan Sqoope dan SendQuick, maka bisa digunakan untuk:
1. Sqoope mengambil data user dari SendQuick.
2. Sqoope dapat mengalihkan pesan ke SMS apabila Sqoope tujuan tidak bisa dihubungi.
3. Sqoope dapat mengambil data SQL query dari SendQuick.

Sqoope tersedia dalam download di GooglePlay dan AppleStore.

Selain itu, Sqoope juga sangat mungkin digunakan untuk membentuk Closed User Group , mendukung One-to-One dan One-to-Many. User yang diakses juga menggunakan user terdaftar dalam perusahaan / instansi. Tersedia juga akses via web. Dan data yang bisa dipertukarkan mencakup text, suara dan video serta attachment lainnya.

Silahkan kontak kami apabila memerlukan informasi lebih lanjut.
(Kantor 021-29622097 / HP: 08121057533)

Manajemen proyek Pengembangan Software dengan ServiceDesk Plus.

Dalam semua hal terkait dengan IT, ada planning, perencanaan, istilah lebih kerennya : Project Management. Demikian juga dalam ITSM tools.

Salah satu produk ITSM yang kami tangani, ServiceDesk Plus menggunakan kemampuan project Management ini dengan membuat detail definisi Project, Milestone dan Task di dalamnya. Semua ini ada di dalam Change Management.

Salah satu proses yang sangat intensif dengan Change Management adalah pembuatan software. Mulai dari assessment, hingga UAT dan Go-Live, semua ini harus tercatat di dalam sistem. Pendekatan yang selama ini dilakukan adalah menggunakan software Project Management, dan harus dibeli terpisah dari sistem helpdesk, padahal, semuanya saling berkaitan. Change Management mengatur bagaimana / metode untuk melakukan deployment yang harus di-approve oleh Manajemen, bagaimana mengimplementasikan dengan resiko minimal dan efeknya, memberikan status baru terhadap CI serta meningkatkan nilai terhadap bisnis (terkait revenue, biaya yang tidak terduga, peningkatan layanan) terkait layanan yang baru dilakukan.

Memang tidak secara spesifik bisa digunakan untuk mengontrol proyek pengembangan software, tapi fitur ini bisa digunakan.

Tinggal menambahkan detail dalam tiap Milestone, Task, Member, bahkan Giant View bisa ditampilkan.

Tinggal kita mendetailkan, dan task nya akan masuk ke masing-masing member terlibat.

Mudah khan?

Bagaimana ITSM membantu perusahaan pada saat resesi ekonomi

Pada saat resesi ekonomi, maka semua hal menjadi dipertimbangkan efisiensi dan efektifitasnya. Oleh karena itu, ITSM juga bisa sangat berperan membantu perusahaan pada saat resesi ekonomi terjadi. Bagaimana bisa ?

Dengan ITSM, maka penggunaan resource (SDM, tools) menjadi lebih efisien. User yang sering meminta layanan (request) kepada IT atau unit lain seringkali sangat mengganggu. Dengan menggunakan ITSM, maka user harus memilih layanan yang sesuai dengan memilih SERVICE CATALOG. Service Catalog seperti menu yang memudahkan user untuk meminta layanan dengan cepat.

Dengan memilih layanan cepat, maka resource SDM cukup berfokus memberikan layanan yang diminta. Cukup melihat dashboard , kita bisa mengetahui alokasi tim yang ada.

Implementasi ITSM juga mengharuskan kita melakukan kategori / pemilahan request. 

Jangan lupa juga, user seringkali 'malas' mencari tahu, dan lebih suka menghubungi tim support terkait permasalahan atau request yang dicarinya. Padahal semua itu bisa diakses dari knowledgebase (Solution) yang disediakan.

Bicara efisiensi dan efektifitas, ada beberapa perusahaan yang melakukan pola 'semua orang bisa jadi helpdesk', dan ini dengan mudah dilakukan bila telah menerapkan ITSM. Semua orang support bisa diassign menjadi yang menangani request. Dan ini sangat simple dan cepat. 
Selain itu, aksesibilitas, kemampuan mengakses permintaan user dari mobile menjadi sangat penting, dan bisa langsung menangani masalah kapan pun dan dimana pun.

Mudah khan? Semua bisa dilakukan dengan ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus, sistem ITSM yang murah dan powerfull. Dan menarik, dengan jumlah tim support yang kecil pun, semua efektifitas dan efisiensi bisa tercapai (dan tercatat), sehingga semua bisa optimal, dan tentu saja membantu perusahaan menekan biaya selama masa krisis.