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FTTH, pendorong broadband

FTTH, Pendorong BroadbandDitulis pada 28 February 13  KATAbroadband telah banyak dikenal, baik di kalangan masyarakat umum terlebih di komunitas teknologi informasi dan komunikasi (TIK). Hal tersebut dikarenakan banyaknya iklan produk yang menawarkan layanan broadband, baik dari sisi operatorwireless (GSM, CDMA, WiMAX, LTE maupun WiFi) dan juga operator wireline (HFC, xDSL maupun FTTH). Selain itu, kepopulerannya juga banyak didukung dengan adanya kesiapan terminal atau device yang mendukung layanan mobile broadband seperti smartphone Samsung, iPad dan Blackberry. Broadband merupakan istilah yang merepresentasikan kemampuan dari suatu jaringan untuk memberikan layanan triple play (voice, data dan video) sekaligus, dalam satu jaringan tertentu.  Di dalam acara seminar Broadband World Forum 2012 dan seminar Fiber To The Home (FTTH) Council 2012 disebutkan bahwa broadband merupakan kunci keunggulan sebuah bangsa saat ini dan mendatang. Oleh karenanya sangat ditentukan oleh sejauh mana pene…

FTTH + WiFi: Dua Kekuatan Untuk Solusi Mobile Broadband

FTTH + WiFi: Dua Kekuatan Untuk Solusi Mobile BroadbandDitulis pada 31 May 13  MUNCULNYA berbagai macam smartphone diyakini oleh semuastakeholder atau ekosistem yang terlibat baik itu user, operator, regulator, vendor dan konten provider akan mempengaruhi terhadap kebutuhan akan bandwidth yang sangat besar (hungry bandwidth). Hal tersebut ditambah dengan semakin banyaknya user dan inovasi yang ditawarkan oleh pabrikan ponsel yang  semakin cepat dan menarik. Namun dampaknya,  umur teknologi juga akan semakin pendek. Semakin murahnya smartphone dari berbagai vendor seperti Ipad, Iphone dari Apple, Samsung Galaxy (Samsung) dan Blackberry, membuat  penetrasi mobile broadband semakin cepat.  Dengan dukungan dari operator yang menyediakan layanan 3G atau 4G (LTE) dan layanan WiFi, pemanfaatan smartphone pun menjadi sangat menarik dan fantastis. Radio Interface pada Smartphone Nikmatnya menggunakan smartphone adalah karena aplikasi yang ditanam  semakin beragam, baik itu untuk game, Facebook, Li…

M5, kontrol Pusat , dengan kepercayaan terdistribusi

Central Control — Distributed TrustTrying to limit which devices an end-user can use actually undermines corporate security. Too often, those sneaky folks will find stealth workarounds that include accessing corporate information from their unsecure iPhones or Android phones, using cloud-based files sharing with little or no security, or simply downloading information onto their personal laptops. Given these habits, it’s no surprise that IT isn’t the most trusting of organizations in the enterprise — as they say: “no end-users, no problems.” Given that’s an impossibility, there’s a solution that enables end-users to use the devices they prefer when and where they want, while giving IT the level of security and control it needs. With over 30 control policy options, M5 enables IT to configure data security the way that best meets their unique requirements. Using a single console, IT can configure access and security policies for all devices that touch critical enterprise data, from lapto…

M5, MokaFive untuk mobile

M5 — Making Mobility MeaningfulAll Enterprise computing is mobile computing. Devices are smaller and more capable; services are now accessed via the cloud. In short, powerful business computing can be delivered to the point where business actually happens — wherever and whenever that may be. While enterprise mobility has been a reality for years, it’s only now seeing the widespread adoption first forecast back in the late 90s (anyone remember Palm?). Why? Popular devices can do a lot more than email.Ubiquitous hi-speed WiFi and cloud-based services deliver powerful solutions on-demand without needing a “heavy” mobile client.There’s a widespread acceptance of the “app” model – breaking enterprise applications into smaller, autonomous app-lets, enabling productivity on smaller form-factors.Changing business climate demands distributed, outsourced, and/or contract-based workers, while still achieving increasing degrees of agility, autonomy, and security without crippling device utility an…

Solusi baremetal dengan MokaFive

Complete control. High security. Blazing performance.Try it now!BareMetal is client-virtualization software that installs directly onto the hardware of almost any computer. Its layered architecture gives IT the ability to use a single golden image on all machines, while providing users with a secure, personalized, consistent experience.“After looking at the options, MokaFive’s BareMetal solution for desktop management came out heads and shoulders above the competition.”
—Mike Chase, CIO, dinCloudWhy BareMetal?The days of painstakingly configuring, managing, and upgrading individual computers are over. IT installs BareMetal on every corporate-owned machine, replacing the host OS with a consistent client-virtualization layer. BareMetal gives you… Single desktop image for all machines. BareMetal’s client-side desktop virtualization allows IT to deploy the same image across all machines, regardless of make, model, or configuration.Tight security. IT has complete control of the entire desktop…

MokaFive, inovasi VDI yang simpel

Inovasi MokaFive, simpel dan proven.

Innovation That DeliversSimply Powerful & Secure.Rejuvenation allows users to fix their own desktop problems, without losing data, or even a call to the help-desk.Automatic domain join enables instant provisioning without a reboot or a network connection.Single-sign-on allows quick, convenient access to the corporate desktop and VPN.Web-based deployment allows you to deliver images and updates through a simple URL — zero-touch.Customizable interface lets you tailor the user experience for your company’s needs.Bulk duplication easily creates installation disks or USBs.BareMetal Player installs directly onto hardware; avoids the maintenance and licensing of a host OS.Quick access to corporate data from an iPad or iPhone.Adapts to users needs.Virtual Layers allow users to install their own applications, settings, preferences, and data, while IT retains control over security.Adjustable disk size and memory allows users to adjust resources allocated …

Mokafive, solusi manajemen desktop terdistribusi

Desktop management tidak harus melulu online ..

Desktop management. Simplified.Install in minutes and start deploying workspaces within a few hours.“After looking at the options, MokaFive’s BareMetal solution for desktop management came out heads and shoulders above the competition.”
—Mike Chase, CIO, dinCloudCreate a golden LivePCUsing MokaFive, an IT administrator creates or imports the enterprise desktop into a LivePC. The LivePC is uploaded to the MokaFive server as the corporate golden image. Deploy a workspace to each userUsers download the workspace which runs directly on their computers. MokaFive includes a client hypervisor, which encapsulates the corporate LivePC from the host machine, keeping corporate data secure and maintaining privacy. LivePC runs locally, delivering great desktop performance and allowing users to work offline. Users personalize their LivePCsLivePCs are automatically split into separate layers: User data and settingsUser-installed applicationsBase golden imag…

Sailpoint , solusi provisi dan governansi terintegrasi

SailPoint IndentityIQ - integrates Provisioning & Identity Governance into a single solution
Who had access to that?SailPoint IdentityIQ is a market-leading identity governance solution that alleviates the cost and complexity of solvingsecurity challenges, effectively managing user lifecycles, and meeting compliance requirements. IdentityIQ is a complete solution that quickly delivers tangible results offering risk-aware compliance management, closed-loop user lifecycle management, automated user provisioning, an integrated governance model, and identity intelligence. IdentityIQ offers a centralized, holistic approach to managing user access across the entire IT environment – from on-premise, enterprise applications to SaaS applications and applications hosted in the private or public cloud.
Top 5 Reports requested by IT Auditors: User logon attemptsPrivileged ActivityCritrical Firewall ChangesCritical Server Changes File AccessesA Fresh Approach to Identity ManagementIdentityIQ integ…